U.S. Ambassador pays tribute to Armenian Genocide victims

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U.S. Ambassador pays tribute to Armenian Genocide victims

Ambassadors of the United States and Germany John Heffern and Hans-Jochen Schmidt respectively bowed to the memory of innocent victims of Armenian Genocide.

Putting flowers in Tsitsernakaberd Memorial Complex U.S. Ambassador and his spouse crossed themselves and left.

Panorama.am recalls that Turkey has traditionally rejected the mass killings of 1,5 million Armenians carried out early in the 20th century and took the criticism of the West painfully.

Note that the following states have recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide carried out in the Ottoman Turkey: Uruguay (1965), Cyprus (1982), Argentina (1993), Russian Federation (1995), Canada (1996), Greece (1996), Lebanon (1997), Belgium (1998), Italy (2000), Vatican (2000), France (2001), Switzerland (2003), Slovakia (2004), the Netherlands (2004), Poland (2005), Germany (2005), Venezuela (2005), Lithuania (2005), Chile (2007), Sweden (2010). Armenian Genocide is also recognized by the European Parliament and World Council of Churches.

Source: Panorama.am

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