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Ahmed Kathrada funeral: South Africa's Zuma asked to stay away

Mr Kathrada called on Mr Zuma to resign last year after he became mired in a series of corruption scandals.

19:43 World
Row after Norway Muslim group appoints spokeswoman in full-face veil

The culture minister, Muslim MPs and other Muslim organisations have condemned the Islamic Council of Norway's move.

19:05 World
Russian billionaire with business ties to former Trump campaign manager willing to testify before Congress

Oleg Deripaska, a natural resources tycoon said to be close to President Vladimir Putin, offers to appear before US government to explain professional relationship with Paul Manafort.

18:41 World
White House proposes $18bn in domestic cuts to pay for US-Mexico border wall

Medical research, infrastructure and community grants all set to be defunded if budget approved - a far cry from President's election pledge that neighbour would be billed for construction.
Source: Independent

18:27 World
Bastian Schweinsteiger’s arrival in Chicago was bonkers as fans flooded airport

O’Hare International Airport in Chicago was a madhouse as fans and journalists alike crowded the international arrivals terminal to catch a glimpse of the Fire’s newest Designated Player.

17:45 World
Study shows that cats aren't all jerks, most prefer human contact over food

The researchers isolated the subjects for two hours before testing them with options of rewards with 19 of the cats going straight to their beloved owners for some nuzzles and rubs before going for the other options.

17:00 World
Environmental groups vowing to fight Trump climate actions

Trump, who has called global warming a "hoax" invented by the Chinese, said during his campaign that he would kill Obama's climate plans and bring back coal jobs.

16:38 World
EU blocks $28 billion LSE, Deutsche Börse merger

The announcement has been expected after the LSE in late February rejected demands by the European Commission, the bloc's antitrust authority, to sell its stake in its Italian trading platform MTS SpA, all but dashing the merger's chances of EU approval.

15:01 World
Toshiba's Westinghouse files for US bankruptcy

The US firm has struggled with hefty losses that have thrown its Japanese parent into a crisis, putting the conglomerate's future at risk.

14:44 World
Indonesian man's body found inside python - police

In the search for the 25-year-old, police told BBC Indonesian that they had found a huge snake they suspected had swallowed the man.

14:26 World
Aircraft hangars, radar installed on artificial islands

The new facilities will further establish China's military dominance over the highly contested region, experts told CNN, and could help China establish a controversial Air Defense Identification Zone in the area.

14:02 World
Hillary Clinton makes most political remarks since losing election

During her keynote address at the annual conference hosted by the Professional BusinessWomen of California, Clinton spoke largely about women's equality and peppered in criticism of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

13:41 World
UK government rejects Scotland's bid for second independence referendum

It was reacting to a vote in the Scottish parliament earlier backing First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's bid for an independence vote.

12:43 World
EU leads attacks on Trump's rollback of Obama climate policy

Europe poised to take baton from US as leader in global efforts to fight climate change, with America’s commitment to Paris accords at risk.

12:29 World
Nearly extinct tigers found breeding in Thai jungle

Hope for critically endangered cats as only 221 Indochinese tigers, which once ranged across much of Asia, are thought to remain in Thailand and Myanmar.

11:38 World
Finding the perfect visual asset for your next creative project can seem like a daunting endeavor

With an endless stream of possibilities it can be difficult to find the image or video that truly stands out and speaks to your audience in a unique way.

11:15 World
Mexican man cleared in sexual assault of schoolgirl because he didn't enjoy it

Diego Cruz, 21, one of four privileged youths dubbed ‘Los Porkys’ who abducted and vaginally penetrated the teenager, did so without ‘carnal intent’ a judge ruled.

10:47 World
Scottish parliament votes for second independence referendum

MSPs pass motion to give Nicola Sturgeon the authority to begin negotiations with UK parliament on breakaway vote.

10:26 World
Vote to repeal U.S. broadband privacy rules sparks interest in VPNs

VPNs cloak a customer's web-surfing history by making an encrypted connection to a private server, which then searches the Web on the customer's behalf without revealing the destination addresses.

10:00 World
Army assesses damage after storm 'absolutely smashes' north Australia

No deaths were reported after Debbie tore a trail of destruction through Australia's northeast on Tuesday as a category four storm, one rung below the most dangerous wind speed level, before being gradually downgraded to a tropical low.

20:30 World
Brexit deal with 'cut-off date' for free movement would be vetoed by MEPs

Resolution detailing European parliament’s red lines is amended to rule out ‘degradation’ of rights of EU nationals arriving in UK in next two years.

20:09 World
Mosul residents were told not to flee before airstrikes that killed civilians

Pentagon opens investigation into reports that more than 150 civilians died in US-led bombings to retake Iraqi city from Isis.

18:06 World
New 'Maerdy Monster' millipede species found at coal mine

The bug, found by a naturalist group at the former Maerdy colliery, in Rhondda Cynon Taff, is distinct from the other known groups of millipede species.

17:24 World
Postman says he has photographed a 'big cat the size of a Labrador' on the loose near a busy road in Scotland

Paul Dawson took a picture of the black cat with his 300mm long-lens camera at the weekend in a field close to Milton of Leys in the Scottish Highlands.
Source: Daily Mail

16:38 World
Westminster terrorist's 'shocked' wife 'totally condemns his actions'

Rohey Hydara spoke out after Masood 's mother, Janet Ajao, said she had "shed many tears" for her son's victims.
Source: The Telegraph

16:16 World
Police erect new security barriers around Queen's Windsor castle after London attack

The additional measures followed a review of security at Windsor, the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world located about 20 miles (32 km) to the west of the British capital, police said.

15:43 World
U.S. stock futures up as investors look beyond failed healthcare bill

Questions about Trump's ability to prevail over Congress surfaced after Republicans were forced to withdraw a bill to reform the American healthcare system on Friday.

15:27 World
Marine A, who killed unarmed Taliban fighter, set to be freed in two weeks

Alexander Blackman’s conviction for murdering wounded Afghan insurgent was reduced to manslaughter last week.

15:01 World
Sadiq Khan: give EU citizens 'cast-iron guarantee' they can stay in UK

Speaking at Brussels event, London mayor says an offer to 3.3m EU nationals in UK would be ‘perfect gesture of goodwill’.

14:44 World
Adopt-a-Lion: New Zealand rugby fans offer to host British and Irish free of charge

Most hotel rooms sold out during tour, so rugby fan Adam Gilshnan set up Facebook page linking Lions supporters with generous locals.

14:26 World
Over half of UK's online population reads books either daily or at least once a week

In the UK, 32 percent of the online population claim to read books 'every day' - with this figure being driven largely by women, of whom 36 percent reading books every day, compared to the men at 27 percent.

14:02 World
Cyclone Debbie: 'Monster' storm batters Australia

It is moving inland as a category three but could cause damage for hours yet. One serious injury has been reported.

13:31 World
UN experts call for release of UAE activist Ahmed Mansoor

Mr Mansoor, 47, was taken away in the early hours of 20 March by security agents, who broke into his home.

13:07 World
Border wall ask: $1 billion for 62 miles

The $999 million requested by the White House in its budget supplement for just defense and border security spending would cover just 48 miles of new wall, according to justification documents from the Department of Homeland Security obtained by CNN.

12:02 World
Adopt-a-Lion: New Zealand rugby fans offer to host British and Irish free of charge

Most hotel rooms sold out during tour, so rugby fan Adam Gilshnan set up Facebook page linking Lions supporters with generous locals.

11:38 World
Cyclone Debbie downgraded to category three storm

The eye of one of Australia’s worst storms in years hits the mainland between Bowen and Airlie Beach moving south-west at 12km/h.

11:15 World
New poll shows centrist Macron beating Le Pen to win French election

The poll said that if the election were held next Sunday, far-right leader Marine Le Pen would have the most votes in the first round, at 25 percent, compared to 24 percent for Macron and 18 percent for conservative Francois Fillon.

10:47 World
'Sightings' of extinct Tasmanian tiger prompt search in Queensland

Eyewitness accounts of large, dog-like animals in state’s far north spur scientific hunt for thylacines, thought to have died out in 1936.

10:26 World
Kim Jong Nam's body still in Malaysia amid talk of deal with North Korea

Malaysia is trying to secure the release of nine nationals who have been stranded in Pyongyang after North Korea, angered by the suspicion cast by the police investigation, imposed a travel ban on Malaysians leaving its borders.

10:00 World
Berlin airport ground staff agree pay deal after strikes: union

The pay deal, achieved after mediation, envisages a 14 percent rise over three years in several steps, and an increase in the hourly wage as well as improvements in workers' contracts, Verdi said in a statement.

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