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Merlin's beard! Harry Potter's childhood home in Godric's Hollow is on the market

De Vere House was used in the Harry Potter films to create Godric’s Hollow, the home town of Albus Dumbledore and birth place of Harry, where his parents James and Lily were killed by Voldemort.

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Letters reveal John Lennon denied Yoko Ono broke up his first marriage

Currently up for auction, the letter, written by Lennon in 1976, is addressed to his former wife and printed on Lennono Music letter-headed paper.

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Four killed in southern Italian shooting

The men were gunned down close to a railway crossing near the village of San Marco in Lamis in the Puglia region.

17:45 World
French police arrest suspect behind attack on soldiers in Paris

A Reuters journalist saw the BMW believed to have been used in the attack, riddled with bullet holes, on the A16 highway in northern France.

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Man loses two homes in one year to wildfires 900 miles apart

Jason Schurman's home in Fort McMurray, Alberta, burned to the ground in May 2016 in a massive wildfire that forced 88,000 people to evacuate. The chimney was all that remained.

16:38 World
Papayas poison more than 100 with salmonella in US

The outbreak across 16 states has killed one person in New York state, and seen 35 patients hospitalised.

15:27 World
Croatian island wants tourists who don’t behave badly

No drinking, eating or sleeping in public spaces (700 euros, about $825). Similar messages are embedded in the informational video shown on the ferry from the mainland, and featured in leaflets distributed along the pier.

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Caught between an ascendent China and an increasingly unreliable United States, Singapore's diplomatic future is at the heart of a debate on who really calls the shots in Asia

The Lion City has historically had strong relations with both countries, an ally in Asia for Washington during the Cold War and one of China's first partners in their efforts to modernize their economy.

14:36 World
Canadian envoy arrives in Pyongyang, North Korean media says

Canadian pastor Hyeon Soo Lim has been detained in North Korea for about 2½ years. The 62-year-old's health has deteriorated while in North Korean custody, and the pastor has experienced "dramatic" weight loss, family spokeswoman Lisa Pak said.

13:00 World
Kenya opposition rejects poll results showing president in lead

As of 0300 GMT, the election commission website put Kenyatta ahead by 55.1 percent of votes counted to 44 percent for Odinga - a margin of nearly 1.4 million ballots with more than 80 percent of polling stations reported.

12:29 World
Sinead O'Connor is reportedly safe and not suicidal according to a note posted on her behalf to her Facebook page

The note was posted after the singer prompted concern with a video shared August 3rd, in which she discussed her ongoing battle with mental illness.

12:02 World
Spike in crime: Singapore police investigate toothpicks found in bus seat

Wealthy city-state has one of the lowest crime rates in the world but, as police found, low crime does not mean no crime.

11:38 World
Paris climate deal: US tells diplomats to dodge foreign officials' questions

Secretary of state Rex Tillerson directs staff to make clear US wants to help other countries use fossil fuels, diplomatic cable shows.

11:16 World
As many as 100 people feared dead in Chinese earthquake

Magnitude 6.5 quake in Sichuan leaves seven confirmed dead, 21 seriously injured and 130,000 houses damaged, say local reports.

10:01 World
French government rules out First Lady role for Brigitte Macron

The Élysée Palace refused to comment on the decision to backtrack, but told CNN affiliate BFM TV that a "transparency charter" clarifying Brigitte Macron's position would be released in the coming days.

20:30 World
Michael Kors lifts full-year revenue forecast, shares soar

Once the hottest name in affordable luxury, Kors has been grappling with declining same-store sales as more people shop online.

18:06 World
Wolf bot to help scare wildlife away from farmers’ crops

According to the agricultural cooperative association JA Kisarazu-shi, the 65-centimeter-long, 50-centimeter-high robot is almost the same size as an adult wolf. Named Super Monster Wolf, the robot is covered by fur and is baring its fangs.

17:45 World
Ice hotel plus midnight sun makes for a very cool combo: Sleeping at the Swedish resort with frozen rooms in the middle of summer

Sweden’s Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is world-famous. Every winter they build a hotel from ice and snow filled with shimmering sculptures of ethereal creatures.

17:24 World
Sky plays new episode of ‘Twin Peaks’ a week early in Germany

Sky Deutschland played episode 14, Monday, instead of the scheduled episode 13. German fans took to social media to complain and Sky confirmed the error, and that it had run the show out of sequence.

17:00 World
Missing Marines declared dead after Australian Navy finds aircraft

The three were declared dead after "extensive search and rescue efforts" around the crash site, around 18 miles off the coast of the Shoalwater Bay Training Area, Queensland, Australia.

16:16 World
Chávez loyalists hold firm amid chaos in Venezuela: 'We are doing things right'

In 1992, Ruben Ávila helped lead the Venezuelan revolutionary’s coup attempt. In a rare interview he defends Nicolás Maduro and the course Chávez set.

15:29 World
Remains of 9/11 victim identified 16 years after terror attack

First new identification since March 2015 made possible by more sensitive DNA technology that tests bone fragments.

15:01 World
The Zoo Atlanta family is saddened to announce the passing of Chantek, a 39-year-old male orangutan

Although his cause of death is not yet known, the Zoo’s Animal Care and Veterinary Teams had been treating Chantek with a regimen of advanced medical therapy targeted at mitigating his progressive heart disease. 

14:26 World
Rihanna's Crop Over costume slays social media

The 29-year-old had teased fans by uploading photos of her new turquoise hair on Instagram over the weekend.

13:31 World
UK's top judge says government must provide legal clarity on Brexit

Currently Britain must abide by ECJ judgments but Prime Minister Theresa May's government has said that Britain will leave its jurisdiction after Brexit.

13:00 World
Google CEO cuts vacation short to deal with crisis over anti-diversity memo

In a strongly worded company-wide email Monday, Pichai said parts of the 3,300-word manifesto crossed the line by "advancing harmful gender stereotypes" in the workplace.

12:02 World
Tesla seeks $1.5 billion junk bond issue to fund Model 3 production

The move to issue junk bonds - lower-quality investments that offer higher yields - represents a bet by Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk that bond investors will be as hungry as stock investors to back the company on expectations that its Model 3 will be a hit.

11:38 World
Ten killed as Lucifer roasts southern Europe

The cyclone from Africa that Italians are calling Lucifer, after the rebellious archangel condemned to roast in Hell, pushed temperatures above 40C from Spain to the Balkans.

11:16 World
North Korea vows to 'make the US pay dearly' as sanctions tighten

The forceful comments, made in a statement released via the country's permanent mission to the United Nations Monday, condemned the sanctions in the "strongest terms" declaring the resolution a "wanton infringement upon the sovereignty of the country."

10:47 World
China warns tourists to behave after two fined for Nazi salutes in Berlin

The tourists were arrested after posing for photos while making the Nazi gesture in front of the historic Reichstag building, a popular tourist destination, on Saturday.

10:26 World
Google fires employee behind anti-diversity memo

James Damore, the engineer who wrote the memo, confirmed his dismissal, saying in an email to Reuters on Monday that he had been fired for "perpetuating gender stereotypes".

10:01 World
Commonwealth Bank scraps CEO bonus over money-laundering allegations

Australia's financial intelligence agency last week accused the bank of roughly 53,700 breaches, launching a civil court action that could see the country's biggest lender fined several billion dollars.

20:23 World
Melting glaciers in Swiss Alps could reveal hundreds of mummified corpses

Frozen bodies of couple who vanished 75 years ago among those uncovered recently as global warming forces ice to retreat.

19:46 World
No monkeying around, Indonesia task force vows

The long-tailed macaques have been growing increasingly bold in their interactions with humans in the Boyolali district of Central Java, north of the city of Solo.

19:29 World
South Africa minister Mduduzi Manana sorry for nightclub 'assault'

Women's minister Susan Shabangu said she received the news of the alleged assault "with great shock".

19:08 World
Australian navy locate crashed US military Osprey

Defence Minister Marise Payne said a survey ship found the submerged MV-22 Osprey in Shoalwater Bay shortly after starting its search.

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