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Real Madrid aim to prise Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois from Chelsea

They are also considering a bid for his Chelsea and Belgium team-mate Thibaut Courtois and believe the goalkeeper would be open to the move even though he has publicly stated he does not see himself leaving London.

15:27 World
Martin McGuinness funeral: Republican and Unionist politicians among thousands lining streets

Mr McGuinness’s nephew Ordhan read a passage from Ecclesiastes 3:3, which included the tribute, ‘a time to kill and a time to heal’, in apparent acknowledgement of his uncle’s involvement in both violent conflict and peace process.

15:01 World
Millions of UK workers at risk of being replaced by robots, study says

Workers in wholesale and retail sectors at highest risk from breakthroughs in robotics and artificial intelligence, PwC report finds.

14:26 World
Toronto schools will no longer allow student trips to US

Toronto District School Board expressed concern over how the US immigration policy could affect students on school trips.

14:02 World
First successful artificial mating in endangered Asian elephants in China

A female elephant Weilai delivered the healthy 106-centimeter male cub on March 16 after 22 months' pregnancy, news portal reported Wednesday.

13:28 World
Schiff: New evidence shows possible Trump-Russia collusion

Rep. Adam Schiff told CNN Thursday that he had seen additional evidence, but would not specify what it was.

12:29 World
South Korea's Sewol ferry emerges amid hopes last passengers will be found

Relatives of nine passengers still missing watched as 6,800-ton ferry was brought to surface, ready to taken to port and be searched.

12:03 World
Japan PM Shinzo Abe embroiled in land-sale scandal

Yasunori Kagoike was called in to testify about his Moritomo Gakuen group's land purchase from the government in June.

11:38 World
Indian MP beats flight attendant with slipper in 'business class dispute'

Ravindra Gaikwad says he hit Air India employee 25 times, reportedly in argument over being given an economy seat.

11:15 World
Mexico ready to 'step away from NAFTA' if new deal isn't good

Videgaray emphasized he believes trade talks will be constructive and the countries will be able to work out an updated agreement that benefits each of them.

10:47 World
YouTube and Google boycott spreads to US as AT&T and Verizon pull ads

Major phone networks express concern over video sharing site and parent company’s inability to guarantee money won’t flow to extremism.

10:26 World
BOJ chief Kuroda says 'no reason' to withdraw stimulus now

Kuroda also dismissed financial market concerns that the BOJ will eventually lose its ability to control long-term interest rates under its yield-curve-control framework.

10:00 World
China's CITIC Securities to cut overseas business costs after profits tank

Earlier this week, the broker posted its lowest annual profit in three years for 2016, at 10.4 billion yuan - down 47.6 percent from 2015, as lackluster stock market activity pushed down net fee and commission income by almost a quarter.

20:30 World
Fearing deportation, undocumented immigrants wary of reporting crimes

Activists warn that crimes will go unreported and witnesses will refuse to testify over fears that interaction with police could lead to removal from the country.

19:28 World
Japan school: Donation row grows for PM Shinzo Abe

The school is under fire both for its proposed curriculum and the low price it paid for state-owned land.

19:05 World
Podolski gets perfect send-off with winning goal for Germany

In his last international game in a 13-year career, Lukas Podolski struck a brilliant winning goal to sign off by giving Germany a 1-0 win over England in a friendly on Wednesday.

18:41 World
After three years, South Korean ferry emerges from water

More than 300 people died when the Sewol sank on April 16, 2014 that sparked intense debates about public safety and regulation along with criticism of then President Park Geun-hye for the botched rescue attempts.

18:27 World
Extreme and unusual weather in 2017: UN weather agency

Each of the year since 2001 has seen at least 0.4 degree-Celsius above the long-term average for the 1961-1990 base period, used by the UN agency as a reference for climate change monitoring.

18:06 World
Call to ban balloon releases after 50 per cent rise in beach litter

'Some people believe that because latex is natural, balloons made of it are harmless once let go. This just isn’t the case'.

17:45 World
Former Russian lawmaker shot dead in Ukraine

Voronenkov, who testified to Ukrainian investigators and criticized Russian policies after his move to Kiev last fall, was shot dead by an unidentified gunman near the entrance of an upscale hotel in the Ukrainian capital.

17:00 World
Bill Clinton to join mourners at Martin McGuinness funeral

Former US president among a number of high-profile political figures scheduled to attend funeral in Derry on Thursday afternoon.

15:43 World
Roadside bombings kill 10 Egypt soldiers during Sinai raid

Fifteen militants were killed and seven others arrested during the operation, according to a statement.

15:01 World
British police arrest seven in probe into attack on parliament

Mark Rowley said there were four dead including the attacker and 29 people still being treated in hospital, seven of whom were in a critical condition.

14:44 World
South Korea: Sewol ferry emerges from the water 3 years after sinking

The Sewol sank on April 16, 2014, killing 304 people -- mostly teens on a school trip. Nine bodies are still missing; it is hoped they will be recovered once the vessel is out of the water.

14:22 World
$27,000 melons? Unwrapping the high price of Japan's luxury fruit habit

But a peek inside the sparkling glass display cases at any of Sembikiya's Tokyo outlets reveals expensive treasures of a surprising kind.

13:41 World
ECB says survey data point to robust first quarter euro zone growth

But uncertainty remains "elevated" because of lack of clarity regarding the new U.S. administration's policies, the gradual rebalancing of the Chinese economy and the impact of Brexit on growth inside and outside the European Union, the ECB added.

13:34 World
Philippine militants take two captive, hours after troops rescue two

The vessel was on its way to General Santos City on the southern island of Mindanao from the central Philippines when gunmen in three speed boats intercepted it, a coast guard commander said.

13:07 World
Laptop ban may force business travelers to skip Middle East airports

Wall Street analysts are already warning that business travelers may change who they fly with if they can't get work done on their laptops or tablets.

12:43 World
London attack: World leaders show solidarity

Leaders of France and Germany, which suffered deadly vehicle attacks last year, offered the UK their support.

12:29 World
South Korean ferry in which hundreds died raised after three years

Parents of children lost on the Sewol and not yet recovered are maintaining a vigil at the site of the salvage operation.

11:38 World
Arctic ice falls to record winter low after polar 'heatwaves'

Extent of ice over North pole has fallen to a new wintertime low, for the third year in a row, as climate change drives freakish weather.

11:15 World
South Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding to get fresh $2.6 billion bailout

Bondholders and other creditors, however, will have to agree to painful debt-for-equity swaps for the 2.9 trillion won bailout to go through.

10:26 World
Cambodian court jails man for killing government critic

Kem Ley, 46, was shot in Phnom Penh in broad daylight last year and his death drew tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets against a backdrop of growing political tension with veteran Prime Minister Hun Sen gearing up for elections.

10:00 World
Beijing motorists turn to hand-pulled ferry to beat rush-hour traffic

It can transport only one car at a time but drivers commuting from nearby town can save nearly an hour on their trip.

20:30 World
Eurovision Samoilova: Ukraine bars Russian singer over Crimea visit

Julia Samoilova was banned from attending the event because of her "illegal" visit , the Ukrainian SBU security service said.

19:43 World
Baby alligators found in Augusta taxi leads to charge against student

Yifan Sun, 20, told police that he kept the alligators in an Augusta home and was taking them with him on a visit to someone in Waterville.

19:28 World
She became the face of a terror attack; this is what happened next

In the hours and days after the suicide bombings, the flight attendant's image -- picked up by international media outlets around the world -- would sum up the horror and tragedy of the attack.

18:27 World
Philadelphia prosecutor indicted after accepting $100,000 in trips and gifts

After a two-year investigation into District Attorney Seth Williams' financial affairs, who said he ran into financial trouble while going through a divorce and paying for school tuition for his daughters with his $175,000 salary.

17:24 World
Magnitsky lawyer injured after falling from building near Moscow

Russian media say Nikolai Gorokhov fell from the fourth floor when a rope snapped as he and others tried to lift a bathtub into his house near Moscow.

16:38 World
Britain to follow US with ban on electronic devices on flights from Muslim countries in Middle East

Security officials refuse to discuss whether any specific terrorist plot detected.
Source: Independent

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