First-ever open cup of ultralight engine aircraft held in Armenia

Author Lilian Galstyan

14:35 14/05/2017

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19:00 World
Social media would have 'put a stop' to Sex Pistols

The Sex Pistols' release of God Save The Queen was a key moment in music history and in an era when rock stars were able to shock.
Source: Sky News

18:43 World
Labour pledges to divert football's TV money to grassroots

The party says the money from TV will help the next generation of footballers by significantly improving facilities and pitches.

18:06 World
The 10 most influential driving games

From retro racers Night Driver, Pole Position and Out Run to 3D titles Daytona USA, Ridge Racer and Gran Turismo, these games share top spot on the podium.

17:45 World
Portland deaths: Two stabbed trying to stop anti-Muslim abuse

The incident happened on a commuter train. Another passenger was wounded before the attacker was arrested.

17:24 World
F.B.I. investigates attempt to hack the Trump organization

Early this month, at a meeting at the bureau’s offices in Lower Manhattan, some of the agents briefed President Trump’s two grown sons, Eric Trump and Donald J. Trump Jr., about the attempted intrusion, the people said. 

17:00 World
South Korea confirms fishing crew's safety after hijack scare

Seoul's Foreign Ministry said it planned to "close the case" after the vessel's South Korean captain confirmed the safety of his crew in a telephone call with a South Korean business partner.

15:45 World
Explosion kills 18 near bus stop in Afghanistan

The attack occurred near a bus station in the city of Khost, said Najib Danish, spokesman for the interior ministry.

15:01 World
Only one in 10 voters supports Tory manifesto pledge on fox hunting

Poll of voters carried out for The Independent reveals that 46 per cent ‘disagree strongly’ with Theresa May’s plan to offer a free vote on the issue.

14:44 World
Wisconsin sheriff accused of 'ordering staff to harass man'

Sheriff David Clarke is being sued by Dan Black, who claims he was held after he spoke to the police official on board a flight from Texas to Wisconsin.

14:29 World
Palestinians in Israeli jails end 40-day hunger strike

Israeli officials said the move - at the start of the holy month of Ramadan - came after an agreement to allow two family visits per month, not just one.

14:02 World
Trump foreign tour: G7 leaders turn attention to Africa

The leaders of Tunisia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Niger and Nigeria have joined the second day of the G7 summit in Taormina, Sicily.

13:07 World
Dozens dead in Afghanistan violence as Ramadan begins

In eastern Khost province, an attacker detonated a car bomb near a soccer field that is close to a military base, officials said.

12:02 World
Accused of underpaying women, Google says it's too expensive to get wage data

Officials said it was too financially burdensome and logistically challenging to hand over salary records that the government requested in discrimination case.

11:15 World
China arrests Taiwanese activist 'for subverting state power'

Li Ming-che, a 42-year-old NGO worker known for supporting human rights, went missing in mysterious circumstances in China on 19 March.

10:47 World
Photo-altering apps a 'rabbit-hole' for young girls, Teen Vogue editor says

Elaine Welteroth tells Sydney writers’ festival she once tried photoshopping herself, but the desire for adjustments was never-ending.

10:26 World
Philippines' Duterte jokes about rape amid concern over martial law abuses

Duterte is notorious for comments often deemed offensive and made the remark as a joke, reiterating that only he would be liable for any backlash over military rule on southern Mindanao island. 

10:00 World
Taiwan tells China don't use 'black box' hearing against detained activist

Activist Li Ming-che, a community college worker known for supporting human rights, went missing in China on March 19, straining already poor relations between China and Taiwan.

20:30 World
Underpaid and overburdened: the life of a Facebook moderator

Testimony from those working to keep beheadings, bestiality and child sexual abuse images off Facebook indicates that the support provided isn’t enough.

20:06 World
Germany vaccination: Fines plan as measles cases rise

Health Minister Hermann Gröhe said it was necessary to tighten the law because of a measles epidemic. He was speaking to the popular daily Bild.

19:44 World
'When you're ready, sing again.' Advice to Ariana Grande

A father of three has penned a heartfelt open letter to Ariana Grande following the Manchester attack where 22 people were killed and 64 injured.

19:28 World
A New Zealander found a loophole that got him an invite to mingle with Will and Kate at the Queen's Buckingham Palace garden party

Agnew, an investor in companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook and a former journalist who lives in Los Angeles, is originally from New Zealand.

19:05 World
Armed police on trains as terror network hunt steps up

As armed officers guard trains, hospitals prepare themselves for a possible new attack over the bank holiday weekend.

18:43 World
Tories and Labour not being honest with voters on likely tax rises, IFS warns

The two main parties are not giving the full picture on how much taxes may need to rise to support public services, says a report.

17:44 World
Milwaukee middle school brawl: Five injured, three arrested after fight

An adult and two students who were injured were treated at the scene. Two others were taken to the hospital for treatment of "very minor injuries," according to MFD.

17:24 World
World Bank economist sidelined after demanding shorter emails and reports

Paul Romer asked research staff to cut use of the word ‘and’ in reports or emails and write more succinctly and clearly.

15:45 World
China LeEco's sports unit says valued at $3.5 billion after new funding round

LeEco is currently tackling a cash crunch, caused by its aggressive expansion, by restructuring its operations and cutting jobs.

15:27 World
Major UK parties restart election push, under shadow of security threat

A new poll indicated that Labour had closed to five points behind Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative party, with police budgets and foreign policy emerging as key campaign issues.

15:01 World
Australian indigenous leaders call for formal 'voice', path to treaty

More than 250 indigenous leaders met in Uluru to discuss how to best recognise Australia's first inhabitants.

14:44 World
Trump pushes around NATO; lecture seen as unsettling alliance

The speech comes at a time when Washington's longstanding partnerships with the UK and Israel have endured friction over intelligence gaffes by the new administration.
Source: CNN

14:02 World
Scientist discovers snakes that hunt in packs

It's the first time that reptiles have been observed to have been involved in "coordinated hunting," where individual animals take into account the location of others of the same species to maximize their hunting successes.

13:28 World
1,000 photos taken at Tian'anmen waiting for owners

Working as a photographer at Tian'anmen Square over the past 38 years, Gao has taken nearly 700,000 photos for tourists.

12:43 World
SOS mystery in remote Western Australia stumps police

The distress signal was spotted by a helicopter pilot. It led to a ground search by police who had to reach the area by air because of tough terrain.

12:29 World
China risks another downgrade if debt bubble not fixed, says Moody's

The ratings agency is likely to attract further criticism from Beijing after doubling down on its view that the economy is headed for trouble.

12:02 World
Greek goddess statue removed in Bangladesh after Islamist outcry

The sculpture of Themis - the goddess of justice - wearing a sari was less than six months old, but Islamist groups demanded its removal by Friday.

11:38 World
Russia investigates 'gay purge' in Chechnya

Putin officials pursue claims of homosexual men jailed and tortured in republic ruled by Kremlin-backed Ramzan Kadyrov.
Source: The Guardian

11:15 World
Trump at G7: president's last world tour stop brings uncertainty and risk

Trump’s colleagues are likely to want to change his instincts on climate change and refugees, among other issues, but few can predict how he might react.

10:26 World
Republican wins Montana special election despite assault charge

Speaking to cheering supporters in Montana after his win, Gianforte apologized for the incident and said he was not proud of his actions.

10:00 World
Manila deploys commandoes, helicopters to retake city from Islamists

Ground troops hid behind walls and armored vehicles and exchanged volleys of gunfire with Maute group fighters, shooting into elevated positions occupied by militants who have held Marawi City on Mindanao island for two days.

20:24 World
Two Kenyan police killed in latest bombing by Somali Islamists

The string of bombings, all of which were claimed by Somali Islamist insurgents, underscores the difficulty facing Kenya's government as it tries to secure the country ahead of national elections scheduled for Aug. 8.

19:44 World
Joker look-alike accused of waving gun in public, reports say

Lawrence Patrick Sullivan, 29, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with carrying a concealed firearm, Miami-Dade jail records show.

19:26 World
Pigeon suspected of being a SPY seized by India after it was found with markings bearing Chinese characters

The bird, with a tag bearing Chinese numbers, was seized by villagers in Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh on the Sino-Indian border on May 20, Indian media reports.

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