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21:05 13/02/2017

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14:47 World
Kraft in swift reversal on Unilever bid, hitting shares

Kraft, which is backed by Warren Buffett and the private equity firm 3G, wanted to buy Unilever as part of its strategy to become a global consumer goods giant by buying competitors and cutting costs and jobs to drive profits.

14:26 World
Ecuador elections: Lenín Moreno facing runoff as 40% vote looks out of reach

Two surveys give the ruling party candidate the lead but it remains unclear whether there will be a second round.

14:02 World
North Korea killing: video appears to show attack on Kim Jong-nam

Japanese TV releases grainy footage purporting to show Kuala Lumpur attack as diplomatic spat between Malaysia and Pyongyang escalates.

13:43 World
Scientists to repeat 19th-century ship's crossing of polar ice cap

Ambitious Mosaic expedition will study weather patterns and life in melt ponds from vessel drifting with the ice current.

13:07 World
Uber launches 'urgent investigation' into sexual harassment claims

Move comes after former Uber engineer Susan Fowler wrote blog outlining allegations of discrimination and sexism at cab-hailing app company.

12:26 World
Kim Dotcom extradition to US can go ahead, New Zealand high court rules

Dotcom faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted in the US of piracy, which authorities say cost copyright owners hundreds of millions of dollars.

12:02 World
Ecuador election: Ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno in lead

Mr Moreno has 38% of the vote with conservative Guillermo Lasso on 30%, based on 60% of returns.

11:15 World
Bogota explosion: Many injured in blast near bullring

Bogota authorities said at least 40 people were injured, including 28 men and 12 women. Many are believed to be officers deployed ahead of the protest.

10:47 World
Angelina Jolie on Cambodia, politics and a 'difficult year'

She said she hoped the film, which she directed, would help Cambodians to speak more openly about the trauma of the period.

10:26 World
McCain: Dictators 'get started by suppressing free press'

It was a startling observation from a sitting member of Congress against the President of the United States, especially considering McCain is a member of Trump's party.

10:00 World
China bans all coal imports from North Korea amid growing tensions

Coal is North Korea's main export and an important source of foreign currency for its fragile economy. Most of North Korea's exported coal is shipped to China, its only major ally on the global stage.

19:00 World
Nasa could discover whether life exists outside of planet Earth within 20 years, scientist says

'For the first time in human history, we can actually build the missions that could go out and answer this fundamental question of whether or not biology works beyond Earth'.

18:25 World
Expect more fake news from Russia, top NATO general says

There he will outline why NATO believes its biggest military build-up since the end of the Cold War is not a threat to the Kremlin.
Source: Reuters

18:03 World
Sales of Ivanka Trump's perfume surge reaching top spot in Amazon Best Sellers

The sales increase comes despite a campaign to encourage shoppers to boycott products linked to the US President and his family.

17:41 World
U.S. coalition says Islamic State command center destroyed in Mosul; IS says civilians killed

The militant group disputed the assertion, saying in an online statement that Friday's strike killed 18 people, mostly women and children, and wounded 47.

17:00 World
FBI chief holds classified briefing Amid reports of Trump-Russia ties

The senators refused to comment on the talks upon the conclusion of the briefing, according to the report.

16:38 World
Earth may have brand new continent 'Zealandia'

The 4.9 million kilometre region of the southwest Pacific Ocean is made up of continental crust, researchers said.

16:17 World
Canadian stock market closes lower for first time in nine sessions

The Toronto Stock Exchange's benchmark Standard & Poor's/TSX Composite gave back 25.54 points, or 0.16 percent, to end the week at 15,838.63 points. 

15:45 World
Can Google's internet-beaming balloons beat the wind?

X now expects to need fewer balloons to fulfill its goal of delivering internet service to billions of people living in unconnected regions in the world, ranging from small villages in Africa to the woods of California.

14:26 World
People reveal the creepiest things that have ever happened to them (and some stories will keep you awake at night)

In a new thread on Reddit user RXRXG2799 asked: 'Redditors, what's the creepiest thing you've ever experienced?'
Source: The Daily Mail

14:02 World
Experimental cutlery that challenges traditional ideas of usability

The tableware doesn’t necessarily make the experience of eating easier, but rather encourages the user to reconsider their relationship to utensils and how they are used.

13:07 World
Malaysia arrests North Korean man as row over Kim Jong Nam's death escalates

Malaysian police said the latest arrest connected with the murder was made on Friday night, and the suspect was identified as Ri Jong Chol, born on May 6, 1970.
Source: Reuters

12:41 World
Dwight Yorke ‘felt like criminal’ as he was denied entry to USA

The 45-year-old enjoyed widespread success in English football, playing for Aston Villa, United, Blackburn, Birmingham and Sunderland before retiring in 2009.

12:02 World
Hitler's phone to be auctioned in US

The red phone, which has the Nazi leader's name engraved on it, was found in his Berlin bunker in 1945.

11:38 World
US defence secretary calms European nerves over Nato

James Mattis tells Munich conference that America will defend members that come under attack from Russia.

11:15 World
Life forms that could be 50,000 years old found in caves in Mexico

The bizarre, ancient microbes and viruses found living in crystals in extremely punishing conditions deep in an abandoned lead and zinc mine.

10:26 World
California hit by 'bombogenesis', biggest storm in years

The system is dumping torrential downpour from Los Angeles to San Francisco, fuelled by an "atmospheric river" extending to the Pacific.

19:44 World
Unilever rejects Kraft Heinz mega-merger

US foods company may return with sweetened offer after Anglo-Dutch multinational declines initial advances for tie-up.

19:27 World
Alpine ski resorts could lose up to 70% of snow cover by 2100 – experts

New study says global warming likely to see snowfall replaced by rain across the Alps, with knock-on effects for tourism-dependent villages.

19:06 World
Spain's Princess Cristina cleared in tax trial

Urdangarin was accused of using his royal connections to generate business income used for private spending.

18:42 World
Hundreds of migrants storm fence to reach Spanish enclave of Ceuta

Police said security cameras showed around 600 migrants, some with shears and clubs, breaking through one of the gates.

18:25 World
Ecuador opposition candidate vows to remove Assange, denounce Venezuela

Conservative former banker Guillermo Lasso is the opposition's frontrunner in Sunday's presidential election.

18:03 World
Goldman sees U.S. mortgage rates up 150 basis points by 2019

Conventional mortgages are home loans guaranteed by federal agencies Fannie Mae (FNMA.PK) and Freddie Mac (FMCC.PK).

17:49 World
Collapse of Aztec society linked to catastrophic salmonella outbreak

DNA of 500-year-old bacteria is first direct evidence of an epidemic — one of humanity's deadliest — that occurred after Spanish conquest.

17:24 World
Where's Gandalf? Photographer snaps wizard at New Zealand beauty spots

Indian amateur photographer Akhil Suhas gains thousands of Instagram followers with his quirky holiday project.

17:00 World
11 dead as Nigerian troops repel Boko Haram suicide bombers

Police say three female suicide bombers detonated vehicles parked at a truck station around midnight.

16:38 World
Anti-muslim hate groups have tripled since Trump began campaigning in US

The Alabama-based nonprofit detailed how the organizations opposing Muslims "leaped" from 34 to 101 in just over a year while the total number of various hate groups rose from 892 in 2015 to 917 in 2016.
Source: WN

16:17 World
Scientists explore Edinburgh's mystery cave network

More chambers have also been uncovered during the research project, BBC Scotland has learned.

15:28 World
World's oldest seabird hatches new chick at Midway Atoll

Fish and Wildlife Service project leader Bob Peyton says Wisdom has returned to Midway for over six decades. He says she has raised at least 30 chicks.

14:44 World
Mexican says she was stolen as baby in Spain under Franco

Ceballos Franco said Thursday she may be among an estimated 30,000 babies who were taken from their real parents under the Franco dictatorship from 1938 to 1975.

14:26 World
Zealandia: Is there an eighth continent under New Zealand?

It's not a complete stranger, you might have heard of its highest mountains, the only bits showing above water: New Zealand.

13:43 World
An immersive forest of 60,000 rainbow numbers by Emmanuelle Moureaux

Unsurprisingly, Moureaux, whose practice often involves layering color within space, decided to transform the white cube into a rainbow forest filled with more than 60,000 multi-colored numbers arranged in three dimensional grids.

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