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21:58 15/04/2017

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17:24 World
Mount Everest: Nepalese sherpas find four climbers' dead bodies in their tents at 8,000 metres

Unidentified mountaineers thought to have been suffocated by carbon monoxide poisoning after using stoves without proper ventilation.

16:16 World
A tempestuous isle of 1,000 shipwrecks

Between 500 and 1,000 shipwrecks were recorded around Quebec’s isolated Magdalen Islands – and the descendants of the resilient survivors live to tell their stories.

15:45 World
Manchester attack: Bomber not acting alone, says Amber Rudd

Salman Abedi killed 22 and injured 64 when he blew himself up at the Manchester Arena on Monday night.

15:31 World
'Game of Thrones' Season 7 first look

Entertainment Weekly has published a first look at Season 7 of Game of Thrones, and it includes a peek at a massive Drogon.

15:03 World
Moody's downgrades China, warns of fading financial strength as debt mounts

The one-notch downgrade in long-term local and foreign currency issuer ratings, to A1 from Aa3, comes as the Chinese government grapples with the challenges of rising financial risks stemming from years of credit-fueled stimulus.

14:49 World
Fox drops Seth Rich murder story as Sean Hannity attacks 'liberal fascism'

Fox says report that DNC staffer had been in contact with WikiLeaks prior to his fatal shooting was not given a ‘high degree of editorial scrutiny’.

14:29 World
Donald Trump hails Vatican meeting with Pope Francis as 'an honour'

Pontiff jokes with US president midway through Trump’s first overseas trip since he entered White House.

14:02 World
IKEA Group picks company veteran as next CEO

The furniture group said in a statement Brodin, currently head of IKEA of Sweden and responsible for the development of the product range and supply chain, would take over on Sept. 1. He has been with the company for more than 20 years.

13:28 World
France's Macron to try to convince Trump to back Paris accords

Trump, who doubts climate change is man-made and made a campaign pledge to "cancel" the 2015 Paris Agreement, has postponed a planned decision on whether to stay or leave that had been due before the May 26-27 summit in Italy.

13:07 World
Landslide buries California's scenic highway near Big Sur

A portion of the Pacific Coast Highway, considered by some as one of the most scenic drives in the U.S., was buried in dirt and stones by a massive landslide, the California Department of Transportation said.

12:43 World
No place to hide for LGBT people in Indonesia's Aceh province

He flinched as the convicted men, dressed in white gowns, stood on a stage murmuring prayers while a team of men dressed in hoods took turns to lash their backs with sticks.

12:02 World
10 of the world's most unusual wineries

From underwater wine cellars in Croatia to wine-tasting cabanas in Sonoma, we've handpicked 10 wineries around the globe that are taking wine tourism to a whole new level.

11:38 World
India is world's most populous nation with 1.32bn people, academic claims

Yi Fuxian says 1.29bn Chinese are outstripped by 1.32bn Indians. But his findings are disputed with one demographer calling them ‘sloppy’.

11:15 World
World is plundering Africa's wealth for 'billions of dollars a year'

Research by campaigners claims aid and loans to the continent are outweighed by financial flows to tax havens and costs of climate change mitigation.

10:46 World
Brazil police arrest close aide of president in World Cup scheme

Tadeu Filippelli, a former vice-governor of the capital and cabinet adviser, was among three senior politicians detained in Brazil’s latest corruption scandal.

10:27 World
Moody's downgrades China, warns of fading financial strength as debt mounts

The one-notch downgrade in long-term local and foreign currency issuer ratings, to A1 from Aa3, comes as the Chinese government grapples with the challenges of rising financial risks stemming from years of credit-fueled stimulus.

10:00 World
Bunge says not in talks with Glencore following approach

Both statements were triggered by a Wall Street Journal story that stated that Glencore had made a takeover approach to Bunge.
Source: Reuters

20:30 World
Today's great designers reveal their all-time favorite designs

In honor of the occasion, CNN Style asked 11 of the most exciting designers presenting in New York to reveal the defining designs that have help shape their practice and inspire their creative vision.

20:09 World
India 'bombs Pakistan army posts' in Kashmir

Army spokesman Ashok Narula said the action had been taken to stop Pakistan's army from helping militants cross into Indian-administered Kashmir.

19:46 World
UK looking into whether others involved in Manchester attack

British police said earlier that they had arrested a 23-year old man in connection with the attack at the Ariana Grande concert.
Source: Reuters

19:28 World
Manchester Arena attack: Eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos confirmed dead after suicide bombing

Saffie Rose Roussos died of her injuries after a suicide attacker detonated an improvised explosive device shortly after Grande had finished her performance on Monday night.

18:27 World
At the Vatican, can Trump and Pope Francis put a rocky start behind them?

The two have clashed on issues ranging from global warming to migration, but during a symbolic first meeting they’ll be on their best behavior.

17:43 World
Cyclist saves a lost kitten by tucking him in his shirt and he can’t stop licking him

But he didn’t have anything to carry the animal in because, cycling. So rather than leaving the scrawny little tabby to fend for himself, Viitor decided to tuck him into his lycra suit.

17:24 World
New technology allows shoppers to pay with their faces

Alipay is now testing the technology. According to a video demonstrating the facial recognition payment system, shoppers can complete payment in just two steps: facial scanning and entering the last four digits of their mobile phone numbers.

17:00 World
Mum begs for help to #FindOlivia as 15-year-old daughter's phone has not been ringing since Ariana Grande concert

Charlotte spoke out in a desperate bid to get news on Olivia Campbell who was caught up in Manchester Arena attack with her best friend Adam Lawler.
Source: Daily Mirror

16:38 World
Online insurer Fabric launches life coverage for New York parents

The New York launch pushes the Brooklyn-based Fabric Insurance Agency, LLC, which also sells term-life coverage, into the life insurance industry's second-largest U.S. market.
Source: Reuters

15:27 World
The first named victim of the Manchester terror attack is Georgina Callander, an 18-year-old Ariana Grande superfan

who was excited to see her idol on Monday night. Ms Callander had met Ariana Grande in 2015, and posted excitedly about the time she met her star on Instagram.

15:01 World
Google AI beats Chinese master in ancient game of Go

In the first of three planned games in the eastern water town of Wuzhen, the AlphaGo program held off China's world number one Ke Jie in front of Chinese officials and Google parent Alphabet's (GOOGL.O) chief executive Eric Schmidt.

14:02 World
Rebel Wilson sues magazine publisher over 'nasty' articles

Ms Wilson is suing publisher Bauer Media over eight articles published by its magazines in 2015.

13:28 World
In pictures: Manchester attack aftermath

Images show the aftermath of the deadly attack on concert-goers at the Manchester Arena that has claimed the lives of 22 people.

12:43 World
Theresa May ditches manifesto plan with 'dementia tax' U-turn

Prime minister accused of ‘manifesto meltdown’ but insists nothing has changed after introducing idea of cap on social care costs.

12:02 World
UN experts hacked while investigating violations of sanctions on North Korea

Member of North Korea sanctions committee, known as the 1718 committee, warns of ‘sustained cyber campaign’ after hackers breached expert’s computer.

11:15 World
Artist Jeremy Miranda (previously) paints in a space between worlds: reality and memory, indoor and outdoor, past and present

Ideas and concepts bleed together within his oil paintings like the fuzzy edges of a dream, where powerful images exist amongst unexpected locations and backdrops.

10:47 World
Philippine president Duterte flies to Moscow to meet 'hero' Putin

Rodrigo Duterte embarks on five-day visit as he seeks to loosen ties with Washington and strengthen bond with Russia.

10:00 World
Ariana Grande says she is 'broken' in tweet after Manchester attack

Making her first comment since an explosion detonated just outside Manchester Arena at the end of her performance there, Grande said on Twitter: "broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don't have words."
Source: Reuters

20:30 World
Hugh Grant returns to British TV for first time in nearly 25 years

The project will reunite Grant with director Stephen Frears following the actor’s acclaimed performance in last year’s “Florence Foster Jenkins,” which earned him Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for best supporting actor.
Source: Variety

19:28 World
Bikers form funeral procession for Utah boy who loved motorcycles

The Ogden River still runs high and swift where 8-year-old Korbin Minchey lost his life a week and a half ago.

19:05 World
How memes make 'dull and dry' politics accessible

Policy talk can be a turn-off for young people, so why not make fun of a party leader eating a hot dog with a knife and fork?

18:44 World
The Conservatives are buying up Google ads to stop people reading about the controversy around its "dementia tax"

The party has come under huge pressure over its new care plan, which will see older people have to pay for the services they use. 

18:27 World
French ex-envoy Boris Boillon in mystery cash trial

But he was stopped trying to take a train to Belgium in 2013 while carrying large amounts of euros and dollars.

18:06 World
Fox hunting protester arrested as Theresa May arrives at Wrexham campaign event

The activist played a hunting bugle and shouted "save our wildlife, kill May".
Source: Independent

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