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On 1 March the president of the Republic of Armenia Robert Kocharyan announced extraordinary circumstances in Armenia. The information is provided by the press and public relations department of the president’s administration.
In order to prevent the threats of the constitutional order and to protect citizens’ rights and legal interests, leading by the RA Constitution articles 55/14 and 117/6 a decision is made:

1. to announce extraordinary circumstances in Yerevan for 20 days on 1 March 2008
2. to announce the RA president as the body of regulating and directing the problem salvation duties
3. to hand the responsibilities of providing the peace and regulation steps to the police of the RA and the Defense Ministry of RA
4. to announce extraordinary circumstances in the announced territories with the following time limits:
1) to prohibit conducting meetings, gatherings, manifestations, public demonstrations,
2) to prohibit any activities limiting organizations’ labor duties,
3) to give legal bodies rights, if needed, to stop and check transport means,
4) mass media is allowed to publish state and local news in the line with information provided by the state bodies
5) to prohibit carrying out political campaign by spreading booklets without having permission from appropriate state bodies,
6) to block activities of political parties and NGO-s which could prevent from carrying out the announced extraordinary circumstances in the capital,
7) to oust people from the territories where they prevent from carrying out the extraordinary circumstances on their own means or on state budget with the terms that they should be paid back,
5. to command the Government of the RA to take and carry out necessary measures to assure the bringing out of the current order,
6. The current order comes into force after it is announced.

Source: Panorama.am

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