Hermine Naghdalyan: Regrettably, some delegates participate in Azerbaijan’s show

19:29 27/04/2012 » Politics

Hermine Naghdalyan: Regrettably, some delegates participate in Azerbaijan’s show

“PACE spring session heard a report on the situation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the North Caucasus. Everything was all right until some Azerbaijani delegates for some reason took the floor to speak about Karabakh issue, return of refugees and some other issues which had nothing in common with the topic of discussion,” Hermine Naghdalyan, member of Armenian delegation to PACE, told Panorama.am from Strasbourg.

Mrs. Naghdalyan had to deviate from her speech to oppose the Azerbaijani delegates, she said.

“In particular, I reminded them about refugee camps in Azerbaijan, where people are kept in terrible conditions for one purpose – political show, for showing the world that there are refugees in Azerbaijan.

In this case, the Azerbaijani authorities should answer their citizens why they provide credits to scores of countries, buy arms and ammunition worth billions of dollars, but don’t help the vulnerable in their own country,” Mrs. Naghdalyan said.

In her speech, Naghdalyan had put Azerbaijani delegates to shame, saying that they represent a country which escalates its arms race and resorts to bellicose rhetoric, while they are complaining and asking for help.

“It’s regrettable that some delegates participate in that show claiming that Azerbaijan needs help.

It’s regrettable that double standards are used in some cases: in one country, European rapporteurs study and analyze the situation thoroughly, while in another country, they just ignore obvious problems,” Mrs. Naghdalyan added.


Source: Panorama.am

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