'Ill' Tymoshenko faces tax trial

09:02 28/04/2012 » Society

'Ill' Tymoshenko faces tax trial

Former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko is going on trial in the city of Kharkiv on charges of tax evasion, BBC reported.

She is refusing to attend the trial for health reasons. She is already serving a seven-year jail sentence for abuse of office.

On Friday photos emerged of alleged injuries Ms Tymoshenko said she received while in prison last week.

Ukraine's opposition says three men punched her in the stomach, but the authorities have denied the allegation.

The first trial was condemned by Western governments as politically motivated.

Ms Tymoshenko did not attend preliminary hearings for the new trial held a week ago, citing health problems. The charges relate to her time at the head of a private energy company in the 1990s.

Her political party says she has asked the court to adjourn the proceedings because of her health, Reuters news agency reported.

If found guilty she could face another 12 years in prison.



Source: Panorama.am

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