Journalist of ‘‘Voice of America’’ beaten in Azerbaijan

19:28 21/02/2014 » Society

Journalist of ‘‘Voice of America’’ beaten in Azerbaijan

Last Tuesday, a security officer attacked Tapdig Farhadoglu, Azerbaijani freelancer journalist from the "Voice of America" , who was covering students’ demonstrations in Baku.

According to the "Voice of America" the Chief of Security service of the University tried to break Farhadoglu’s camera and gave him some punches and kicks. According to Farhadoglu, he escaped with minor injuries.

The article notes that Farhadoglu was filming demonstration of students of Baku State University, which was attended by about 500 people. Students were protesting against the new testing system. According to them, the new system forces the students to pay more tuition fee. Students protest against bribery and corruption that is widespread at the university.

"University Security Officers attacked the demonstrators and detained about 12 people. In addition, they used physical pressure on journalists, not allowing them to cover demonstration held by the student," the article reads.

Leadership of the "Voice of America" expressed its concerns about the actions of the police demonstrated towards Farhadoglu.


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