Azerbaijan is the last by press freedom index in region

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Azerbaijan is the last by press freedom index in region

In the framework of the project "Monitoring of speech freedom in Eastern Region of the European Neighborhood Policy", Azerbaijan has taken the last place by press freedom index in the region. This was publicized by journalistic organization "Yeni Nasil."

According to the Azerbaijani news agency "Turan", the index is based on expert surveys, in which were included by human rights activists, sociologists, public figures and journalists who have five years of experience in their fields and are not represented in state agencies and political organizations. The survey was conducted in June 22-25.

The article notes that the situation on the block of "Politics" was determined based on eight criteria. In the block "Practice" the rating is given on 37 criteria, including murders, beatings, abductions, detentions, harassment and blackmailing of the media members, etc.

Situation in broadcasting block was evaluated according to 5 criteria: independence of public and private broadcasters, the role of the regulatory body, pluralism in the air, the concept of the transition to digital broadcasting.

Assessment in the field of Internet and the new media is also given by 5 criteria: rules restricting the freedom of the Internet, the presence of regulatory bodies, the persecution of bloggers and active users of social networks, monopolies in the field of Internet services, limitation of the access to information sources on the Internet, terms of Internet usage.

The final index was compiled by adding up the points in the blocks. Index 1 was the lowest one and included scores from 0 to 250, index 7 was the highest one (from 1360 to 1650).

As a result, Georgia has got 1,222 points, Moldova has got 1111, Armenia - 912, Ukraine - 797, Azerbaijan – 523 and Belorussia – 414 points.


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