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Today Zara Dolukhanova, a well-known singer died at the age of 90, in Moscow. The years of her creative activities are closely related with the Soviet Communist years. She was the first actress of Cinderella in that opera, and a special singer of Rozina in “Seville Barber”. It was Zara Dolukhanova who introduced the public many-many ancient works.
Zara Dolukhanova was born in 1918, in Moscow. Elena Makaryan, her mother, was a musician, and Aghasi Makaryan, her father, played the flute in amateur symphonic orchestra.

The singer’s soft and fascinating voice attracted famous European, Asian, American and other halls. Zara Dolukhanova was a laureate of Soviet Socialist Countries state prize and Lenin prize. She was awarded Honored Actress title in 1952 and Armenian Civil Actress title in 1955.

Source: Panorama.am

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