Xocali.net a target of hacker attacks from Azerbaijan

12:40 27/02/2010 » Society

Xocali.net a target of hacker attacks from Azerbaijan

Xocali.net has had 12 140 visitors since February 24, as of today, for now the number reaches 486.

According to “Xenophobia prevention initiative” NGO member Samvel Martirosyan, the website underwent several attempts of hacker attack during the recent 3 days by Azerbaijanis.

“Aware it would be a target, we made attacks almost technically impossible,” S. Martirosyan told Panorama.am.

Panorama.am recalls that Xocali.net website presentation was due February 24. The website contains materials, facts, interviews on Khojalu events, as well as the falsifications and forgeries Azerbaijan built its propaganda on.

The initiative participants and judicial experts found that the injured children so frequently distributed in Azerbaijani websites are victims of a bus blast, some photos presented as Khojalu events unveil Kosovo war episodes, etc. This is not the end. Hundreds of falsifications have been discovered in the lists of the dead presented by the Azerbaijani party.

Source: Panorama.am

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