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Hong Kong disqualified activists charged with illegal assembly

The arrests relate to their attempt to force their way into a council chamber in November to repeat their oaths.

16:16 World
Cassini spacecraft discovers possibility of alien life, then runs out of fuel

Scientists say discovery of ingredients for life on Saturn’s moon Enceladus is bittersweet as spacecraft prepares to end 20-year mission.

15:45 World
Le Pen not an option as French far-left polls members on election round two

Melenchon's 'France unbowed' political movement said in a statement that none of it members would vote for far-right leader Marine Le Pen on May 7.

15:27 World
World Masters Games: Man Kaur wins 100m gold - aged 101

She's the oldest athlete at the multi-sport event, which has been labeled by many as the Olympics for veterans.

15:01 World
Mexico sees NAFTA trade talks starting in August: Minister

With groundwork for the talks having to pass through U.S. lawmakers first and elections due in both the United States and Mexico in 2018, the timetable was tight, Guajardo said in an interview in London.

14:44 World
Thailand baby killing: Facebook removes video

Police on Phuket Island confirmed to CNN that the man killed the baby and then he committed suicide by hanging himself. 

14:26 World
China launches its first homegrown aircraft carrier

Early on Wednesday morning it was towed from Dalian Shipyard, Liaoning, to a nearby wharf, China's Ministry of National Defense said.

14:02 World
Wild new anamorphic sculptures from the warped mind of Jonty Hurwitz

While Leonardo da Vinci is credited for creating the first known definitive example of anamorphosis in the 15th century, Hurwitz pieces are infused with modern technology, relying on digital renderings which are painstakingly transformed into physical objects cast from bronze, copper, or plaster.

13:28 World
National park to be built on Qinghai-Tibet plateau

A staffer from the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research under the Chinese Academy of Sciences confirmed with the Global Times on Monday that the national park is named the Third Pole National Park.

13:07 World
People whose 'brain age' is older than their real age more likely to die early

Scientists at Imperial College London used MRI scans and algorithms to produce computer-generated brain age and spot risk of dying young.

12:43 World
Justin Trudeau: father's influence made my brother's marijuana charge 'go away'

The Canadian prime minister’s comments, made at a town hall meeting hosted by Vice Media, came in response to a young Canadian who said he had been charged with pot possession.

12:29 World
Anzac Day wet T-shirt contest cancelled by Australian bar

Monsoons in Darwin had said the prize of A$1000 (£600; $750) would be donated to military charity Solider On.

11:15 World
Hong Kong police detain pro-independence lawmakers after China protest

Sixtus Leung and Yau Wai-ching taken from their apartments and are to be charged with ‘illegal assembly’, according to their party.
Source: Guardian

10:47 World
Mexico talks tough to Trump as border wall funding appears to stall

Foreign minister called plans ‘hostile’ and an ‘absolute waste of money’, as Trump appears to back down on demand for funding from Congress.

10:26 World
Eighth time lucky: NASA launches super balloon to collect near space data

The balloon, designed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to detect ultra-high energy cosmic particles from beyond the galaxy as they penetrate the earth's atmosphere, is expected to circle the planet two or three times.
Source: Reuters

10:00 World
Thai police to review ways to take down online content after Facebook killing

Two videos, which were available for nearly 24 hours before they were taken down, show Wuttisan Wongtalay hanging his daughter from a building on the southern Thai island of Phuket on Monday before he turned off the camera and killed himself.

20:30 World
Israel's Netanyahu scraps talks with German minister over rights groups

Mr Netanyahu had warned he would not see Mr Gabriel if he met the groups Breaking the Silence and B'Tselem.

19:46 World
N.J. community says goodbye to 600-year-old oak tree

George Washington once picnicked underneath the iconic great white oak tree, believed to have been one of the oldest in the nation.

19:28 World
Obama’s $400,000 cantor speech makes him Wall Street's newest fat cat

His speaking fee will be $400,000, which is nearly twice as much as Hillary Clinton, his secretary of state, and the 2016 Democratic Party candidate, charged private businesses for such events.
Source: Fox

19:05 World
Wikipedia founder to fight fake news with new Wikitribune site

Crowdfunded online publication from Jimmy Wales will pair paid journalists with army of volunteer contributors.

18:42 World
At least 24 dead in bus and tanker crash in Kenya

The bus was overtaking a vehicle when the crash occurred, with many on board said to be families returning after Easter break.

18:27 World
Plastic waste on beaches underestimated by 80% - study

Researchers say they believe previous calculations hugely underestimate the amount of plastic on beaches around the world.
Source: Sky

18:06 World
Investors take another look at opinion polls after French vote

Centrist Emmanuel Macron won Sunday's first round vote with 23.91 percent. Far-right nationalist and anti-euro candidate Marine Le Pen came in second with 21.42 percent, almost exactly as polls predicted.

15:27 World
Radioactive material stolen in Mexico, search on: officials

The alert and search for the stolen material covers the states of Jalisco, Colima, Nayarit, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, Michoacan San Luis Potosi, Durango and Zacatecas, according to a post on Luis Felipe Puente's Twitter account.

15:01 World
Alcohol ruling drives Indian bar-goers round bends

Business owners walk a fine line in ingenious efforts to skirt supreme court ban on sale of alcohol within 500 metres of highways.

14:44 World
Plastic-eating worms could help wage war on waste

Wax moth larvae are usually bred as fish bait, but a chance discovery has revealed their taste for plastic – which could be used to beat polluting plastic.

14:26 World
Manchester United have a ‘concrete interest’ in £85m Antoine Griezmann

United, who are fifth in the Premier League, have scored the least number of goals among the top six sides and are aiming to strengthen their attack with Griezmann, who has scored 25 goals for Atlético this season.

13:41 World
Dutch Economic Affairs minister says still opposed to Akzo Nobel takeover

Akzo has said that it is studying PPG's latest proposal, which values the company at around 26.9 billion euros ($28.8 billion).

13:07 World
First malaria vaccine to be widely tested in Africa next year

More than 429,000 people lost their lives to the mosquito-borne illness in 2015, and hundreds of millions get sick with a malaria infection every year. Some never fully recover.

12:02 World
China bans religious names for Muslim babies in Xinjiang

List of banned baby names released amid ongoing crackdown on religion that includes law against veils and beards.

11:15 World
Elton John cancels Las Vegas shows due to 'potentially deadly' infection

The singer announced he was pulling out of several shows after contracting a bacterial infection in South America that led to two nights in intensive care.

10:49 World
N. Korea stages firing drill marking military anniv.: source

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is presumed to have watched the exercise involving some 300-400 long-range artillery pieces that can put Seoul and its adjacent areas within range, it added.

20:22 World
China clamps down on excess steel as Japan decries Trump 'protectionism'

Analysts say the revocations were unlikely to be a direct response to Trump's plan, but rather a part of China's reform measures aimed at reducing surplus steel capacity that many estimate at around 300 million tonnes, about three times Japan's annual output.
Source: Reuters

20:09 World
Microsoft's Nadella banks on LinkedIn data to challenge Salesforce

The improvements to Dynamics 365, as Microsoft's sales software is called, are a challenge to market leader (CRM.N) and represent the first major product initiative to spring from Microsoft's $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, the business-focused social network.

19:05 World
Somalia drought fuelling piracy - US Africa command head

General Thomas Waldhauser, head of US Africa Command, said there had been half a dozen attacks in the last month.

18:43 World
Article 308: Jordan scraps marriage loophole for rapists

The law had meant rapists could avoid a jail term in return for marrying their victim for at least three years.

18:29 World
Mexico: surge in drug gang violence leaves 35 dead in one weekend

Fights between gangs have increased since the arrest last year of Sinaloa cartel boss Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman.

17:00 World
Libya's warring sides reach diplomatic breakthrough in Rome

Compromise is brokered between presidents of house of representatives and state council after years of fighting.

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