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Infamous false hero of Karabakh war Ibad Huseynov is hospitalized in Azerbaijan

The health condition of Ibad Huseynov, who has repeatedly been caught in a lie even by veterans of Azerbaijan, who assured that allegedly killed Armenian commander Monte Melkonian, who took the responsibility of a war crime, stating that he had even decapitated the dead, deteriorates.

Azerbaijani news agency "" reports that "the expansion of cerebral vessels caused deterioration of his health condition. This is a consequence of traumatic brain injury obtained during the Karabakh war." Therefore I. Guseinov was taken to Turkey for urgent surgery. His condition is said to be critical.

Note that for many years in various media and under various names Ibad Huseynov assured that he allegedly managed to kill the Armenian commander Monte Melkonian and even cut off his head. Huseynov’s "version" which was basef on the obvious lie and ignorance of the facts was destroyed first by Armenian war veterans - including Saro Eremyanom, Deputy of Monte Melkonian, - and then Azerbaijani who were participated in the war in Karabakh. The veterans told that Monte Melkonian was killed by of the shell shrapnels that hit his head and which was fired from BMP-2 gun, in the course of the battle in the village of Marz.

Thus in October 22, 2012 lieutenant-general of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan Talib Mammadov caught supporters of Ibad Huseynov’s version in lying. General called on not falsifying the war and said that Melkonian was killed during a battle against the soldiers of the 708th unit of Azerbaijani Armed Forces in the village of Marzili, and not in the village of Muganlo as Huseinov claimed. Mammadov noted that the arguments and "proves" of Ibad Huseynov won't hold water and that the frauds must be stopped.

On October 24, in 2012 former commander of the 708th unit of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces Khatai Bakhishov also stated that the version of Ibad Huseynov, who allegedly killed Monte Melkonian, is "untenable and is built on a fraud." Former deputy commander of 708th unit Umudvar Mirzoyev caught Huseynov in a lie too. On October 30, in 2012 general MNS Rafik Agaev and Colonel MNS Gunduz Shabanov dispelled the myth of involvement of Ibad Huseynov in Monte Melkonian’s death.

It is noteworthy that on November 20, in 2012 at a press conference in Baku, the former commander of the special-purpose cavalry troop of the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan Tofig Jafarov wjo also caught in Ibad Husseynov in a lie, said that after this revelations, he was threatened to death in case he did not keep silent.

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