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Spain saves 64 migrants from 2 boats crossing Mediterranean

The rescue service says one of its boats intercepted 28 migrants on Friday near Alboran Island, which lies in the western Mediterranean Sea east of the Strait of Gibraltar. The service has an outpost on the small island.

15:27 World
Puerto Rico dam failure 'imminent' after Hurricane Maria

The National Weather Service (NWS) said the "imminent failure" of the Guajataca Dam is a "life-threatening situation".

14:44 World
US student trapped in Indiana cave for three days

Lukas Cavar, 19, was visiting the Sullivan Cave in southern Indiana with the Indiana University Caving Club on Sunday.

14:26 World
Brazil's army returns to Rio favela amid clashes between gangs and police

Army heads to Rocinha favela in Rio de Janeiro after schools, businesses and a major road closed during fighting between drug gang members and police.

14:02 World
Hope Solo settles grievance with US Soccer after controversial six-month ban

In a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle, the controversial goalkeeper said that she and US Soccer “have amicably resolved the matter and are moving forward in a positive way”.

13:41 World
Germany faces first far-right party in parliament since 1960s

if Merkel retains coalition alternative für Deutschland could be main opposition, bringing raft of entitlements to populist party.

13:00 World
Wisconsin, Ohio, California among states targeted by Russian hackers in 2016 race

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed it had notified the states of the activity but declined to identify them. Russia has denied election meddling, and President Trump has denied any collusion with Russia.

12:43 World
Travel warning issued for Bali as volcano threatens to erupt

Jetstar and Qantas say services to the popular tourist destination are going ahead but they are watching the situation closely.

12:29 World
Indonesia: Bali volcano highest alert issued

About 10,000 people have already been evacuated, with officials urging people to stay at least nine kilometres (5.6 miles) away from Mount Agung.

12:02 World
McCain torpedoes Republican Obamacare repeal plan again

The Arizona senator, who is battling brain cancer, said he "cannot in good conscience" vote for the new plan, which President Donald Trump backs.

11:38 World
Puerto Rico evacuates 70,000 after dam fails in Hurricane Maria's wake

Officials are rushing to evacuate tens of thousands of people from their homes in western Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria inflicted structural damage on a dam and unleashed “extremely dangerous” flash floods.

11:16 World
More than 400,000 sign petition to save Uber as firm hits back at London ban

Strong online support for the ride-sharing firm as chief executive vows to show that it is a ‘great company meaningfully contributing to society’.

10:47 World
Australia's far right fighting for attention

The self-proclaimed former neo-Nazi -- found guilty this month of inciting serious contempt for Muslims in an offensive online video -- is launching a new nationalist group called "Patriot Blue."

10:26 World
China says to ban some petroleum exports to North Korea

The Ministry of Commerce said in a statement on its website that China would limit exports of refined petroleum products from Oct. 1, and ban exports of condensates and liquefied natural gas immediately.

10:01 World
Failing dam poses new crisis on Puerto Rico amid flooding from Hurricane Maria

The potential calamity was unfolding even as Puerto Ricans struggled without electricity to clean up and dig out from devastation left days earlier by Maria, which has killed at least 25 people across the Caribbean, according to officials and media reports.

20:09 World
Africa's biggest modern art gallery opens in Cape Town

Africa's largest gallery for contemporary art from the continent and its diaspora has opened in the South African city of Cape Town.

19:47 World
France's Macron signs labour reforms in law, defying protests

Thousands of protesters have condemned the reforms, which make it easier for companies to hire and cheaper to fire staff.

19:24 World
Thousands evacuated as Bali volcano threatens to blow

The alert status for Mount Agung in eastern Bali was at 3, one level below the highest, and authorities warned tourists and residents to avoid camping or hiking within a 6 km (4 miles) radius of the crater.

19:00 World
Carrefour's new boss names management team

Alexandre Bompard, who took over in July, is working on plans to try to revitalize Carrefour, the world’s second biggest retailer, which warned last month its 2017 operating profit could fall by around 12 percent.

17:00 World
Migrant crisis: Dozens feared drowned off Libya coast

The dinghy, which had been carrying at least 100 people, had set off from Libya's western city of Sabratha last Friday, local officials told the BBC.

16:38 World
Myanmar's military: The power Aung San Suu Kyi can't control

Since August 25, when Rohingya insurgents attacked 30 police posts, killing 12 police officers, according to Myanmar state media, the military and its surrogates have cut a swathe through Rakhine State, targeting Rohingya Muslims in "clearance operations."

16:16 World
Bangladeshi prime minister condemns Myanmar over Rohingya treatment

Addressing the UN General Assembly (UNGA) late Thursday, Bangladesh's leader, Sheikh Hasina, said she did so with a "heavy heart."

15:43 World
Firefighters rescue dog from 6-foot sinkhole

The roughly 85-pound Collie got stuck in the narrow 2-by-2-foot sinkhole. Firefighters quickly rushed to the dog's aid on the morning of May 13. They used a lift system to lower themselves down into the ground and get the dog back up to safety with no injuries. 

15:27 World
Puerto Rico faces weeks without electricity after Maria

Two days after Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, flooding towns, crushing homes and killing at least two people, millions on the island faced the dispiriting prospect of weeks and perhaps months without electricity. 

15:01 World
Catalan leader accuses Spain of violating rights in referendum row

Spanish government acting ‘beyond the limits of a respectable democracy’ but vote will go ahead, says Carles Puigdemont.

14:26 World
Man charged over Abbott 'same sex marriage' head-butt

Mr Abbott alleged a same-sex marriage campaigner assaulted him on Thursday after asking to shake his hand as he left a newspaper office in Hobart, Tasmania.

14:02 World
New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains

It is built to attack three critical parts of the virus - making it harder for HIV to resist its effects.

13:41 World
Bonnie Cashin archivist takes issue with designer copies

Stephanie Lake, who oversees Bonnie Cashin's archives, has taken issue with similarities between an orange poncho designed by Raf Simons for Calvin Klein and one created by Cashin.

13:28 World
Alert status declared in Ggunung Agung

Since mid-August, the Gunung Agung volcano has shown a rise in volcanic activity but then it declined, and now it is increasing again.

13:00 World
How 98 Wireless brought European living to the heart of Bangkok

Modern high-rises dominate the skyline, though perhaps none rival 98 Wireless, a new residential project by one of Thailand's biggest property developers, Sansiri.

12:29 World
Ceramic artist Heesoo Lee brings the textural depth of aspen forest canopies to her sculptural bowls and vases

Lee painstakingly places each and every leaf by hand, building unique, organic trees that seem to come to life with their shimmering, colorful leaves.

12:02 World
Death of Queensland's largest crocodile in 30 years could spark violent power grab

Killing of the 5.2-metre male reptile, one of the biggest ever seen in the state, could spark a dangerous battle for dominance between remaining crocodiles.

10:47 World
N.K. FM says 'highest-level' actions in Kim's remarks may be H-bomb test in Pacific

Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho made the comment after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said that he is considering the strongest actions in response to U.S. President Donald Trump's threat to "totally destroy" the country.

10:26 World
IMF says BOJ should maintain massive stimulus

Odd Per Brekk, the International Monetary Fund’s mission chief for Japan, said the BOJ will likely lag behind the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank in normalising monetary policy.

10:01 World
Apple's iPhone 8 sees muted launch in Asia

Hundreds of people usually gather at Apple’s Sydney city store with queues winding down the town’s main street, George Street, when there is a new product release. But there were fewer than 30 people lining up before the store opened on Friday, according to a Reuters witness.

20:30 World
Daimler joins rush to add more North American auto plants: report

In the latest move, German automaker Daimler plans to spend $1 billion to expand its Mercedes Benz assembly plant near Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to produce batteries and electric sport utility vehicles that would compete with Silicon Valley electric car maker Tesla Inc’s (TSLA.O) models, according to a person briefed on the matter.

20:09 World
Driver may be cited after truck carrying 47,000 pounds of chocolate overturns

The chocolate did manage to stay safely lodged inside the truck. The driver climbed out the window and was not hurt.

19:45 World
Ex-Australia PM Abbot head-butted 'over same sex marriage views'

Mr Abbott, a prominent figure in the "no" campaign during a poll on the issue, says the man asked to shake his hand before assaulting him as he left a newspaper office in Holbart, Tasmania.

19:27 World
Melania Trump mocked online after anti-bullying speech

The US First Lady had set out combating cyber-bullying as one of her main priorities before entering the White House - although she is not believed to have set up a defined programme as yet.

18:16 World
Egyptian Cabinet expands grounds for withdrawing citizenship

According to a government statement, Wednesday's proposed amendment says grounds for stripping citizenship would also include members of any group or entity, based at home or abroad, that is seen to be illegally working to undermine the state's political, social or economic order.

16:16 World
Scientists discover unique Brazilian frogs that are deaf to their own mating calls

Pumpkin toadlet frogs are only known case of an animal that continues to make a communication signal even after the target audience has lost the ability to hear it.

15:43 World
'He headbutted me': Tony Abbott says he was assaulted by yes campaigner

Former prime minister says he was attacked on street in Hobart by a man who had asked to shake his hand, leaving Abbott with a swollen lip.

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