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19:24 World
Japan protests South Korean military drills near contested islands

The South Korean military dispatched six warships, including the 3,200-ton destroyer Yangmanchun, and aircraft including F-15K fighter jets and Black Hawk helicopters to practice the defense of what South Korea calls the Dokdo Islands in waters east of the Korean Peninsula.

18:38 World
Terry Gilliam has lost the rights to the man who killed Don Quixote

For decades, famed genre director (and former Monty Python, uh, snake) Terry Gilliam struggled to make The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, his own surreal take on the classic Spanish novel.

17:45 World
Saving New Zealand's prehistoric giant weta

New Zealand's giant weta managed to outlive the dinosaurs, but now these big insects are on the brink of extinction.

17:24 World
California ghost town with hotel, church on sale for $925,000

The 300 acre piece of land was home to the mining town of Cerro Gordo and includes 22 structures such as an abandoned hotel, church, saloon, and a superintendent's house.

17:00 World
Two British men removed from World Cup train to Volgograd: source

The first British man got into an altercation with a police officer on board the train and was detained, the source said. The second man hurt his hand and has been discharged from hospital, according to the source.

16:38 World
Second fire shrinks storage capacity amid fighting at Libyan oil ports

The NOC warned that the blaze that broke out at storage tank No. 2 early on Sunday could spread to three further tanks, which would “stop exports from Ras Lanuf port completely”.

15:45 World
Japan earthquake: Child and two men dead and hundreds injured

Airports in the area were closed for several hours, train lines interrupted and factories had to halt production.

15:27 World
Google to invest $550 million in Chinese e-commerce giant

Company officials said the agreement initially would not involve any major new Google initiatives in China, where the company’s main services are blocked over its refusal to censor search results in line with local laws.

15:01 World
The woman trying to drive Turkey's Erdogan from office

So presidential candidate Meral Aksener is going from town to town collecting these colorful pieces of cloth, known as "yemeni," from her supporters.

14:44 World
Spanish king's brother-in-law imprisoned in graft case

Urdangarin, a 50-year-old former Olympic handball medal winner married to the king's sister, Princess Cristina, is the closest person to the ruling Bourbon family to be imprisoned.

14:26 World
Iran hangs Sufi over killing of 3 policemen

The official website of the judiciary says Mohammad Salas was hanged early Monday. Salas had testified in March that he was trying to get away from the clashes and had not intended to harm anyone.

13:00 World
Dutch 'Pink Pop' festival: One dead in bus hit-and-run

The driver and vehicle, described in media reports as a small white bus, are being sought by police.

12:43 World
Nigeria attacks: Blasts and rockets 'kill 31' in Borno state

The blasts hit the town of Damboa in Borno state on Saturday evening and residents say at least 31 people died.

11:38 World
Magnitude 6.1 quake kills three, stops factories in Japan's Osaka area

Live footage showed burst water mains and a house on fire after the quake hit Osaka, which will host next year’s Group of 20 summit, just before 8 a.m. (2300 GMT Sunday) as commuters were heading to work.

11:16 World
China's tariffs on U.S. oil would disrupt $1 billion monthly business

China said Friday it would retaliate by slapping duties on several American commodities, including oil.

10:45 World
Hirving Lozano the hero as Mexico stun holders Germany

Tens of thousands of green-shirted El Tricolor fans had descended on Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium, part of the enormous South and Central American presence to have arrived in Russia, in the hope of seeing something special.

10:27 World
Outrage grows as families are separated. Will Trump change his policy?

As outrage grows over traumatic stories of families being torn apart, the big question this week in Washington is how long the controversial practice will be politically sustainable amid a wave of criticism.

18:38 World
Arab alliance close to capturing Hodeidah airport, Yemen military says

Ground troops - which include United Arab Emirates forces, Sudanese and Yemenis from various factions - have surrounded the main airport compound but have not seized it, a source in the coalition-allied Yemeni military and residents said.

16:38 World
Nigeria’s Bryan Idowu: ‘Mum and Dad were afraid for my life. I was scared too’

The Russian-born defender talks about being chased by skinheads while growing up in St Petersburg but says the country has changed and the majority will be ‘welcoming, positive and fun’.

16:21 World
Foxconn announces North American headquarters in Wisconsin

The announcement comes almost a year after the company disclosed plans to invest $10 billion over four years to build a 20 million-square-foot LCD panel plant in Wisconsin that could eventually employ up to 13,000 people.

15:45 World
'Dubai in Paris': French climate protesters fight plans for €3bn theme park

EuropaCity development on capital’s outskirts would feature ski slopes, waterpark, hotels and shops.

15:32 World
Apple signs up Oprah Winfrey in $1bn programming push

Tech giant’s partnership with Oprah looks to challenge rivals Netflix and Amazon in internet-based video.

15:01 World
China: 'The US has launched a trade war'

The announcement confirms a threat first made by President Donald Trump in March and follows months of trade talks between the two sides. A truce was announced in May, but it proved short-lived.

14:44 World
Trade war: America risks killing the global growth it needs

The week began with a chaotic G7 summit where simmering tensions over President Donald Trump's trade policies led to a deep split with America's closest neighbors and allies.

14:26 World
Congo's parliament to consider legal protection for ex-presidents

Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala told Reuters this week that Kabila would not be a candidate, the clearest declaration yet from a senior government official on the matter.

14:02 World
French special forces on the ground in Yemen: Le Figaro

The newspaper gave no further information about their activities. The Defence Ministry was not immediately available for comment, but its usual policy is not to comment on special forces’ operations.

13:41 World
California appeals court reinstates law allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives

The ruling by the 4th District Court of Appeal allows the controversial law known as the End of Life Option Act to remain in effect, giving patients who have less than six months to live access to lethal medications from their doctors.

13:28 World
8-meter python slain after swallowing woman in Southeast Sulawesi

According to her family, Wa Tiba wanted to check the plantation because wild boars often destroyed the crops, reported. 

13:00 World
Theranos founder hit with criminal charges

US prosecutors said Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes engaged in a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud investors, doctors and patients.

12:29 World
Eiffel Tower perimeter fence built to stop terrorism

Temporary barriers were placed around the tower in June 2016, and are now being replaced with more permanent measures.

11:38 World
DHS: 2,000 children separated at border

From April 19 through May 31 of this year, 1,995 minors traveling with 1,940 adults who said they were the children's guardians were separated due to the policy, Department of Homeland Security spokesman Jonathan Hoffman told reporters on a conference call.

11:16 World
'Heartbreaking': fire wrecks Glasgow School of Art for second time

Mackintosh building catches fire after extensive renovations following blaze in 2014, with flames spreading to neighbouring buildings.

10:00 World
Nicaragua's Ortega agrees to halt violence, allow foreign probe

Both sides will resume talks on Saturday to address the Church’s proposal to anticipate general elections and implement political reforms.

20:23 World
Researcher at center of Cambridge Analytica scandal to testify before Senate

The hearing will focus the on data privacy risks that Cambridge Analytica’s relationship with Facebook and other data sharing partnerships with social media companies can pose to consumers.

19:49 World
Out on the town: Sheep graze streets of Paris suburb

Sheep nibble placidly at a high-rise housing estate in the suburbs of Paris, not the tranquil countryside.

19:24 World
Stephen Hawking memorial sees professor's voice beamed into a black hole

'It is a message of peace and hope, about unity and the need for us to live together in harmony on this planet'

18:16 World
£720m Large Hadron Collider upgrade 'could upend particle physics'

Collider will be far more sensitive to anomalies that could lead to entirely new theories of the universe.

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