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House Republican backs effort to restore net neutrality rules

The net neutrality rules expired on June 11, handing sweeping new powers to internet providers to block, throttle or offer paid “fast lanes” for web traffic.

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Gareth Bale holds positive talks over Real Madrid future and makes Man Utd switch seem remote

Bale had face-to-face discussions with new Real manager Julen Lopetegui on Monday and was told that he has a huge part to play in a new era for the club, after the £99m sale of Cristiano Ronaldo.

19:00 World
30 civilians dead in recent clashes in Yemen city

Government forces have been trying to seize rebel-held areas along the western coast, including the port city of Hodeida, while the Saudi-led coalition has been targeting the rebels, known as Houthis, with airstrikes.

18:16 World
Many lapses, say officials on tent collapse during PM Modi’s Bengal rally

Of the three canopies set up for the meeting in West Bengal’s Midnapore, one collapsed during Modi’s speech, injuring 90 people.

17:24 World
EU to slam Google with record fine ahead of Juncker US visit

The European Commission’s decision, delayed by a week by US President Donald Trump’s visit to a NATO summit in Brussels last week, is expected on Wednesday.

17:00 World
Child-killer taunted investigators for 30 years with disturbing notes. DNA ends the mystery of who did it, police say

The mysterious killer's taunting messages admitting to the crime, scrawled on a barn door and on paper notes threatening to kill again, only added to the desire to solve the cold case. Still, no suspect could be found.

15:41 World
Pro-independence Hong Kong party faces possible ban

In a letter to the leader of the Hong Kong National Party, 27-year-old Andy Chan, the territory's security bureau said the group has three weeks to make a case for why it should be allowed to operate.

15:27 World
India's top court calls for new law to curb mob violence

The Supreme Court said that "horrendous acts of mobocracy" cannot be allowed to become a new norm, according to the Press Trust of India news agency.

15:05 World
US charges Russian national with being a foreign agent

Mariia Butina, also known as Maria, was arrested on Sunday and appeared in court in Washington, DC, on Monday, according to the Justice Department. She'll be detained for three days until her next court appearance.

14:44 World
Cher to release album of Abba covers following Mamma Mia! role

Following her version of Fernando for the film sequel, the singer says she took on Abba classics “in a different way” for a covers album.

14:26 World
Genetically modified babies given go ahead by UK ethics body

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics says changing the DNA of a human embryo could be ‘morally permissable’ if it is in the child’s best interests.

13:38 World
Lead Brexit campaign group faces police inquiry over its spending

Two years since voting 52-48 to leave the bloc, the United Kingdom, its political and business leaders remain deeply divided over the country’s plans for departing from the EU on March 29, 2019.

12:29 World
California ghost town sells for $1.4 million

The sale closed on Friday the 13th -- "in true ghost town fashion," Rasmuson quipped.

12:02 World
Communist-run Cuba starts rolling out internet on mobile phones

Analysts said broader web access will also ultimately weaken the government’s control of what information reaches people in the one-party island state that has a monopoly on the media.

11:38 World
Volcanic lava 'bomb' injures 23 people on tour boat in Hawaii

The boat returned to port in Hilo on its own power less than an hour later, and three of the injured, including a woman in her 20s whose leg was broken, were taken to a local hospital by ambulance, Hawaii County Fire Department Battalion chief Darwin Okinaka said.

10:27 World
Tesla shares fall after CEO Musk abuses British caver

Tesla shares were at $307.20 in after-hours trading on Monday from Friday’s close of $318.87.

20:23 World
Chicago police release body camera footage of man killed by officers

Chicago police released two versions of the same video. One of the versions showed the events in real time and the other was in slow motion.

19:24 World
Airbnb told to be clearer on total cost of bookings

The European Commission has told the firm to tell consumers up-front the total cost of renting a property, including service and cleaning charges.

17:45 World
Lift-off for Scotland: Sutherland to host first UK spaceport

The UK Space Agency is giving Highlands and Islands Enterprise £2.5m towards the development of the facility.

17:00 World
Singapore's first Premier League recruit must first do national service

Benjamin Davis, 17, who has a two-year deal with Fulham, had applied to defer from national service (NS).

16:16 World
Come Inside My Mind: star-studded documentary honors Robin Williams

Director Marina Zenovich talks about translating Williams’ comedy to the screen, his inner demons, and what compels her about complicated men.

15:45 World
South African white enclave tests e-currency to stand apart

Some residents of the town of Orania, population 1,600, are trying out the digital version of their own self-declared Ora currency. 

15:27 World
British diver doesn't rule out legal action against Musk over tweets

Vern Unsworth told a reporter at 7 News Sydney that he cannot put to words what he feels about Musk, but is not ruling out legal action.

15:01 World
Indonesia mob slaughters nearly 300 crocodiles in revenge killing

The slaughter was in retaliation for a local man thought to have been killed by one animal from the site.

14:26 World
Nicola Philippaerts wraps up double success in Chantilly

On board H&M Chilli Willi, Philippaerts also secured victory in the Global Champions League team competition alongside London Knights teammate Ben Maher.

14:02 World
Paris celebrates World Cup win as one million fans fill Champs-Élysées

Supporters with tears in their eyes express ‘total love’ for young, diverse French squad.

13:41 World
Oil-rich Nigeria outstrips India as country with most people in poverty

Nine out of 10 of the world’s poorest people will live in Africa within 12 years, say experts from Brookings Institution.

13:34 World
Dancers, pig heads and sweets: Thais thank cave spirits for saving boys

Pig heads, boiled eggs, fish, sweets and fruits were among the delicacies offered to spirits and deities in Monday’s ceremony to thank them for the safe return of the boys.

13:00 World
Paris celebrations turn violent on the Champs Elysees

However, the celebrations turned violent when dozens of vandals clashed with police and destroyed local shop fronts on the Champs Elysees.

12:29 World
FDA pulls heart drug from shelves

In doing so, Thailand has joined 22 countries in recalling the medicine, Wanchai Sattayawutthiphong, secretary-general of the FDA, said in a press statement on Saturday.

12:02 World
Mexico's president-elect Amlo to take 60% pay cut in austerity push

Andrés Manuel López Obrador will earn 108,000 pesos ($5,707) a month and says no public official will earn more than the president in his term.

11:38 World
Elon Musk calls British diver in Thai cave rescue a 'pedo' in baseless attack

Accusation directed on Twitter at Vern Unsworth, who called Tesla CEO’s offer of ‘mini-sub' to help rescuers a 'PR stunt'.

11:16 World
China sets record daily steel output for third month in a row

June output was below May’s record 81.13 million tonnes, but June has one less day, setting a new daily average production record for a third month in a row at 2.67 million tonnes, according to Reuters’ calculations.

10:45 World
Suspect dead, three officers wounded in Kansas City shootouts

Undercover and tactical officers were following a person of interest in the murder of a university student when suddenly and unexpectedly he fired on them with a rifle, according to police in Kansas City, Missouri.

10:00 World
Ancient Egyptian mummification workshop discovered

Archaeologists stumbled across the find from 2,500 years ago in the vast Saqqara necropolis near the ancient city of Memphis.

18:39 World
Rare rain transforms Australia's Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre into dazzling rainbow

Water only floods the desert lake -- which is the lowest point on the continent -- every three to 10 years. It becomes completely flooded only three times every 160 years.

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