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Zimbabwe cuts internet indefinitely amid violent crackdown

The country's largest mobile operator - Econet - says it has been ordered to cut services until further notice.

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Zambian villagers await outcome of UK mining firm's pollution case appeal

Vedanta Resources in fresh appeal to have water contamination claim brought by 1,800 people heard in Zambia.

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Nearly 1,000 caravan migrants start process of entering Mexico from Guatemala

A new process instituted by Mexico means that migrants will have to wait five days for their paperwork to be processed before entering the country.

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New tunnels dug in frantic search for Spain toddler trapped in well

Yulen Garcia, also identified as Julen Rosello in other media reports, was with his parents, José Rosello and Vicky García, Sunday afternoon at a park in the mountainous area near the town of Totalan.

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Aiia Maasarwe: Arrest over killing of Israeli student in Melbourne

The body of Aiia Maasarwe, 21, was found near La Trobe University in the city's north. She had taken a tram home late on Tuesday after a comedy show.

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Australia swelters through record-breaking heatwave

An extreme heatwave has afflicted the nation since Saturday, causing wildlife deaths, bushfires and an increase in hospital admissions.

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In search for survivors in Meghalaya’s rat hole mine, Navy divers find skeletons

Experts heel high Sulphur content in the mines may have led led to the decomposition of bodies. Forensic Experts have been called for DNA test to identify and match bodies.

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AeroMexico's new 'DNA Discount' ad goes viral

The amount of the discount depends on the percentage of Mexican ancestry. For example, a person who has 15% Mexican heritage qualifies for 15% off.

14:02 World
Swedish Social Democrat leader Lofven confirmed as PM, challenges ahead

Lofven agreed an historic deal with the Centre, Liberal and Green parties last week, bringing together parties from the centre-right and centre-left in order to prevent the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats from having a voice in policy.

13:41 World
Gunmen kill Ghanaian journalist who helped expose soccer graft

Hussein-Suale was part of a team led by well-known undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas. Their crew is famous for a documentary last year that accused 77 referees and Ghana’s then soccer chief Kwesi Nyantakyi of taking bribes.

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Nearly 400 migrants detained after crossing under fence into US

US Border Patrol officers stationed in the Yuma, Arizona, sector took about 375 migrants into custody on Monday after they had made it into the United States, one US official said, calling it an unusually large apprehension.

12:43 World
Bogotá blast: Deadly car bomb kills 20 in Colombian capital

Dozens more were injured in the blast which happened at 09:30 (14:30 GMT) on Thursday in the south of the city.

12:29 World
Sydney axe attacks: Woman jailed for wounding 7-Eleven customers

Evie Amati, 26, seriously wounded the man and woman at a 7-Eleven in Sydney in January 2017. She swung her axe at a third customer but did not injure him.

12:02 World
AeroMexico's new 'DNA Discount' ad goes viral

But as political tensions flare between Mexico and its northern neighbor the United States, one airline decided to be proactive.

11:38 World
Journalist who exposed soccer corruption in Ghana shot dead

Ahmed Hussein-Suale was near his home Wednesday in the Accra suburb of Madina when two men on a motorbike pulled up next to his car and shot him at close range, according to the lawyer, Kissi Agyebeng.

10:45 World
Asteroid strikes 'increase threefold over last 300m years'

Planet and moon have been hit by more asteroids in the past 290m years than at any time in previous billion.

10:27 World
Germany, China pledge to deepen pragmatic financial cooperation

Both sides reaffirm that “they will strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination and pragmatic cooperation in the fiscal and financial fields and expand strategic cooperation,” according to a joint statement issued at the end of their talks.

10:00 World
Ghosn received $9 million improperly from Mitsubishi-Nissan JV: companies

A joint investigation by the companies has found that Ghosn, ousted as chairman from both automakers, received the compensation without discussing it with the two other board members of the joint venture, Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa and Mitsubishi Motors CEO Osamu Masuko.

19:24 World
Wine is different from other alcohols, not responsible for binge drinking, French minister claims

The minister’s comments were deemed unhelpful by addiction experts as France is suffering from one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption in Europe, with wine being the most popular drink in the country.

18:38 World
Italian town of Sambuca in Sicily sells homes for a dollar

As of right now, you can buy a house on southern Italy's beautiful island of Sicily for less than the cost of an espresso.

17:27 World
Cai Dongjia: China's 'godfather of crystal meth' executed

Chinese media have described him as the "godfather of the village" who protected all its drug makers.

17:00 World
Why a pop idol's stand against her assault sparked outrage in Japan

Yamaguchi is a member of Niigata-based "idol group" NGT48, a sister group to the famous 48-member girl band AKB48. She claimed a member of her group had leaked her address to two male fans who assaulted her at home on December 8 last year.

16:38 World
Thailand deports Belarusian who offered dirt on alleged Trump-Russia ties

Anastasia Vashukevich and seven co-defendants had pleaded guilty Tuesday in a case related to holding a sex training seminar in Thailand without a work permit.

16:34 World
Holocaust survivor brutally attacked by stranger in Canada

Hanka Fogelman, a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor living in Montreal, told CBC News that she called for a cab through Société de transport de Montréal (STM), a public transportation system with a paratransit sector available for handicapped people, to visit one of her daughters on Nov. 11.

15:55 World
Gloomy forecast for Davos: crises aplenty, but few world leaders

The WEF’s own Global Risks Report set the tone this week with a stark warning of looming economic headwinds, in part due to geopolitical tensions among major powers.

15:27 World
Italian town of Sambuca in Sicily sells homes for a dollar

Sambuca, a hilltop town with views over the Mediterranean island and nearby beaches, has placed dozens of dwellings on the market for €1, or just over a dollar.

15:01 World
Historic hotel rooms and their legendary guests

Members of royalty -- both real and Hollywood -- have joined singers, sport stars, politicians and more as some of the famous guests frequenting select, high-end hotel rooms and suites around the world.

14:02 World
Thailand signals major shift in refugee policy after Rahaf Mohammed case

Immigration chief says country ‘will now follow international norms’ yet is still considering extraditing refugee Hakeem al-Araibi.

13:35 World
Hitachi freezes British nuclear project, books $2.8 billion hit

Hitachi had called on the British government to boost financial support for the project to appease investor anxiety, but turmoil over the country’s impending exit from the European Union limited the government’s capacity to compile plans, people close to the matter previously said.

13:00 World
Volcano erupts on small Japan island

There were no reports of injuries or damage from the eruption on Kuchinoerabu, in the far south of Japan.

12:43 World
John Bogle, Vanguard founder and low-cost investing pioneer, dies at 89

Despite ill health, Bogle was a vital presence through his later years as he pressed for reforms in corporate governance and fund administration.

12:02 World
Divers find India mine worker body

An underwater vehicle first detected the body at a depth of 160ft (48 m), the navy said.

11:16 World
Putin warns West on Balkans as Serbia prepares lavish welcome

Security will be tight in the Serbian capital. MiG jets will escort his plane and 7,000 police are being deployed.

10:45 World
Andrew Wheeler: Trump's EPA pick says climate change 'not the greatest crisis'

The former coal lobbyist took over the EPA when his predecessor Scott Pruitt resigned after months of controversy.

10:27 World
China's growth set to slow to 6.3 percent in 2019, more stimulus seen

At the same time, the escalating dispute with the United States saw both sides slap tariffs on each other’s goods, disrupting China’s trade sector and weighing on Chinese business and consumer confidence. Slowing demand global is heightening those export pressures.

10:02 World
Apple, Amazon called out for 'incorrect' Taiwan, Hong Kong references

Beijing considers self-ruled Taiwan a wayward province of China and the former British colony of Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997 and operates as a semi-autonomous territory.

20:11 World
Fiserv to buy First Data for $22 billion to boost payments business

In a sector overflowing with different providers and initiatives spurred by the growing digitization of everyday payments for goods and services, Fiserv is one of the biggest technology providers to banks by revenue.

19:47 World
Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray reteam on Apple and A24’s first co-production

Coppola will direct from a script she wrote. Coppola and Youree Henley will also produce. Mitch Glazer and Roman Coppola are exec producing.

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