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Opposition figure: Now it’s experienced politicians’ turn to find a way out of crisis in Armenia

Vazgen Manukyan, the candidate of 17 opposition parties of Armenia for interim prime minister, is an experienced politician and a skilled negotiator, who has a great deal of experience in public administration, the chairman of the opposition Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Youth Organization, Hayk Mamijanyan, said in an interview to Panorama.am.

The interview focused on the pick of the opposition forces, the possible ways of Nikol Pashinyan's resignation and another candidate for prime minister.

Panorama.am: Why did the Homeland Salvation Movement nominate Vazgen Manukyan for the post of the head of the provisional government?

Hayk Mamijanyan: Taking into account the personality of Vazgen Manukyan, his path and convictions, I believe he has all the necessary abilities to take over the executive power in these turbulent times, as well as the negotiation process, which is no less important.

Vazgen Manukyan is an experienced politician and a skilled negotiator.

Considering the conditions of Vazgen Manukyan’s nomination by the 17 opposition forces, which require him to suspend his party membership immediately after taking office, to hold snap elections and not to run in the elections, I think this is the best way to get our country out of this shameful situation.

Mr. Manukyan has a great deal of experience in public administration. I think it’s now the turn of experienced politicians and leaders to find a way out of this crisis in the country.

Panorama.am: After the announcement about Vazgen Manukyan's candidacy, he became a target of criticism. Is this criticism directed?

Hayk Mamijanyan: In our country, where there is almost no functioning state institute at the moment, because Pashinyan and his team are afraid of and “allergic” to them and the only institute that functions normally is his “fake factories”, there can be no doubts that it was directed.

As for the expressed opinions, the position of every citizen is very interesting, but the efforts of semi-politicians to question the path of a person who has been involved in politics for a longer period of time than they even walk are simply ridiculous. Nobody in the society is interested in the opinion of such a mass.

That mass had one option – to step down silently after the publication of the statement to at least partially save their own dignity. Some still have the opportunity to leave the treacherous junta.

Panorama.am: How do you see the ouster of Nikol Pashinyan?

Hayk Mamijanyan: As it’s said, only a person who has something more precious than the power can quit the power. Experience shows that Pashinyan has nothing more precious than the authority.

I believe it should be done in a peaceful manner, as our country does not need shocks. The legal methods, the whole toolkit must be used, every citizen must do their best to get rid of this gang of traitors, such as holding strikes, peaceful protests, acts of disobedience.

I am sure that process has already gotten underway. In case of street blocking, there are few cases when the drivers stuck in the traffic jams express dissatisfaction, some of them wait silently, while others agree with the chant "Nikol, the traitor" with signals or shouts.

We have a political-social consensus. Everyone, except Pashinyan, is sure that Pashinyan should leave.

The majority of the National Assembly now has only one thing in hand – their reputation. They have absolutely nothing to do with state governance, they do not have authority as such, every MP from My Step faction has in their hands their good reputation and dignity. If they join the nationwide movement immediately, it will offer a chance to save their dignity.

Panorama.am: The Bright Armenia Party has nominated Edmon Marukyan as its candidate for prime minister.

Hayk Mamijanyan: I would not like to make a harsh statement at this point. I believe that we all have a common problem: to remove the traitor from office, to bring to power a patriotic figure with good experience in managing the executive branch, who has no ambitions for political struggle.

Edmon Marukyan's main political experience is in the legislature, he is an active political figure, it is difficult to say whether he can have impartial and apolitical approaches. At least there is a disagreement on these two matters.

Source Panorama.am
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