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Serzh Sargsyan: You cannot be offended of your homeland, neither of your people, even when you are not yet fully understood

"I have not yet overcome the pain of my personal losses, but I am standing in front of you realizing that I cannot disengage and quit at this crucial stage when our our endangered independent statehood is falling apart," Armenia’s third President and Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Chairman Serzh Sargsyan stated during remarks at the 17th congress of the party. "You cannot be offended of your homeland. Neither be offended of your people. Even when you are not yet fully understood," Sargsyan added. 

He reminded that with his comrades-in-arms, with the parents of many of present they have gone through a lot, a whole way to life and death; they died with every fallen soldier on the battlefield and reborn with every defended height.

"For many years the hidden wishes and enthusiasm that have been covertly nurtured by some circles alleging to “Yield Artsakh and live better” destroyed the foundations of our thirty-year independence. The issue of Artsakh has been and remains an existential one for our people, the cornerstone of our ethnic identity as a sovereign entity. Unfortunately, our people had to go through a whole bloody war with many losses to realize this," said the former president. 

He noted that there are 85 nations worldwide with a population of 3 to 30 million that have a language, culture, religion, but they have no statehood. "Do we really want to join their ranks by giving to oblivion the blood shed by our fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for independence?" asked Sargsyan. 

"My comrades-in-arms and I have never sought refuge in a bunker. Our generation believed that honoring the duty before the homeland was not heroism. Protecting the security of our people has been our duty and service. Our generation believed that deeds would speak for themselves. At the same time, in terms of international relations, it should be noted that there have been no victories and territorial gains after World War II without falling under international sanctions regime.How come we failed to clearly explain to our people the importance of such a fortune? Instead, the idea of “let us yield and live better” was being widely advertised in our country," said Sargsyan. 

He next stressed that the congress is also a unique watershed moment. "Today and here, we, as a political force, will mark the end of this stage of our self-cleansing process. By the results of our elections we will reaffirm the determination of those Republicans who are standing firm in the defense of our shared values, and we will bid farewell to those party members unprepared to continue struggling together in the political trenches. They cannot have a place in our ranks. It may seem that in the past three years we have already gone through the most difficult trials. But no, dear friends, sure you understand that the most difficult times are not behind yet. We, as a political force, must be ready to stand up and fight back vehemently against those scoundrels that are sleepwalking our state and the future of our children to complete destruction. Each of you here and thousands of Republicans outside this hall should ask themselves and answer honestly whether they are ready for sacrifices. The following responses shall be seen as the condition for remaining in the party ranks: 

 - Yes, we are ready to protect our national values for good;

 - Yes, we will not retreat from struggling for security and sovereignty of Armenia and Artsakh;

 - Yes, we will defend our language, culture and the Church against the onslaught of alien elements;

 - Yes, we will protect our national dignity, our holy land and the state, and not let down the memory of the   fallen heroes martyred for our land and the statehood," said Sargsyan.



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