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19:46 World
Drunk driver kills athlete during Costa Rica half-marathon

Police say the 26-year-old driver was drunk when he drove through a police cordon and hit the Venezuelan runner. The driver has been arrested.

19:27 World
Letter written on Titanic fetches record £126,000 at auction

The last letter known to have been written by a victim of the sea disaster - Alexander Oskar Holverson – sells in Wiltshire.

19:00 World
Halliburton posts international revenue growth, unlike Schlumberger

International markets are becoming more important for U.S. oil companies, as industry executives brace for the North American fracking frenzy to slow, or “tap the brakes,” as Halliburton had put it in July.

18:38 World
FCA fines Merrill Lynch £34.5m for reporting failure

The bank failed to allocate enough staff to properly meet reporting obligations, according to the financial watchdog.

18:16 World
London introduces £21.50 daily toll for 'toxic' vehicles driving through city centre in air pollution crackdown

Mayor Sadiq Khan introduces measure penalising older petrol and diesel models that give off more harmful emissions .

18:01 NKR
Artsakh Republic President partook at a solemn ceremony of donating Armenian style carpets to Artsakh churches held in the Gandzasar monastic complex.

President Sahakyan expressed gratitude to the authors of the initiative and all those who had been involved in its implementation highlighting its cultural, ethnographic and public significance.
Source: Central information department of the office of the Artsakh Republic President

17:00 World
Greece in race to finish bailout review as exit nears

At meetings Monday with finance ministry officials, the envoys from European Union institutions and the International Monetary Fund will start discussions on a long list of demanded reforms.

16:38 World
US officials apologize after Indonesian military chief denied entry to US

US General Joseph F. Dunford Jr. had invited General Gatot Nurmantyo to Washington, D.C., to attend a conference Monday and Tuesday on combating violent extremism.

15:01 World
Northern Italy regions overwhelmingly vote for greater autonomy

Voters in Veneto, which includes Venice, and Lombardy, home to Milan, back further devolution from Rome, say regional leaders.

14:44 World
Calais: hundreds of migrants remain a year after razing of camp

Site now barren land with nowhere to shelter but Help Refugees charity has been forbidden from giving out tents.

14:26 World
More acidic oceans 'will affect all sea life'

The eight-year study from more than 250 scientists finds that infant sea creatures will be especially harmed.

14:02 World
China lifts ban on stinky cheese

The authorities imposed the ban in September because the strains of bacteria used to make the cheeses weren't approved in China.

13:41 World
Argentina election: Macri wins crucial mid-term vote

The result will strengthen President Mauricio Macri's position as he seeks to complete his pro-market reforms.

13:28 World
Tesla Strikes deal with Shanghai to build factory in China

Electric-car maker Tesla Inc. has reached an agreement to set up its own manufacturing facility in Shanghai, according to people briefed on the plan, a move that could help the company gain traction in China’s fast-growing EV market.

13:00 World
The great calving glacier of Eqi, Greenland

Eqi is an appropriate name -- it means edge. Being here is like hovering over the precipice of the planet. It feels like the place where the world ends.

12:43 World
Cub Scout kicked out of group after grilling Colorado Republican on guns

The story, which spread via social media, represents another political flashpoint for the Boy Scouts of America, of which the Cub Scouts is a part.

12:29 World
Northern Italy regions overwhelmingly vote for greater autonomy

Voters in Veneto, which includes Venice, and Lombardy, home to Milan, back further devolution from Rome, say regional leaders.

12:02 World
Lewis Hamilton wins United States GP, edges closer to 4th world title

After a fifth win in six races since returning from the summer break, Hamilton now leads Vettel by 66 points with just three races remaining and now seems certain to become the first British driver ever to win four world titles.

11:38 World
Robert Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill ambassador amid outcry

Days after the World Health Organization named him as a goodwill ambassador, a move that angered and stunned human rights activists, it rescinded the appointment.

10:47 World
Thousands ordered to evacuate as Category 4 storm track to Japan

Tens of thousands across Japan have been advised to evacuate as a powerful typhoon approaches the mainland.

10:26 World
Hundreds of huge, mysterious stone structures have been discovered on ancient lava domes in Saudi Arabia

Using Google Earth, Australian archaeologist David Kennedy has documented around 400 stone walls believed to date back thousands of years clustered in the Harrat Khaybar region of the country.

18:16 World
Claude Puel emerges as shock contender for Leicester job

Director of football Jon Rudkin is now leading the process to find Shakespeare’s full-time successor and is likely to speak to a number of potential candidates.

17:45 World
South Carolina woman's message in a bottle found 29 years later in Georgia

Miranda Chavez shared a photo of the letter which she placed in a glass bottle and cast off the shore of Edisto Beach in 1988 after a couple in Georgia discovered the 29-year-old message.

17:24 World
Skeletal human remains found in Wexford may date to Iron Age

Discovery made by walkers at Forlorn Point, Kilmore Quay, on Tuesday afternoon.

17:00 World
Critics urge WHO to reverse 'wrong' choice of Mugabe as goodwill envoy

The British government said Mugabe’s appointment was “surprising and disappointing” and added that it risked overshadowing the WHO’s global work.

16:38 World
German police detain suspect in Munich knife attack

Police had urged people in the Bavarian capital to stay home after a man on a black bicycle injured the four and attempted to stab two others.

16:16 World
Storm Brian causes flooding in south-west Ireland

River Shannon bursts banks in Limerick city as people advised to stay away from coastal areas being battered by high winds.

14:26 World
Trump likely to block release of some JFK files

Kennedy that are scheduled to be made public in less than a week by the National Archives.

14:02 World
School apologizes for photo appearing to show black girl on leashes

It was taken during an enrichment program about the Pilgrims, but it’s now become a lesson in appearances. Some say it looks like a young black girl being enslaved by her classmates.

13:41 World
Spanish government meets to impose direct rule in rebel Catalonia

It will be the first time in Spain’s four decades of democracy that Madrid has invoked the constitutional right to take control of a region and rule it directly from Madrid.

13:28 World
Suicide bombers attack two Afghan mosques, at least 72 dead

One bomber walked into a Shi‘ite Muslim mosque in the capital Kabul as people were praying on Friday night and detonated an explosive, one of the worshippers there, Mahmood Shah Husaini, said.

12:43 World
Tech pundit Scoble faces harassment claims

In a post on Medium, journalist Quinn Norton accused Mr Scoble of groping her body at a technology conference in the early 2010s.

12:29 World
David Blaine accused of raping model in London in 2004

Met police confirm allegation of rape under investigation after Natasha Prince claimed magician assaulted her when she was 21.

11:38 World
Australia receives 'unprecedented' letter from North Korea

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop called the message "unprecedented," noting that North Korea usually chooses different means to communicate.

11:16 World
Steve Bannon delivers blistering attack on former President George W. Bush

Bush during an address at the California GOP Convention Friday night, questioning his intelligence and whether the former President understood the speech that he delivered this week.

10:47 World
China says no excuses for foreign officials meeting Dalai Lama

China considers the Dalai Lama, who fled into exile in India in 1959 after a failed uprising against Chinese rule, to be a dangerous separatist.

10:26 World
Thousands rally for gay marriage before Australian postal vote closes

The largest crowd was in Sydney, where organizers said between 5,000 and 10,000 people gathered in front of Central Station before marching along one of the city’s biggest roads to Victoria Park.

10:00 World
Trump drawing of Empire state building sells for $16,000

The auction house says a portion of the proceeds of the sale are going to benefit WHDD-FM, a National Public Radio station in Connecticut.

20:30 World
Plague kills 94 in Madagascar, WHO says working to prevent spread

WHO’s Africa emergencies director, Ibrahima Soce Fall, told reporters in Geneva the organisation was racing to stop both the Madagascar plague and an outbreak of the Ebola-like Marburg virus in Uganda that it was confident it could contain.

19:47 World
Jamaica or bust: Merkel launching crunch German coalition talks

The talks between Merkel’s conservative bloc, the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) and the Greens are styled as “exploratory”, but negotiators aim to get down to details of tax and budget policy in their first full meeting together.

19:24 World
Viral Chinese video game measures which players can clap fastest for President Xi Jinping

Called "Excellent Speech: Clap for Xi Jinping," a new mobile game from the tech behemoth asks users to "clap" for the Chinese leader by tapping on their screens as many times as they can in a span of 19 seconds. 

19:00 World
The simple yes-no question dividing Australia's suburbs

As of mid-October, almost 11 million people, or about 67.5% of registered voters, had returned their surveys ahead of the November 7 deadline.

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