Electoral commission to consider Pashinyan’s bid on April 27

15:12 26/04/2012 » Miscellaneous

Electoral commission to consider Pashinyan’s bid on April 27

Electoral commission No. 7 will consider the bid submitted by parliamentary candidate Nikol Pashinyan on April 27, commission chairman Gegham Sargsyan told Panorama.am.

“Currently the commission is studying the document and will discuss it on April 27,” Mr. Sargsyan said.

Nikol Pashinyan, a candidate for parliament in constituency No. 7, and his proxy Vahagn Hovakimyan demand that electoral commission No. 7 annul parliamentary candidate Samvel Alexanyan’s registration, claiming that Alexanyan, Pashinyan’s rival candidate, gave voters money during an election meeting at Yerevan’s school No. 190 and promised to charge no money for holding the Last Bell Ceremony at his Parvana Restaurant.

The applicants mention several provisions as they call the above mentioned activity vote buying.



Source: Panorama.am

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