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Ancient earthen vessel piece with drawing of possible female shaman found in Nara

The drawing is on a pottery fragment measuring 12 centimeters by 16.3 centimeters, which apparently dates back to the middle of the Yayoi period in 100 B.C. Two eyes, a nose, a mouth and five fingers are visible. The person appears to be dressed in a bird costume.

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LeBron James on NBA-China row: Morey tweet was 'misinformed'

In a now-deleted tweet, Houston Rockets' Daryl Morey expressed support for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. He later apologised.

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African swine fever: Australia expels Vietnamese woman over pork haul

The 45-year-old arrived at Sydney airport on Saturday with raw pork, quail, pate, squid and other food items, officials said.

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Typhoon Hagibis: Homeless men denied shelter in middle of typhoon

Typhoon Hagibis brought heavy rain and winds of 225km/h (140mph) to Japan at the weekend, killing 66 people.

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Three-day-old baby girl found barely breathing and weighing just 2.4 lbs after ‘parents buried her alive'

The three-day-old was found inside a sealed clay pot, wrapped in cloth and buried just three feet beneath the earth at a village crematorium in Northern India.

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A French company is selling gold-flaked Brexit celebration wine

If the country actually leaves the European Union as scheduled on October 31, as many people are likely to be drowning their sorrows as they are to be toasting to this new future.

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Humpback whales create nets of bubbles to trap their prey of small fish and krill before feasting on them in fascinating video

Researchers captured the unprecedentedly detailed footage of the unusual surface feeding practice — dubbed bubble-net fishing — in waters off of Southeast Alaska.

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Typhoon Hagibis: Homeless men denied shelter in middle of typhoon

Typhoon Hagibis brought heavy rain and winds of 225km/h (140mph) to Japan at the weekend, killing 66 people.

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The eclectic collection of Italy's 'Peggy Guggenheim'

The diminutive art collector and patron from Turin has been described as "Italy's Peggy Guggenheim," and Sandretto Re Rebaudengo seems to like the comparison.

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Euro 2020 qualifier between Bulgaria and England paused twice over racist abuse

England's Football Association tweeted after the match that English players had been "subjected to abhorrent racist chanting" and that it would ask the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to "investigate as a matter of urgency."

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Diplomatic chill as North hosts South Korea in World Cup qualifier

Last year saw a flurry of sports diplomacy between the two Koreas, who fielded a joint ice hockey team and marched together at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

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China says it has already bought 700,000 tonnes of pork, sorghum from U.S. in 2019

The comments came amid heightened attention on China’s purchases of U.S. farm goods, one of President Donald Trump’s key demands to resolve a months-long trade war between the two nations.

13:00 World
When will London's colossal underground Crossrail project finally be completed?

Walk through Central London, and evidence of Crossrail is everywhere: from the new station at Farringdon and the vast building sites at Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street, to the revamped Paddington Station.

12:43 World
Woman busted for marijuana at Moscow airport is at the center of a three-way diplomatic wrangle

An American-Israeli woman arrested at a Moscow airport with nine and a half grams of marijuana has found herself at the center of a diplomatic standoff between Israel, Russia, and the United States.

12:29 World
Booker Prize: Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo share award

Atwood's The Testaments, the Canadian writer's follow-up to The Handmaid's Tale, was recognised alongside Londoner Evaristo's novel Girl, Woman, Other.

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Why Romania is importing waste from abroad

The recycling companies in charge of reprocessing the country's waste are at risk of not producing enough. This has driven those companies to import selected waste from countries like Britain.

11:38 World
Fort Worth officer who killed black woman in her home charged with murder

Dean was arrested on a murder charge and is being held at Tarrant county jail. Hours earlier, the interim Fort Worth police chief, Ed Kraus, said that Dean had resigned and would have been fired had he not done so.

11:16 World
WeWork set to sack 2,000 staff as anger towards founder Adam Neumann grows

Troubled office rental company to lay off 13% of its workforce to try to staunch massive losses – and few believe the cuts will stop there.

10:27 World
Diplomatic chill as North hosts South Korea in World Cup qualifier

Last year saw a flurry of sports diplomacy between the two Koreas, who fielded a joint ice hockey team and marched together at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

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European Union aims to resume free trade talks with Thailand

Thailand held general elections in March and a pro-army coalition of parties has formed a government, officially ending five years of military rule.

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The hungry 26-year-old who set up a £100m food firm

Working long hours in London in 2012, he longed for a convenient, easy way to cook and eat decent meals at home.

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Catalan separatist leaders given lengthy prison sentences

Nine leaders cleared of violent rebellion but found guilty of lesser crimes over roles in 2017 independence referendum.

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Workers making £88 Lululemon leggings claim they are beaten

Upmarket brand, which has just launched UN partnership, opens investigation as female labourers in Bangladesh factory say they suffer regular abuse.

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At 15, Coco Gauff is only getting started

A virtual unknown on the Tour at the start of the season, the former top-ranked junior lit up Wimbledon and the US Open with mesmerizing performances, capturing the world's attention and turning her into a superstar overnight, with a string of lucrative endorsements.

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The UK company turning waste plastic into fuel for hydrogen cars

UK company Powerhouse Energy wants to turn this plastic deluge into an opportunity by producing energy from non-recyclable plastics and other waste.

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Extinction Rebellion protests: Belgian princess 'arrested in Trafalgar Square'

The 63-year-old daughter of King Leopold III and the Princess of Rethy is said to have been taken away by officers in Trafalgar Square then released without charge on Friday morning.

17:00 World
David Eastman: Australian wrongfully jailed for 19 years wins payout

David Eastman received a life term in 1995 for the killing six years earlier of Colin Winchester, an Australian Federal Police assistant commissioner.

16:38 World
K-pop star Sulli found dead aged 25

Police told the BBC the singer's manager found her dead at her home near Seoul, South Korea.

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Newborn girl found alive in shallow grave in India

Abhinandan Singh told reporters the baby was found by a villager who had gone to the burial ground after his own daughter died minutes after birth.

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Japanese artist's decade-old doodle in a New York bar skyrockets in value

The doodles are the creation of Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara, who took a felt-tip pen 10 years ago to the walls of Niagara, a bar he frequents in the city's East Village neighborhood.

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Japan, a day after Typhoon Hagibis, reaches first rugby World Cup quarterfinal

The team's victory came hours after Japan's worst storm in decades battered much of the country with hurricane like winds and incessant, overpowering rain, killing dozens of people.

13:43 World
German security rulebook to keep 5G door open to Huawei

The ‘security catalogue’, due to be published this week, will confirm Germany’s decision to keep a level playing field for suppliers to next-generation telecoms networks, despite calls by the United States to ban Huawei.

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Reaction to Spain's sentencing of Catalan separatist leaders

The three other defendants in the landmark ruling over a banned referendum and short-lived independence declaration were found guilty only of disobedience and not sentenced to prison.

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Munich International Airport is not a place to pass quickly though, since the traveler would miss a lot

The airport hosts the Surf & Style Championship since 2012 where surfers from all over the world compete. The airport houses a 33-foot indoor wave pool that was built by CityWave where you can simply join in and just catch a wave-free of charge.

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Justice minister offers to resign over corruption allegations

Cho was widely seen as the key man to push ahead with President Moon Jae-in's prosecution reform drive.

10:27 World
Poland's ruling nationalists ahead in election

The country’s biggest opposition grouping, the Civic Coalition, is seen coming second with 22.3% support, followed by the leftist alliance, The Left, with 10.9%. The bloc of agrarian PSL and anti-system Kukiz’15 was at 9.8% while the far-right Confederation would get 6.6%.

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Lisa Frank hotel room features colorful designs from '90s school supplies

Hospitality firm Barsala's Lisa Frank Flat, developed in partnership with, features wallpaper, bed sheets, drapes, shower curtains and other surfaces featuring the colorful illustrations of Lisa Frank, best known for school supplies popular at the end of the 20th century.

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4 dead, 3 seriously injured in Brooklyn shooting

The shooting unfolded just before 7 a.m. at what is believed to be an after hours club called Triple A Aces, a source said.

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The world’s first travel guide is on display at the British Museum

It was written by Bernhard von Breydenbach in 1486 and illustrated by artist, Erhard Reuwich, after their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In the exhibition, the book will be displayed on the ‘pull-out’ map of Jerusalem, the first-ever printed map of the city, with the Dome of the Rock at its centre.


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