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Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is aware of the facts held in Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan frontline on 4 March, announced General-Major Hayk Kotandjyan the head of national military investigation institute of the Defense Ministry.

Representing the facts, he said that Azeri armed forces neglected the regime and occupied NKR military position on 4 March. In the result two NKR soldiers are injured. Armenian Armed Forces directors presented the situation to Andrzey Kasprzyk, the OSCE president personal representative. Armenian side also tried to get contacts with the Azeri Armed Forces and recover the duties of status quo.

“The Defense Ministry said that minister Abiev was busy and he could not take part in the telephone negotiations. Armenian side took appropriate measures and regained the lost position,” he said.

As for the rumors spread that Armenian side organized it to turn off the attention of its citizens from the inner political disorder, he said “Baku presents falsified figures of Armenians murdered soldiers. They try to present their version of analysis to the international experts, which could contribute to meet the challenges of forthcoming presidential elections there.”

Source: Panorama.am

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