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‘Triangle of Terror’ spreads Islamophobia - mosque imam

Press TV has conducted an interview with Abdul Alim Musa, the imam of Masjid al-Islam, in Washington, about Islamophobia.

Press TV: What is Islamophobia? Where did it come from? And how is it affecting the Muslim world?

Musa: We view Islamophobia from the position of what we call the “Triangle of Terror.” The Triangle of Terror in the world today relates to, number one, the United States' government. When the triangle wants to invade our countries, like Iraq or Afghanistan, in a military way, it’s done by the United States of America.

Number two is the Zionist state of Israel and its media outlets all over the world; that is ‘image management,’ that is ‘perception management.’ It is the Zionists giving a picture of Islam and Muslims that justifies the invasion by the United States of Muslim peoples.

And number three is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the inter-fitna initiator amongst the Muslims. Whether we have bombings and killings of Shia centers in Iraq; whether we have the support of murderous, barbarous Takfiri forces in Syria fighting against the government; where there is bombings in Pakistan; where there is websites; where there is Saudi Arabian support of the regime in Bahrain.

Wherever you look in the world, you find Muslims being challenged - or the Islamic revival or awakening being challenged; it’s being challenged by Takfiri groups, which are supported by Saudi Arabia, which causes fitna amongst the Muslims.

This is the way we view the international situation at this time.

Press TV: Another question that a lot of people ask when remarks like these are made, especially when Iran’s Leader says the ‘global arrogance’ or the enemies of Islam... I’d like you to point out for us who the enemies of Islam are... Basically, why would there be some kind of concerted effort by these enemies of Islam to tarnish the image of this religion?

Musa: You asked earlier about Islamophobia. Islamophobia is used, it’s developed, it’s a technique that has been developed. Let’s go back to the bombings in Africa, that is Kenya, Tanzania in 1998. I was in Africa at that time. The only countries that were allowed to investigate were the South Africa government, the Israeli government and the United States' government. A Kenyan policeman could not even investigate the bombings.

Out of that came the bombing of Afghanistan, the setting up of new international guidelines against the Islamic movement worldwide.

But who was the one who did these bombings? It wasn’t any of us. They used that as a pretext to bomb a hospital, a Shia hospital in Sudan.

What we are saying is that Islamophobia is used by America, the Israelis and Saudi Arabia to justify their bombing and killing of us (Muslims) anywhere in the world.

Can I give you just one more, short example... The World Trade Center. The Americans say that most of the people involved were of Saudi origin. If that’s true, then why didn’t they invade Saudi Arabia? Why did they invade Afghanistan? Why did they bomb and kill Muslims? Why did they open Guantanamo and put everybody else in there except people from Saudi Arabia?

So Islamophobia is a pretext used to invade and kill us all over the world.

Press TV: What is your response to that?

Musa: I believe our brother in Beirut is shortsighted and doesn’t have a clear understanding. When we look at the African continent, it is the Americans, it is the Israelis, it is the Saudi Arabians – all of them work together.

It is the Saudi Arabians who support the Taliban; it is the Saudi Arabians who supports the so-called rebels in Syria; it is Saudi Arabia that supports the Takfiri groups bombing and killing people in Pakistan...

All the Islamic extremists are created by the Americans to justify them coming back into Africa. Boko Haram is created by Saudi Arabia and Boko Haram does issues that justify the United States... Why is the United States in Africa? America has never helped the good African people. I am an American; the United States' government is a criminal organization. 

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