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Ruben Babayan, Art expert: Old Yerevan, or “Old Yerevan”

“I have very negative approach to this issue. History is connected with the environment, where it was shaped. All buildings should remain in their places. People try to make an illusion that by moving building they can preserve the old. However, every building is interesting in its original environment.

If we move the building of the Opera Theatre to Malatsya, we will not preserve that building. It is interesting in the environment and place where it was assumed to be.

If we had opposed this project from the time it has been launched, we could have preserved the old Yerevan in its original shape. But unfortunately, we have lost it. I am against of creating artificial buildings. The building constructed in the particular place becomes significant for that environment.

There was a summer café near the Yerevan hotel. It was like Armenian rotunda. It was significant place, because the elders of nation such as Levon Nersisyan, Yervand Kochar, Minas and others were gathering in this café. But now, it is closed by glass. We lost this place.

There is a Rotunda cafe in Paris, where Picasso, Modiliani, Yervand Kochar and other famous people were gathering. That cafe has been preserved in the same shape for 100 years because it has some value in itself.

Today they discuss the architectural value of the buildings. But what about its historical value?

The city does not involve only architecture. It also involves the history and the overall environment. However, we are just looking at the cultural value. This is wrong approach. Only a foreigner can has such approach to the city'', said Babayan.

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