Law 18:17 13/09/2017 Armenia

Work-style of ministries: Part Three

Judicial Department

Do not hurry up to explain that the Judicial Department is not a ministry: I will attach at least three ministers to this subtitle. In addition to that,  should we make at least one ‘mistake’ to deviate from the original material and to comment on itself?…

Thus, I will not even detail about the fact that the Judicial Department demanded us to submit the inquiry via HayPost. Far be it from me! I will turn to my say at once.

The inquiry submitted to the Judicial Department through the Facebook messaging (it did not reach the destination) aimed at clarifying why, following years of judicial reforms and increased spendings, it now turns out that there is a ‘lack of judges’ and the court cases are delayed and accumulated.

What happened?
Has the population grown?
Has the number of crimes increased?
Is there a need for increased financial resources to make ‘new reforms’?

The Armenian Government has even tasked the ministry of justice to figure out the ways to settle the issue. And this comes amid the optimization of schools, the unemployment of teachers and the horrific state of schools of the border villages.

So what? The schools are cut down, the teachers are left jobless and we need new judges? What kind of state do we want to build? What are our priorities?

The ministry of emergency situations has recently released statistics of suicide attempts – more than a hundred suicide attempts during half a year, and this accounts for a quarter of such attempts… Without even making an inquiry, it can be stated that such high figures stem from the lack of employment and negligence – distrust in today and tomorrow.

I assure you we do not need more judges. Their number is increasing every day when you look around and combine aspects of the reality…

And today I am also another judge.

Anahit Voskanyan

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