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Expert: Azerbaijan not willing to accept "friendship and love" campaigns

Peaceful programs with Azerbaijan have a long history, Azerbaijani expert Anzhela Elibegova told reporters today.

"After the military operations were ceased, attempts have been made regularly to start a dialogue with Azerbaijan on the level of intelligentsia, intellectuals, various NGOs and human rights defenders. These stories had quite a sad end, " she said, reminding the story of the Yunus family. The family who participated in the dialogue with the Armenian side in the framework of the peace plan, were arrested as agents of the Armenian side in Azerbaijan to exclude any peace-loving, bilateral program not controlled by the Azerbaijani authorities.

Anzhela Elibegova said that the Azerbaijani authorities have created a peace platform - the crucial figures of which are known to us as carriers of anti-Armenian propaganda for years. According to her, real peace programs, which have so far been implemented, have failed.

"Now it has come to the propaganda projects controlled by Azerbaijan, and it is a dangerous situation for us because it is presented to the outside audience as a step forward from the side of Azerbaijan, which the Armenian side does not accept. We are trying to explain that, in fact, it is a fake agenda, but Azerbaijan has invested quite a lot of money in such projects, "said the Azeri expert.

According to Elibegova, recently Armenia has also had a variety of peace-building programs with Azerbaijan. "I can not say how these projects are funded, but the agenda, as in case of Azerbaijan, is fake. The theses that we are pursuing in the framework of such peacekeeping projects do not in any way match the way we solve the conflict of our society and state, in favor of us. "

She pointed out that the Azerbaijani websites have talked about the Armenian authorities who have been making peacekeeping calls, which allows us to assume that the government's propaganda will enter into that process by using it for its own benefit.

"They are not acting in favour of friendship, they are for using this fact in favor of their propaganda," the expert said.

According to her, it is not quite clear why the peaceful statements are made in the Armenian society rather than in Baku, as there has never been any hindrance from the Armenian side with respect to the contact with Azerbaijan.

"Trying to accuse the Armenian society of intolerance is a bit dishonest when we know that a generation of Armenia-haters has grown up on the other side," he said.

A. Elibegova said that peace is a good thing, it is absolutely not necessary to think that she is against the dialogue with Azerbaijan, but it is necessary to be truthful.

"What dialogue can we talk about when one party says, let's make friends, the other side says, I will kill you. In other words, it is impossible to carry out a dialogue here if the Azerbaijani authorities do not try to find a solution. And they are not going to try, they do not need it, "said the Azeri expert.

To the question whether peace calls damage our foreign policy, Elibegova said: "To a certain extent, it affects the vigilance of the society. If within half a year we have reached a point when the handing-out of lands is being discussed, which seemed to be impossible months ago, it seems impossible to say what can happen some time later. It will only show one side of the medal. Yes, it will take some time to solve the problem, but when we speak about it without problem-solving mechanisms, a dissonance is created at least in me and I am confident in many people.

We have seen what happened to Talish residents in April, 2016.
Everything should be well-thought. We all understand that there cannot be endlessly closed borders, but first, offer solutions. "

According to her, at this stage, all this is being perceives as an attempt to verify the society’s vigilance, as well as psychological preparation for a solution not in favour of the Armenians.

Source Panorama.am
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