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11:16 World
Federal minimum wage sets record with no increase since 2009

For minimum-wage workers who have a 40-hour work week, and work 52 weeks without having any unpaid time off, this equates to just $15,080 annually, according to a CNN calculation.

10:55 World
Israeli settlement in Golan named after US president

‘It will mean something for him, that there is a place in the world, far away from the States, with his name,’ says resident in community.

10:06 World
Alibaba proposes one-to-eight stock split for July 15 AGM vote

The statement, dated Friday but published on the firm’s website on Monday, said the split will increase flexibility in the firm’s capital raising activities and that the firm’s board recommends shareholders to vote in favor of the proposal.

19:00 World
Hong Kong suspends controversial extradition bill after mass protests

Speaking after consultations with lawmakers, Chief Executive Carrie Lam, the top official in Hong Kong, said passage of the bill would be suspended and a second reading due to take place this month canceled.

16:16 World
Moldova's new PM vows to boost EU ties, bring justice

Maia Sandu spoke Saturday after the first meeting of her coalition Cabinet, which was formed last weekend but had not been able to fully take power because the caretaker government disputed its legitimacy and refused to withdraw.

15:45 World
Center-right coalition wins Madrid, far-left keeps Barcelona

The Popular Party's José Luis Martínez-Almeida replaces the far-left administration led by former judge Manuela Carmena. He will govern Madrid in coalition with the center-right Citizens' party and with the backing of Vox's national-populists.

15:01 World
Passenger opens plane emergency exit, mistaking it for the toilet

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight 702 was due to fly from Manchester, UK, to Islamabad, Pakistan, on Friday but suffered a delay of seven hours, according to the airline.

14:26 World
Chelsea make Frank Lampard their No 1 target to replace Maurizio Sarri

The Championship club would be due around £4m in compensation for their manager, who is one season into a three-year contract, and are understood to be planning for life without Lampard.

14:02 World
Gary Woodland moves into lead at US Open as sturdy Rory McIlroy looms

An outlandish Friday finish from Gary Woodland also supplied a degree of separation which, even with 36 holes to go, may prove pivotal.

13:00 World
Beyond Walls: Huge biodegradable artwork graces Paris park

The spray-painted fresco stretches for more than 600m (1,970ft) along the French capital's Champ de Mars park and is best viewed from the top of the tower.

12:29 World
Jair Bolsonaro: Man who stabbed Brazil's leader acquitted

Adélio Bispo de Oliveira cannot be tried under Brazilian law because he was not fully aware of his actions at the time, the federal judge concluded.

11:16 World
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner made as much as $135m last year

In their second year as White House aides, couple took in funds from real estate holdings, stocks, and a book deal.

10:45 World
Up to four avocado trucks stolen in Mexican state every day

Packers and exporters took out newspaper adverts to decry situation in Michoacán, a battleground for warring crime factions.

10:27 World
Hong Kong media say controversial extradition bill may be suspended

The extradition bill, which will cover Hong Kong’s 7 million residents and foreign and Chinese nationals living or traveling in the city, has many concerned it may threaten the rule of law that underpins Hong Kong’s international financial status.

10:09 World
Ancient Afghan citadel collapses, cultural heritage sites at risk

The old citadel known as Ghaznain Fort originally had 36 towers, but 14 of the towers had collapsed in recent years due to decades of war, heavy rain and neglect.

19:24 World
Thai vets nurture lost baby dugong with milk and sea grass

The estimated 5-month-old female dugong named Marium has become an internet hit in Thailand after images of marine biologists embracing and feeding it with milk and sea grass spread across social media.

18:16 World
Japan outlaws flying drones while drunk

The law, passed by the country's parliament this week, seeks to rein in growing use of the unmanned aerial vehicles.

17:45 World
NOAA fisheries responding to multiple dead ice seals in bering sea region

Agency Working with Alaska Marine Mammal Stranding Partners to Conduct Necropsies.

17:24 World
A robot has learned to use irony and now people like it more

This 30-centimetre-high robot combines nonchalant facial expressions with deadpan delivery in a way that its inventors hope will make it appear more natural.

17:00 World
At least 36 people dead in one of India's longest heatwaves

Intense heat has scorched the country for more than 30 consecutive days, primarily in northern and central India.

16:38 World
Decomposing body of Cyprus serial killer's youngest victim discovered in lake

The probe into an unprecedented spate of killings began back in April when the bound body of Mary Rose Tiburcio, 38, from the Philippines, was discovered by chance down a flooded shaft near a toxic lake that was once part of a now disused copper mine.

16:16 World
Europol report details Islamic State propaganda for women

In a 34-page report on IS propaganda targeting women presented Friday at Europol's headquarters, the agency said "female jihadis are as ideologically motivated as their male counterparts and their sense of empowerment lies in contributing to the building of an Islamic state."

15:34 World
Disappeared Argentina activists' son finds family after 40 years

A man whose parents were abducted by Argentinean secret service agents in 1977 has been reunited with his biological family.

14:48 World
Tiger Woods forced to 'fight' in US Open at Pebble Beach

The peerless Woods won by a record 15 shots when the US Open was held at the picturesque Monterey venue in 2000, but the 43-year-old 2019 version ground out a one-under 70 to sit five off the lead of England's Justin Rose.

14:29 World
White House says it will meet two-year deadline for Huawei ban for contractors

Last week the OMB had said it would need more time to implement the ban, which requires third-party suppliers and contractors to restrict their purchases and use of Huawei equipment.

14:02 World
Greenpeace steps up BP oil rig drilling protest

Two more activists join protest on North Sea rig in Cromarty Firth as others appear in court.

13:41 World
China turns its anger on 'Cold War warrior' Pompeo

During a regular media briefing on Monday, China’s Foreign Ministry accused Pompeo by name of telling lies, a striking departure from its usual practice of referring to foreign officials as 'the relevant person', or using similar wording.

13:33 World
Support wavers in Hong Kong for bill allowing extraditions to China after protests

Opposition to the bill on Sunday triggered the former British colony’s biggest political demonstration since its return to Chinese rule in 1997 under a 'one country, two systems' deal guaranteeing it special autonomy, including freedom of assembly, free press and independent judiciary.

12:02 World
Christchurch attack: Brenton Tarrant pleads not guilty to all charges

Brenton Tarrant is charged with the murder of 51 people, 40 counts of attempted murder and one terrorism charge in New Zealand's deadliest peace time mass shooting.

11:16 World
Mexico: seventh journalist murdered in just six months

Norma Sarabia, a 46-year-old crime reporter, had reportedly received threats for denouncing police corruption.

10:27 World
PetSmart's Chewy gets Wall Street tails wagging with $1 billion IPO

Chewy’s sales have rocketed from $26 million to $3.5 billion between 2012 and 2018. Its 2018 net loss narrowed to $267.9 million from $338.1 million in 2017.

10:00 World
Haitong International Securities cuts business with UBS after comment on Chinese pigs

The decision was also announced in an internal email circulated among Haitong International staff, a second Haitong employee told Reuters.

20:00 World
German court rules mass-killing of male chicks legal

A top German court has ruled that it is still lawful for poultry and egg producers to kill unwanted male chicks.

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