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Armenian startup Flight Hunter has the potential of becoming aerial Uber

The Armenian startup Flight Hunter accepts bookings for organizing charter flights to Yerevan from around the world. As the company reports, Flight Hunter was created two years ago, and tries to develop a platform aiming to provide new opportunities for spontaneous travelers and adventure seekers through offering tickets just from 4-5 hours before the flight with the minimum price.

Considering the fact that air carriers have suspended their regular flights and small air companies went bankrupt, millions of people still need to move from one part of the world to another. That is why the company has decided to change its business model, allowing potential passengers to book a charter flights through the platform. The company will gather the bookings and will conduct the charter flight once there are enough applications for a certain destination. Those passengers whose requests are not enough to conduct the flight will be offered nearby destinations as an alternative. 

“For now, we are trying to organize the return of our compatriots from different places to Yerevan. Talks are underway with number of air carriers and airports. We receive numerous emails and calls. The first flight will likely be organised from Moscow,” the co-founder of the company Tigran Petrosyan said.

Petrosyan added that any crisis brings new opportunities, pointing to the birth of companies such as  AirBnb, Uber and Groupon that emerged right after the global financial crisis in 2008.
“We hope Flight Hunter may play a revolutionary role in the history of the air flights,” Petrosyan said.

The  upgraded App of the platform will be available on App Store and Play Market soon. For now flights can be booked through the link here . 

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