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Media Advocate presents general picture of Russian media coverage of Karabakh conflict

From October 23 to 25, 2020, Media Advocate initiative monitored the publications of 5 leading Russian media outlets to find out how the Russian media covered the actions unleashed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). The following media outlets were monitored: Lenta ru, Gazeta ru, Ria Novosti, Regnum, and TASS, the initiative said in a statement on Monday. published 41 articles, 14 of which were the publications of the Azerbaijani side, 13 of the Armenian side, 14 were calls, statements of different countries and structures, as well as comments of state officials and experts․ 7 out of 14 materials are neutral, 6 are pro-Armenian, 1 is pro-Azerbaijani.

Gazeta ru published 55 articles, 21 of which were the publications of the Azerbaijani side, 17 of the Armenian side, 17 were calls, statements of different countries and structures, as well as comments of state officials and experts. 11 out of 17 materials are neutral, 4 are pro-Armenian, 2 are pro-Azerbaijani.

Ria Novosti published 98 articles, 37 of which were the publications of the Azerbaijani side, 40 of the Armenian side, 21 were calls, statements of different countries and structures, as well as comments of state officials and experts. 15 out of 21 materials are neutral, 3 are pro-Armenian, 3 are pro-Azerbaijani.

TASS published 52 articles, 23 of which were the publications of the Azerbaijani side, 14 of the Armenian side, 15 were calls, statements of different countries and structures, as well as comments of state officials and experts.  13 out of 15 materials are neutral, 2 are pro-Armenian, none is pro-Azerbaijani.

Regnum published 60 articles, 16 of which were the publications of the Azerbaijani side, 17 of the Armenian side, 27 were calls, statements of different countries and structures, as well as comments of state officials and experts. 23 out of 27 materials are neutral, 3 are pro-Armenian, 1 is pro-Azerbaijani.

Congressman Adam Schiff called for the recognition of Artsakh’s independence. He, in particularly, noted: “The United States can not sit idly by when Azerbaijan and Turkey are waging war against Artsakh. The words and actions of Erdogan and Aliyev today remind us of the crimes committed more than a hundred years ago. We can not allow history to repeat itself.”

According to Russian media, the Human Rights Watch report states that Azerbaijan has repeatedly used banned cluster munitions in residential areas of Nagorno-Karabakh. “The continued use of cluster munitions, especially in populated areas, is a clear violation of civilian security,” said Stephen Goose, director of Human Rights Watch’s Arms Division.

The Russian press continues to write about the terrorists hired by Turkey to fight against Artsakh and Turkey’s direct involvement in the conflict.

Russian journalist Yuri Kotenok, who was wounded as a result of the attack by the Azerbaijani side in Artsakh, answering the question of the French journalists how the Russians perceive the Karabakh war, noted: “The Russians consider the happening as a genocide of the Armenian people, and understand the challenges posed by the new Karabakh war.”

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