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Ombudsman: Propaganda of Armenophobia and hostility towards Armenian people has deep roots in Azerbaijan

Utterances recorded by the staff of Armenia’s Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman) Arman Tatoyan prove that the propaganda of Armenophobia and the animosity towards the Armenian people has deep roots and high public support in Azerbaijan.

In a post on Facebook, the ombudsman shared some Armenophobic statements made by Azerbaijani cultural and sports figures during the 2020 autumn war in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

“The following are statements made in 2020 by the Azerbaijani cultural and sports figures about Armenians during the September-November war. These are their words:

1) "Karabakh will be cleansed of the satanic scum of Armenian fascism. "These Armenian fascists are deprived of honor and are being annihilated in place,” said an Azerbaijani Folks Artist;

2) “Armenians are a tribe, an ethnos, which destroys itself. They are very pitiful and ungrateful creatures. "Armenians are such a liars, cowardly, greedy and hypocritical people that it is impossible to convey in words," said the People's Folks Artist of Azerbaijan;

3) "This Karabakh war is the beginning of the end of the Armenians of the world, who were created on the basis of lies, hypocrisy" — People's Artist of Azerbaijan;

4) "Our enemy is dishonorable, deceitful and unworthy. "They are barbarians, terrorists, obsessed with fascist ideas about their own superiority.”

5) "Armenians are nothing, they are people who hide in their nests like rats.” — A Famous Artist of Azerbaijan;

6) “A child of a prostitute will also become a prostitute. They are all foxes. "When the right time comes, they will show themselves," said a Member of the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan about an elderly Armenian woman;

7) The Armenian people are really sick. Medicine is hopeless, it is incurable. Chronic Armenian Diarrhea.” — Winner of “Voice of Turkey” song contest;

8) “Do not call Armenians prostitutes. The prostitute sells herself, the Armenian acquires someone else," said a Lecturer at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts;

9) "We must kill Armenians, whether they are women, children or the elderly (…)" — Media head of Qarabag football club;

10) "If the human race was really created by God, then Armenians are the offspring of evil," said the Head of the Media, Public Relations and Association of the Football Federation of Azerbaijan;

These are utterances recorded by the staff of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia. They are evidence which attest to, and prove that the propaganda of anti-Armenianism and the hostility towards the Armenian people in Azerbaijan has deep roots and high public support.

The persecution and torture of Armenians by the Azerbaijani military during this war had deep-rooted reasons; it was carried out solely because of the ethnicity of the Armenians," Tatoyan said.

The details are reflected in a 2020 joint special report of the ombudsmen of Armenia and Artsakh in accordance with the results of the monitoring carried out during the autumn war, he noted. 

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