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Artsakh military releases names of 72 more fallen troops

The Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) Defense Army on Saturday, January 23, released the names of 72 more Armenian servicemen killed repelling Azerbaijani attacks during the autumn 2020 war.

Volunteer Hovhannisyan Arthur Gevorg, born in 1967
Reservist Kolanjyan Artyom Sargis, born in 1993
Grigoryan Meruzhan Harutyun, born in 1996
Reservist Abrahamyan Hamlet Vladik, born in 1979
Madatyan Razmik Aleksan, born in 2000
Khumaryan Moris Gagik, born in 2000
Hovsepyan Grigor Arayik, born in 2000
Karapetyan Tigran Grigor, born in 2002
Nazaryan Abgar Gegham, born in 2002
Ispiryan Boris Gevorg, born in 2000
Apresyan Tigran Tadevos, born in 2001
Kirakosyan Roman Hayk, born in 2001
Panosyan Arsen Mnatsakan, born in 2001
Hovhannisyan Melkon Telman, born in 2002
Mstoyan Norayr Dhar, born in 2001
Eloyan Henrik Sergey, born in 2001
Petrosyan Sasun Saribek, born in 2001
Nersisyan Karen Davit, born in 2002
Hovagimyan Karo Sarkis, born in 2000
Hovhannisyan Martin Hovhannes, born in 2001
Stepanyan Albert Gagik, born in 2002
Harutyunyan Hayk Hrant, born in 2002
Sambatov Samvel Grish, born in 2001
Galstyan Armen Gevorg, born in 2001
Yesayan Suren Sargis, born in 2002
Muradyan Hovik Smbat, born in 1993
Manukyan Igor Hamlet, born in 1977
Dokhoyan Rudolf Yurik, born in 1977
Margaryan Arakel Slava, born in 1988
Dadamyan Roman Vagif, born in 1982
Gevorgyan Vahan Aydin, born 1968
Ghahramanyan Samvel Karlen, born in 1968
Harutyunyan Harutyun Karlen, born in 1984
Beglaryan Garik Vachagan, born in 1996
Reservist Hovhannisyan Menua Armen, born in 1986
Barseghyan Marat Nairi, born in 2002
Grigoryan Grisha Samvel, born in 2002
Mkrtchyan Mikayel Ruben, born in 2002
Hovagimyan Karen Yura, born in 2001
Ghazaryan Samvel Arthur, born in 2000
Khachatryan Gavrush Jonik, born in 2001
Sirekanyan Lyudvig Hovakim, born in 2001
Khachatryan Hrach Norayr, born in 2000
Karapetyan Robert Andranik, born in 2002
Avoyan David Atik, born in 2001
Mkhitaryan Sargis Samvel, born in 2000
Virabyan Erik Kajik, born in 2000
Ohanyan Gor Gagik, born in 2001
Rashoyan Garik Radik, born in 2001
Gulbandyan Garik Hamlet, born in 2001
Mkrtchyan Hayk Mkrtch, born in 2001
Meliksetyan Ashot Artyom, born in 2001
Matevosyan David Grigor, born in 2001
Muradyan Ashot Hovhannes, born in 2001
Ghazaryan Hayk Samvel, born in 2000
Hovhannisyan Sedrak Samvel, born in 1993
Mkhitaryan Narek Mkhitar, born in 1995
Hambaryan Tigran Surik, born in 1982
Hakobyan Hayk Tsolak, born in 1997
Gevorgyan Davit Ashot, born in 1980
Reservist Hovsepyan Nver Meruzhan, born in 1984
Apyan Ara Yurik, born in 1983
Reservist Sargsyan Paruyr Hayk, born in 1980
Reservist Tonoyan Vahan Garnik, born in 1988
Reservist Asatryan Arthur Hakob, born in 1985
Volunteer Khachatryan Rafik Ishkhan, born in 1988
Aleksanyan Khoren Hrant, born in 1985
Reservist Harutyunyan Hakob Volodya, born in 1979
Kirakosyan Gevorg Davit, born in 1996
Arzumanyan Hrachya Seyran, born in 2001
Mkrtchyan Levon Vardan, born in 2001
Khachatryan Vanik Valerik, born in 2000

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