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Mikayel Minasyan: Nikol Pashinyan to deliver ‘fatal blow’ both to Armenia and Armenians

Armenia’s former Ambassador to the Holy See Mikayel Minasyan took to Facebook to denounce Prime Minster Nikol Pashinyan’s move to hold a rally in Yerevan on Monday, March 1, marking the 13th anniversary of the deadly post-election unrest in Yerevan, as a result of which 10 people were killed. The ex-ambassador’s whole post is presented below.

"The third March 1 and the establishment of the Ottoman Empire in Armenia.

The first March 1 was the apparition of Nikol. At the time, Nikol killed Armenia and laid the foundation according to which the use of force by the state even for the safety of its people is a crime. From that day to present, the state has not used force for the sake of the country and the people, even against foreign enemies, as evidenced by the recent war.

The second March 1 was in 2020, when Nikol preferred his power to the people. It was in March 2020 that he held a march and announced that the fight against the Constitutional Court is more important than people's health. It marked the start of the killing of 4,000 people infected with coronavirus. And if the first March 1 was the death of the state, the second was the death of the people.

Nikol showed that the physical, medical and social issues of people are completely unimportant. Moreover, they can be sacrificed without a twinge of conscience and as much as necessary. In 2021, he repeated this in the war. He sacrificed 5,000 of our soldiers without batting an eye.

Today is the third March 1. 13 years have passed since the first one. Nikol is holding a rally again. What has changed? So many things that it’s hard to imagine: there is no Karabakh, while March 1 has turned into a political tool, and some of the oligarchs, whom Nikol held responsible for March 1 [deaths], today bring people to the square for him.

But this rally of Nikol is different from the previous ones: this time he will be delivering a fatal blow both to Armenia, the Armenian people and statehood. Because now Nikol's main goal is very clear: Armenia should become a Turkish vilayet without Armenians or with Turkishized Armenians. Because if there are no Armenians, there will be no Armenian cause either.

A fait accompli: The Ottoman Empire is being reborn. The Ottomans are returning to the Caucasus. Azerbaijan is already part of the Ottoman Empire. This is done in defiance of the Russians to prevent the revival of the Russian Empire. This, in turn, is being created as a counterbalance to the Ottoman Empire.

100 years on, but everything is still the same. It's just that in modern history there has never been an Armenian who the Armenians would oppose, but the Turks and Azerbaijanis would support.

Nikol's resignation has been demanded by all Armenian organizations, from the army to the AGBU (Armenian General Benevolent Union), from the church to Kajaran community, from chess players to businessmen. And only the leaders of the two country strongly support Nikol – the presidents of Turkey and Azerbaijan. It cannot be clearer than this.” 

Source Panorama.am
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