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20:24 08/10/2019

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13:28 World
Meghan Markle is still waiting to become a British citizen even though she applied for it two years ago

It is believed that the Duchess of Sussex began the process shortly after her engagement to Prince Harry was announced in November 2017.

12:43 World
Australia fires: Sydney blanketed by smoke from NSW bushfires

Strong winds overnight brought smoke from fires inland, pushing the air quality in Australia's largest city to beyond "hazardous" levels at times.

12:29 World
Saturn's moon Titan is largely covered in organic material, new evidence shows

And now, that data has helped scientists put together the first global geological map of the intriguing icy moon, according to a new study published Monday in the journal Nature Astronomy.

12:02 World
Sydneysiders urged to stay indoors as Australian bushfire smoke blankets city

Wildfires have so far this month claimed at least four lives, burnt about 2.5 million acres (1 million hectares) of farmland and bush and destroyed more than 300 homes.

11:16 World
California home to 91 of America's 100 most expensive zip codes

San Francisco ranked priciest city with 13 of the most expensive zip codes, among 55 in the Bay Area, study finds.

10:45 World
Saudi-led coalition says Yemen's Houthis seize ship in Red Sea

South Korea said two of its vessels were captured, a tug boat and a sand dredger, each of which had one South Korean national was on board.

10:27 World
Mario Shopping Kart: Nintendo unveils Tokyo store to lure casual gamers

The store - previewed to the media on Tuesday ahead of its public opening on Friday - offers a range of goods featuring prized characters including Italian plumber Mario, adventurer Link and pink alien Kirby, with exclusive products from Legend of Zelda-branded ties to Animal Crossing-themed oven gloves.

20:01 World
One plague case reported in Inner Mongolia

Investigation showed that the patient, who is from Xilingol League of the region, hunted and ate a hare on Nov. 5.

19:47 World
China threatens Sweden after Gui Minhai wins free speech award

Embassy hits out at judges and warns of ‘consequences’ after the Tucholsky prize goes to jailed Hong Kong publisher.

18:16 World
France returns Omar Tall's sword to Senegal

It is part of a commitment to return to its former West African colonies key items of their cultural heritage.

17:45 World
Oxford Union debate: Blind student 'violently' pulled from seat

Ebenezer Azamati was "accosted" by a security guard when he tried to return to a seat he had earlier reserved before the debate on 17 October.

17:00 World
'Stolen' Banksy statue could fetch $1.3m at auction

Banksy's "The Drinker" is described by auction house Sotheby's as a "subversive recreation" of Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker" -- a pensive nude bronze sculpture.

16:38 World
Thailand hopes to have bullet trains running by 2023

With one project under construction, another approved and others being considered, many in the country are questioning whether high-speed rail (HSR) will be the right fit for the country.

16:16 World
Israel Folau criticised for 'appalling' Australia bushfire remarks

Folau, who was sacked by Australia in May for making anti-gay remarks on social media, described the fires as a "little taste of God's judgement".

15:01 World
Shares grind towards record high as China trims key rate

The news helped Asia's main markets close higher .CSI300.N225.HSI and Europe followed suit, though 0.1% to 0.3% moves showed the initial reaction was cautious.

14:44 World
German business lobby, labor union jointly call on Berlin to boost public investment

The unusual move by Germany’s most influential business lobby group and the country’s largest umbrella union show how much public debate has shifted in a country long obsessed with its “black zero” budget policy of no new debt.

14:26 World
Shares grind towards record high as China trims key rate

The news helped Asia's main markets close higher .CSI300.N225.HSI and Europe followed suit, though 0.1% to 0.3% moves showed the initial reaction was cautious.

13:41 World
In Las Vegas, Elon Musk's tunneling company digs in

The city is laying claim to having "the first commercial endeavor" from the Boring Company.

12:43 World
Some European doctors think Chinese medicine should come with a health warning

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have a long history of making outsized claims, not least in the case of fertility and virility, where demand for tiger penis and rhino horn has devastated wild populations.

12:29 World
Thailand hopes to have bullet trains running by 2023

With one project under construction, another approved and others being considered, many in the country are questioning whether high-speed rail (HSR) will be the right fit for the country.

12:02 World
Saudi Aramco flotation values oil giant at $1.7tn

The company has published an updated prospectus for its initial public offering (IPO), seeking more than $25bn for the sale of 1.5% of its shares.

11:38 World
Robyn Crawford says relationship with Whitney Houston was 'love - open and honest'

For years, their romance has been the subject of rumour and speculation. Two recent films about Houston's life, Whitney: Can I Be Me and the family-sanctioned Whitney, raked over the coals of their relationship - suggesting Crawford was the real love of her life.

11:16 World
Firefox’s fight for the future of the web

In reality, two-thirds of us have been funnelled into using Google’s Chrome, but browser choice also hides a contest about the openness of the web and how data is collected about users. One organisation that has always put such issues to the forefront is Mozilla.

10:27 World
Pentagon's Esper says military justice ready to hold troops to account

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper expressed confidence on Sunday in the U.S. military justice system’s ability to hold troops to account, two days after President Donald Trump pardoned two Army officers accused of war crimes in Afghanistan.

10:00 World
Sri Lanka strongman Rajapaksa set to become president after rival concedes defeat

Rajapaksa, 70, would be the latest nationalist leader swept to power across the world, tapping into the anger and fears of majority communities.

19:00 World
Premier League 2019-20: team of the season so far

Liverpool’s full-backs, the beating hearts of Chelsea and Sheffield United and an evergreen striker make our leading XI.

17:45 World
Paris police fire tear gas on 'yellow vest' protests anniversary

Clashes broke out between demonstrators and police near the Porte de Champerret as protesters were preparing to march across town toward Gare d’Austerlitz in southern Paris while police also intervened to prevent a few hundred demonstrators from occupying the Paris ring road, according to Reuters TV footage.

16:38 World
Small Canadian island irate that Americans keep opening their mail

Campobello Island sits in the Bay of Fundy off the coast of the province of New Brunswick, but the only way to easily access the island outside of summer months is via Maine.

16:16 World
Netherlands plans to cut speed limit to curb emissions, rein in pollution

The Dutch government announced Wednesday it is lowering the top speed limit during the day on highways to 62 mph (100km/h) in an attempt to deal with an emissions pollution crisis.

15:45 World
The pop star who walked across America

US singer Mike Posner is best known for the song I Took A Pill In Ibiza, which spent four weeks at number one in 2016.

14:26 World
Giuliani faces federal probe on campaign finance, lobbying breaches

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, is being investigated by federal prosecutors for possible campaign finance violations and a failure to register as a foreign agent as part of an active investigation into his financial dealings, according to three U.S. officials. Bloomberg's Greg Farrell has more on "Balance of Power."

14:02 World
International migrant smuggling network dismantled

The German Federal Police initially carried out the investigation with the Romanian national authorities and were later joined by UK and Hungarian investigators.

13:41 World
Stunning photo shows lightning bolt striking an erupting volcano in Guatemala

Astrophotographer Sergio Montúfar told SWNS, a British news agency, that he hiked up to the volcano —Volcán de Pacaya in Villa Canales — because the forecast predicted clear skies. But as he neared the top, the weather was a bit dicier than he expected.

13:28 World
Researchers created holograms you can feel and hear

The researchers took an approach that was similar to one pioneered by engineers at Utah’s Brigham Young University who used invisible lasers to levitate and manipulate a small particle in mid-air, which was illuminated with RGB lights as it zipped around to create the effect of a 3D image.

13:00 World
250mph electric hypercar has 'fastest acceleration in the world'

The fully-electric Aspark Owl is capable of reaching 60mph in just 1.69 seconds, according to Japanese manufacturers Aspark.

12:43 World
Arizona officer caught on video pinning quadruple amputee, 15, to ground

The footage shows the shirtless boy, who cannot move, screaming as a sheriff’s deputy pins him to the ground while yelling at the teen to stop resisting.

12:02 World
Bushfires rage across Australia's east coast

The early arrival of fierce bushfires in the southern spring has already claimed several lives and destroyed nearly 300 homes over the past week.

11:38 World
Hundreds of pro-China protesters rally amid Hong Kong chaos

Protesters are also furious at perceived police brutality, a charge police deny.

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