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Croatians protest over government plan to raise retirement age

This week the government asked parliament to pass legislation lifting the retirement age of 65 from 2033 onwards, defending the reform as a step in efforts to make the pension system sustainable.

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Nasa's most iconic telescopes are FAILING and astronomers claim their loss of is a 'daunting prospect' for science

Astronomical observatories such as Hubble and Chandra were launched into orbit several years ago and have provided us with stunning images and precious data ever since.

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CNN’s Jim Acosta sends expletive to ex-Melania Trump staffer in private message, apologizes

Ex-Trump aide Justin Caporale mocked Acosta by writing, “Dear Diary,” after the CNN reporter sent a lengthy tweet complaining about the volume levels at President Trump’s Montana rally.


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Africa's youngest billionaire free 9 days after abduction

Dewji, while arriving at the hotel for a workout, had been seized by two masked gunmen who fired into the air before driving away. Regional authorities have said two white men were seen on surveillance video, and they tightened controls at border posts and airports.

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FBI agents raid San Juan government offices as part of investigation into fraud, corruption

San Juan’s purchasing division was the target of the raid. And while FBI special agent Douglas Leff did not implicate Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz in the raid, he did tell local media that “we are going to follow the investigation where it leads us.”

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Rare eye condition was behind da Vinci's genius, research claims

Da Vinci, one of the world's most celebrated painters, had intermittent exotropia, a type of eye misalignment in which one eye turns outward, according to a study published Thursday in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology.

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Mohammed Dewji: Kidnapped billionaire 'home safely'

The businessman, known locally as Mo, thanked Tanzania's police "and everyone around the world for their prayers".

15:01 World
John Bolton plans to tell Russia that U.S. is keeping North Korea sanctions

The Russians and Chinese have suggested that sanctions against Pyongyang should be relaxed, but that is not the American view, the official said.

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People's Vote march: campaigners gear up for anti-Brexit event

Event allows young people to have a say over ‘betrayal’ by older people, says Vince Cable.

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Caravan of 3,000 Central American migrants crosses into Mexico

Locals cheered and handed out bottles of water, while Guatemalan police officers stood to the side of the road and watched the migrants pass.

13:41 World
Uganda opens $112 million bridge, Africa's 5th largest

The 525-meter-long, cable-stayed bridge was funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni claimed "it will last for 120 years."

13:00 World
Hi-tech glasses offer alternative to bifocals

When a sensor on the frame is activated the liquid crystals set into the lower half of the glasses change positions, altering the focus in that area and allowing the wearer to see objects closer to them.

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Ethiopia's massive new dam threatens Egypt's Nile River

This emerald ribbon is the vegetation that grows on either side of the Nile River and around its delta. It is Egypt's only fertile land -- and testament to the country's reliance on this fabled waterway.

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Apple's Tim Cook calls for Chinese chip story retraction

Bloomberg’s Businessweek published a story which said malicious chips were built into servers that had been manufactured in China.

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Migrant caravan halted on Mexico-Guatemala border, pressure to turn back mounts

U.S. President Donald Trump has warned the Central American caravan must be stopped before it reaches the United States, and Honduras and Guatemala said late on Friday they were mobilizing to assist the return of Honduran migrants to their homeland.

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U.S. weighs new warship passage through Taiwan Strait

The U.S. military declined comment and U.S. officials who discussed the deliberations, which have not been previously reported, did so on condition of anonymity. They did not discuss the potential timing for any fresh passage through the strait.

20:21 World
First Dutch gender-neutral passport issued

Born male, in 2001 Zeegers had surgery to become female, but now identifies as intersex.

19:00 World
Migrant caravan: Mexico sends police to southern border

The move came after President Donald Trump threatened to use military force to completely close the US-Mexico border over the issue.

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Apple announces iPad Pro and Mac event for October 30th

Apple sent out a slew of unique invite designs for the event, so there’s a lot to look over if you’re trying to find any hints or teases of what’s to come.

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Pennsylvania law to make hazing punishable as felony

Named the “Timothy Piazza Anti-Hazing Law” after a Penn State freshman who died during hazing activities at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house in February 2017, the bill unanimously passed the Legislature.

16:38 World
Former general says UK-US military cooperation under threat

Writing in the Times of London, retired Gen. David Petraeus says the European Court of Human Rights is increasingly extending domestic human rights legislation to the battlefield.

16:16 World
Radical preacher Anjem Choudary released from UK prison

Choudary, from Ilford in east London, is expected to wear an electronic tag, face a night-time curfew and be barred from contacting anyone who has been charged with extremist-related offences unless he receives prior approval from authorities.

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Sydney doctor accused of drugging and assaulting patients

A further three women have come forward alleging they were also drugged and assaulted by the 48-year-old.

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Lebanon's Miss Earth 2018 bet stripped of title after photo with Miss Israel

Miss Earth Lebanon organizers strip Salwa Akar of her title, following a photo of her and Israel's Dana Zerik that went viral.

15:01 World
EU leaders prepared to extend UK's Brexit transition period

The original plan is for a 21-month period starting March 30, 2019, as soon as the UK has left.

14:44 World
Wife of China's detained Interpol chief says he might already be dead

In an interview with the British broadcaster, Grace Meng said she has received threatening phone calls since the Chinese government announced her husband was in custody in early October.

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Italy's Salvini says there is no government crisis over tax amnesty dispute

On Friday, the head of Italy’s anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, Luigi Di Maio, said a dispute with coalition partner the League over a tax amnesty needed to be sorted.

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EU's Barnier says Brexit deal 90 percent done, but Ireland issue could derail it

May had also signaled she would consider extending a so-called transition period “for a matter of months” after Britain leaves the EU in March.

13:41 World
Ireland insists on Brexit 'backstop': PM Varadkar

He said it was a “judgment call” May would have to make but said that without an Irish backstop, any withdrawal treaty might not be ratified by the European Parliament.

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China's third quarter growth misses expectations at 6.5%

The growth figure for the July to September quarter was 6.5% from a year earlier, the National Bureau of Statistics said. The result fell short of Reuters analyst forecasts of 6.6%.

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Barcelona's Sagrada Familia agrees deal over lack of licence

The spectacular church designed by architect Antoni Gaudí, is a Unesco world heritage site and still under construction.

12:43 World
X-rays provide creepy new views of zoo animals

The Oregon Zoo released a series of X-ray images of animals including a chameleon, beaver and python.

12:02 World
BepiColombo spacecraft launches on mission to Mercury

Experts say planet that ‘doesn’t fit’ could offer new insights into how solar system formed.

11:38 World
China's ByteDance is taking the social media world by storm

In the space of just two years, the app has amassed more than half a billion users — around 40% of them outside China — who share short videos of themselves lip-syncing, cooking, dancing or just being silly.

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Zimbabwe's economic crisis will deepen without aid, ruling party warns

Petrol, food and medicine shortages bite as Zanu-PF faces consequences of decades of misrule by Robert Mugabe.

10:01 World
Tesla launches new $45,000 Model 3

The new version has a delivery period of six to 10 weeks, according to the website, which would customers eligible for the current $7,500 U.S. tax credit if they take delivery by the end of the year. The tax credit for Tesla cars will drop by half on Jan. 1.

19:47 World
China reveals plan to launch an 'artificial moon' to light up city skies in 2020

The so-called illumination satellite set to deploy over the southwestern city of Chengdu in 2020 is touted to be eight times as bright as the real moon, to cast a ‘dusk-like glow’ over the region, according to the People’s Daily.

18:38 World
Mueller's quiet period has not been very quiet

September and October at first glance appear to be quiet periods for the investigation, under the Justice Department's guidelines to avoid public political acts before the midterm elections.

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