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To Neo-Ottomanism through Terrorism

From early June and especially in the past days Turkey is much spoken about in international media and, specifically, Western press. Though it is the result of international political processes passivity due to summer season, nevertheless, in all cases the main factor of intensive discussions is the activity of Turkish authorities.

The Tagesspiegel German newspaper in its review briefed the situation and the questions in that aspect: “A crisis in the relations with Israel, voting against the UN Resolution on Iran as well as a decision to create a free trade zone with Syria, Lebanon and Jordan which is perceived as the core of the Middle East Union considered to be an alternative to the European Union: is Turkey separated from the West?”

We will mention at once that the very newspaper in its review touching upon Turkey’s foreign policy and the situation formed in the region concludes: “In the years of cold war Ankara was a loyal ally to NATO on the south-eastern front. Turkey pursues its own purposes today. Nevertheless, Turkey’s being number one country in the region is in Europe’s and U.S’ interests.
The Western political figures have formed vacuum, specifically, with the Iraqi war and U.S. mediatory efforts’ obviously pro-Israeli orientation in the Middle East conflict. Egypt and Bay’s oil countries are very weak politically to fill up that gap. And not only the West but just most of the regional countries are scared of Iran having a monopoly position. Only Turkey remains. It is the very geostrategic possibility that Erdogan’s government tries to hold with both hands. The West and the East should submit to it.”

In principle, this review covers all points about the essence of the past day events. However, it needs to be rendered in detail. We will start from the incident on Freedom Flotilla.

One might think that everything possible has been said on the subject already. However, it is not so since emotional responses cut off from reality keep on so far. To save time we offer our readers reading renowned Russian publicist Yulia Latinina’s article under the title “PR-Terrorism.”

The author analysing the incident draws attention to a number of circumstances. In spite of assertions that the flotilla was carrying foodstuffs to Gaza as humanitarian aid, it was found out that it was carrying cement and armature. And, most importantly, persons represented by the Turkish authorities and propaganda as peaceful law defenders replied to Israeli servicemen’s orders with shouts - “Get Away To Your Oswiecim!” and “Remember Haibar, Oh, Jews, the army of Muhammad will return!” (Haibar is the place where Mohammedans killed the Jews).

However, another circumstance throws light on the Turkish provocation. We present that fragment of article author’s observations completely, by keeping the style:

“Let’s analyse the flotilla composition. Six vessels carrying 10 thousand tons of cargo (as much as one vessel can carry).

Question: why do six vessels carry 10 thousand tons of cargo, especially cement?
An answer to the question can be found by casting a glance on the flotilla flagman, Navi Marmara. It is not a cargo vessel, but a yacht intended for 1080 passengers who would eat more than were able to carry. And who traveled by that vessel? 700 human rights activists – minus 100 well-prepared storm troopers disguised among them.
The very fact – yacht, 100, 600 idiots, gives us a key for conclusion. What had been planned? A massacre.
We repeat: 600 helpful idiots (foolish kafirs only good for burning or Mohammedans who, inshallah, will become shahids) and 100 excellently-prepared storm troopers who did not intend to be killed. They wore bullet-proof vests, night glasses, communication means – everything they needed to stay alive. A common storm trooper takes a sub-machine-gun but no bullet-proof vest with him. These were strange storm troopers: they had a bullet-proof vest but no sub-machine-gun.

The matter is clear: an Israeli soldier goes down to the deck, it is night, one hundred persons armed with knives and armatures attack him, and there are another seven hundred nearby. Their goal was Israeli soldiers’ opening fire at all of the seven hundred. Not killing but provoking a massacre was most important.

The organizers were mistaken in a single issue: they had decided that the helicopter attached to the vessel and the soldier stabbed in his side would open irregular fire. However, it came so that the fourth person going down to the deck, sergeant S., noticed that all his commanders who were the first to go down were injured or taken hostages. At that moment he did not start firing irregularly, neither he shouted “kill everybody!” but took up the command.

Many say that the Israeli defense army failed this operation and did not manage to do something in a well-organized way. I think the army performed this operation excellently, thanks to its soldier training system. It is that well-preparedness and training that helped the sergeant going down to a blood-stained deck, without commanders, armed with a pistol only, facing 600 sheep and 100 terrorists to keep his head and not to start firing.
Navi Marmara was needed for organizing a massacre, with hundreds of provokers hidden behind hundreds of targets.”

In essence, no counter-argument can be brought to the above mentioned. Therefore we can consider it proved that Freedom Flotilla that was heading for Gaza by Turkish authorities’ order and got support by the Turkish state – from the President up to the last official, for further PR and propaganda, had professional storm troopers aiming at provoking a massacre.

As we have already reported, the action was organized by the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief of Turkey. This structure, which, according to some information, was established on the initiative and with the assistance of Turkish state in the early 90s, provided storm troopers to Bosnia, Chechnia, Pelestine, Africa and other hot spots. Therefore we can have no doubt that the very structure recruited professionals for the “peaceful action.” In any case, according to Israeli Foreign Ministry report, there were hireling terrorists not only from Turkey but also from Lebanon, Syria, Sudan and other Mohammedan countries among those arrested.

In its turn, it is evidence that Turkey carries out terrorist activity at state level to serve the political interests.

Let us return to the incident. It is beyond any doubt that Turkey took an excellent advantage of the incident, irrespective of its outcome, to ensure serious progress in taking up leadership in the Islamic world. Excessive indignation of Turkey in the public sphere perceptible for mass consciousness and almost for the same reason the inert position of Western countries and bureaucratized international structures helped Ankara gain all necessary dividends from this incident.

To fortify and increase its achievements official Ankara took already the next opportunity – the situation over the Iranian nuclear problem…


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