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Armenian Church commemorates Pontiff Melitos of Antioch, Minas of Egypt and others

The Armenian Apostolic Church pays today tribute to Sts. Pontiff Melitos of Antioch, Minas of Egypt, the other Bishop Melitos, Priest Bouras and Deacon Shinou, reported.

Pontiff Melitos (Meletius, Bishop of Antioch) was born in the town Melitene of Pokr Hayk (Armenia Minor). In 358 AD he becomes the Bishop of the town Sebastia of Pokr Hayk (Armenia Minor) and in 360 AD he is elected the spiritual leader of the Antioch.

Being righteous, gentle, honest and sincere in worshiping the God, Bishop Melitos avoided the theological disputes typical to that time period. And the people expected that he would manage to establish peace in Antioch split and disunited because of religious disputes. And indeed, he succeeds to satisfy the population of that turbulent town Staying aside from discussing theological controversial issues, he delivers sermons, tries to realize some gradual reformations.

However, during the Council of Antioch, organized by Arian King Kostandianos and the purpose of which was to reveal the doctrinal convictions of Melitos, the fact of his being orthodox is revealed. By the instigation of the Arians Melitos is exiled for three times.

Bishop Melitos is the author of the theological work “Exposition of faith”. The saint has participated in the Second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople and has presided the Council. Unfortunately he has passed away before the conclusion of the Council, in 381 AD.

Minas (Menas the Egyptian) was an officer from Egypt, who served in the Roman Army. Seeing the dirty tricks, injustice and malice existing in the surrounding world, Minas decides to devote himself to ascetic life, and goes to the mountains in Phrygia.

During one of the heathen feasts he comes to the people and condemns the heathen idols and preaches the Christian faith. For that deed Minas is subjected to torments and is beheaded in 304 AD. The place of martyrdom of Minas is considered to be a sacred place and his image – always depicted sitting on the camel, becomes very popular especially in the Middle Ages.

Melitos (Meletius, Bishop of Persia) was a Persian Christian officer serving in the Persian army. Giving up military service he devotes himself to spiritual life and is ordained as the Bishop of the town Bitrazan. Despite the repeated persecutions by the heathens he continues to preach the Gospel and reaches even to the capital city of Persia – Tizbon. Refusing to worship the sun Melitos is martyred in Tizbon during the reign of the Persian King Shapouh (331-378). Two of his disciples – Priest Bouras (Buras) and Deacon Shinou (Sennen) are martyred together with Melitos.

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