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Author Lilian Galstyan

17:18 07/12/2017

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20:00 World
Arctic permafrost thawing faster than ever, US climate study finds

The annual report released on Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showed slightly less warming in many measurements than a record hot 2016.

17:44 World
Toshiba, Western Digital end chip dispute; joint investment to resume

With data storage key to most next-generation technologies, demand for NAND chips has boomed, and Western Digital, Toshiba’s chip business partner and jilted suitor in the auction, had threatened to block any deal without its consent.

17:25 World
Tillerson says U.S. ready to talk to North Korea; Japan wants pressure

The White House later issued an ambiguous statement that left unclear whether President Donald Trump - who has said Tillerson was wasting his time pursuing dialogue with North Korea - had given his approval for the speech.

17:00 World
Chris Froome: Tour de France champion failed a drug test

In a statement, the sport's governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), said the British rider was informed of an "Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF)" on September 20 and that an analysis of the B sample had confirmed the results of the rider's A sample.

16:38 World
Google is opening an artificial intelligence center in China

But China's internet borders are fortified by the so-called Great Firewall, and most of Google's biggest products -- its search engine, YouTube and Gmail -- have been blocked by the country's vast censorship apparatus for years.

16:16 World
UN court to hear appeal in Serbian lawmaker's acquittal

Serbian lawmaker Vojislav Seselj, who was found not guilty of all nine charges against him at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, has vowed not to attend Wednesday's hearing in The Hague.

15:45 World
Global firms snared in South Africa's corruption scandal

The scandal has weakened the ruling African National Congress, which meets this week to choose a new party leader who likely will be elected the country's next president in 2019.

15:27 World
Hong Kong judges to decide on UK banker's murder appeal

The three Court of Appeal judges on Wednesday wrapped up an appeal hearing for Rurik Jutting, who is serving a life sentence for the killings.

15:01 World
Google to open artificial intelligence centre in China

Google said the facility would be the first its kind in Asia and would aim to employ local talent.

14:26 World
Chris Froome fights to save career after failed drugs test result

Froome, who also won his fourth Tour de France in July, was found to have exceeded the permitted levels of the asthma drug salbutamol on a test taken on 20 September. 

13:43 World
Backed by Putin, Russian military pushes into foreign policy

The defense ministry’s forays into areas long regarded as the preserve of the foreign ministry are raising eyebrows in Russia, where strict protocol means ministers usually hold talks only with their direct foreign counterparts.

13:00 World
Egypt singer jailed for 'inciting debauchery' in music video

Shaimaa Ahmed, a 25-year-old known professionally as Shyma, was arrested last month after the video sparked outrage in the conservative country.

12:43 World
Disney set to seal $60bn 21st Century Fox takeover

The sale would include the 20th Century Fox film studio and the Sky and Star satellite broadcasters in the UK, Europe and Asia.

12:29 World
The rebirth of Perth: Welcome to Australia's new capital of cool

Under a tongue-in-cheek sign proclaiming "No Stairway to Heaven," brilliant cocktails, the perfect playlist and impeccable handmade pizzas came together in one of the coolest bars in what's definitely one of the coolest cities in the Southern Hemisphere.

12:02 World
Gas prices rise in freezing Europe after explosion and pipeline closure

The price of both crude oil and natural gas spiked as investors worried that the vital pieces of infrastructure could be out of commission for weeks, choking off supplies.

11:38 World
Baby girl survives after being born with heart outside her body, in UK first

Vanellope Hope Wilkins, who had her first surgery within an hour of delivery, is believed to be first baby in UK to survive with the extremely rare condition.

11:16 World
'Endlessly long': Nobel prizewinning book turned down by 19 publishers

Fan of Claude Simon’s The Palace, which won the coveted award in 1985, sent the book to publishers and 12 rejected it, while seven didn’t reply.

10:26 World
South Korea conducts anti-terror drills ahead of Winter Games

During the simulated drills, members of a SWAT team shot down a drone with a bomb attached that was flying toward a bus carrying athletes.

10:03 World
Philippine Congress debates Duterte's push for martial law extension

That conflict was the biggest security crisis in decades and killed more than 1,100 people, mostly militants, and forced more than 200,000 residents to flee Marawi, the heart of which was flattened by shelling and air strikes.

20:23 World
This is the dramatic moment a 60-year-old man fights off a leopard who went on the rampage in an Indian village

As his neighbours in the hamlet of Khairi shout in sheer panic, the man struggles to force the animal off his chest with a stick after it had mauled three people.

19:49 World
Concerned resident phoned 999 as they were worried statue was cold

The statue of a woman sitting on a bench in Brampton Park, Newcastle-under-Lyme, was unveiled in 2014 to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

19:00 World
The brain benefits of your child's dinosaur obsession

For the record, an Ozraptor is an abelisauroid theropod dinosaur that lived in modern-day Australia during the Middle Jurassic period.

18:38 World
India's markets regulator probes prescient messages in WhatsApp groups

Citing unidentified sources, the Business Standard newspaper said SEBI had summoned chief financial officers and company secretaries of at least 12 firms over the issue of whether prescient social media messages involving them were being circulated. 

18:16 World
Sinister sound of Tyrannosaurus Rex heard for first time in 66 million years

For a new BBC documentary, naturalist Chris Packham visited Julia Clarke, professor of Vertebrate Palaeontology at the University of Texas, to test out a the theory that dinosaurs actually sounded more like birds and reptiles, than today’s predatory mammals.

17:00 World
Oscar Pistorius hurt in prison fight in South Africa

The disgraced paralympian was allegedly involved in a fight over the use of a public phone, a prison department spokesman told the BBC.

16:16 World
Electrical problems shorten second Zumwalt-class destroyer’s builders trials

Harmonic filters are used in complex electrical systems to prevent unintended power fluctuations from damaging sensitive equipment.

15:27 World
Google Maps will soon tell you when it’s time to get off your train or bus

The idea here is to give you real-time updates while you are on your transit journey. These updates will appear in the Google Maps app and, maybe most importantly, on your Android lock screen.

15:01 World
Thousands still without power after storm Ana hit France

Enedis, the body in charge of France's electricity network, said in a statement Tuesday that more than 1,500 agents are being deployed to help restore power.

14:44 World
Blast in Austrian gas plant kills one, injures 18

Sonja Keller, a Red Cross official, told the Austria Press Agency that the explosion took place at a plant in Baumgarten an der March, east of Vienna.

14:26 World
UK inflation rate rises unexpectedly to 3.1 percent

Official figures Tuesday show that the annual inflation rate in Britain rose to 3.1 percent. The increase was unexpected — most economists predicted a modest decline to 2.9 percent from the previous month's 3 percent.

13:41 World
Taiwan's Far Eastern Int'l fined T$8 million over SWIFT hacking incident

Also in October, a cyber-security firm, BAE Systems Plc, said that a North Korean hacking group was likely responsible for a recent cyber heist in Taiwan.

13:00 World
China building network of refugee camps along border with North Korea

Document suggests at least five camps are being set up as Beijing prepares for possible influx of refugees should Kim Jong-un’s regime collapse.

12:43 World
Astronomers to check interstellar body for signs of alien technology

Green Bank telescope in West Virginia will listen for radio signals from ‘Oumuamua, an object from another solar system.

12:02 World
Tasmanian tigers were in poor genetic health, study finds

Australian scientists sequenced the genome of the native marsupial, also known as the thylacine.

11:38 World
World's best buildings? 2018 RIBA International List revealed

Somewhere among these 62 individual buildings drawn from 29 countries are the four that will eventually be scrutinized by the 2018 RIBA International Prize grand jury.

11:16 World
Apple confirms deal to buy music discovery app Shazam

Apple said Shazam would be a “natural fit” with its Apple Music streaming service and it would help users discover new songs.

10:47 World
South Korea's Moon, China's Xi to talk North Korea, trade in Beijing summit

China has been particularly angered at the deployment of U.S.-made Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) anti-missile system in South Korea, saying its powerful radar can see far into China and will do nothing to ease tension with North Korea.

10:26 World
Asia shares take a time out, Brent breaks above $65

Spread betters pointed to a modestly firmer start on most European bourses, while E-Mini futures for the S&P 500 ESc1 were up a slim 0.04 percent.

10:02 World
Amazon's cloud unit expands in China, with new partner in Ningxia

China launched strict new regulations in June that require foreign firms to store data locally and outsource hardware elements to local partners.

20:30 World
Meat tax ‘inevitable’ to beat climate and health crises, says report

‘Sin taxes’ to reverse the rapid global growth in meat eating are likely in five to 10 years, according to a report for investors managing over $4tn.

20:12 World
Excitement as trial shows Huntington's drug could slow progress of disease

Hailed as ‘enormously significant’, results in groundbreaking trial are first time a drug has been shown to suppress effects of Huntington’s genetic mutation.

19:47 World
Monsanto offers cash to U.S. farmers who use controversial chemical

The United States faced an agricultural crisis this year caused by new formulations of dicamba-based herbicides, which farmers and weed experts say harmed crops because they evaporated and drifted away from where they were sprayed.

19:00 NKR
President Bako Sahakyan signed a law on making a change to the law “On Civil Service”,

a law on making changes and amendments to the law “On Public Service”, and a law “On Approving the Three-Year Plan of State Statistical Activities of the Artsakh Republic for 2018-2020 ".
Source: Central information department of the office of the Artsakh Republic President


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