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20:30 World
Slain American missionary spent 'all of his days' helping others, wife says

The task may seem herculean, but it was just another day for Nichols, according to his wife.
Source: CNN

20:16 World
Olympics 2016: Flame arrives in Brazil ahead of Rio Games

It was flown inside a small lantern on a special flight from the Swiss city of Geneva to Brasilia.
Source: BBC

19:37 World
American serviceman killed by 'direct fire' during battles against Isis in Iraq

Officials said the unnamed man was advising Kurdish Peshmerga troops when he was injured.
Source: Independent

19:00 World
Clashes near Damascus despite truce there, five killed in Aleppo

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also said seven people were killed in heavy rebel shelling of government-held areas of Aleppo, which was not one of areas where temporary truces were announced last week.
Source: Reuters

18:16 World
The unnamed beneficiary of an Italian bank bailout

UniCredit felt weak market conditions made recapitalizing Banca Popolare di Vicenza the entire industry’s problem.
Source: WSJ

17:51 World
Syria conflict: UN presses Russia to help save truce

Mr de Mistura wants Russia and the US, which back opposing sides in the war, to work together to restore the partial truce they negotiated in February.
Source: BBC

17:26 World
Anger over 'martyrs' exhibition for Brussels and Paris bombers

Exhibit will include works on Ibrahim and Khalid El-Bakraoui, Brussels suicide bombers, and Foued Mohamed-Aggad, one of the Bataclan attackers.

17:00 World
Nairobi building collapse: Baby girl rescued after four days

Later the Kenyan Red Cross said the baby, Dealeryn Saisi Wasike, had been reunited with her father. She has no physical injuries.

16:34 World
Frozen fans urge Disney to give Elsa a girlfriend in sequel

Twitter campaign calls on producers to use Frozen 2 to reveal that blockbuster’s heroine is a lesbian.

16:07 World
Chinese police to patrol Rome's streets

The officers will work with Italian counterparts to help Chinese tourists.
Source: Guardian

15:42 World
Ex-FBI agent admits stealing $136,000 for sports cars, cosmetic surgery

Scott M. Bowman, once assigned to the bureau's Los Angeles field office, also admitted to filing false reports and to tampering with a witness in attempt to cover his tracks, according to federal prosecutors.

15:36 World
Johnson & Johnson just lost another talcum powder cancer lawsuit

A jury in St. Louis awarded $55 million in damages to Gloria Ristesund, who used Johnson & Johnson's talcum powder for more than 35 years before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011.
Source: CNN

15:00 World
Australia budget targets multinationals

Treasurer Scott Morrison's first budget doubles as the government's sales pitch for an early election on 2 July.

14:45 World
Italian court rules food theft 'not a crime' if hungry

Mr Ostriakov, a homeless man of Ukrainian background, had taken the food "in the face of the immediate and essential need for nourishment", the court of cassation decided.
Source: BBC

14:23 World
Leicester City win Premier League: The greatest sporting story?

Relegation favourites, led by a new yet simultaneously tarnished manager, driven on by a former non-league striker, prevailing over teams with incomparable resources and title-winning pedigree.
Source: BBC

14:00 World
Baidu faces probe after outcry over cancer treatment

The team is made up of officials from the Cyberspace Administration of China, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce - the regulator of online advertisement.

13:43 World
China, Japan growth to slow sharply in 2016, IMF warns

Government stimulus measures, lower commodity prices and low unemployment will help drive regional expansion, the International Monetary Fund said, and called on leaders to push on with reforms.

13:22 World
Transport processes induced by metastable boiling water under Martian surface conditions

Liquid water may exist on the Martian surface today, albeit transiently and in a metastable state under the low atmospheric surface pressure.

12:18 World
Scientists prep for mission to nudge asteroids far from Earth

Every few decades, the report continues, a lump of rock the size of a double-decker bus heads towards Earth before creating a small crater much like the Russian Chelyabinsk incident on Feb. 15, 2013.
Source: WN

12:00 World
HSBC first quarter profit falls a smaller than expected 14 percent

HSBC, Europe's biggest bank, reported on Tuesday a pretax profit of $6.1 billion for the first three months of this year, down from $7.1 billion a year ago, but above the average forecast of $4.3 billion from analysts polled by the company.
Source: Yahoo News

11:37 World
Solar-powered aircraft leaves California on next leg of globe-circling trip

The spindly, single-seat experimental aircraft dubbed Solar Impulse 2 took off just after 5 a.m. local time from San Francisco on a flight that will take it over the Mojave Desert before its planned arrival in Phoenix shortly before 9:30 p.m.
Source: WN

11:00 World
UN chief appeals for re-launch of Syria ceasefire

Heavy air strikes hit rebel-held east Aleppo in the early hours of Monday, days after the United States and Russia announced plans to reinforce the February 27 truce in Latakia and Damascus regions.

10:00 World
The physics of kung fu brought to life through motion capture visualizations

By capturing the motion of different sequences Gremmler is able to distill the data into these animated sculptures, effectively turning movement into structure and volume.
Source: Colossal

20:19 World
Brazil impeachment: Rousseff begins her long goodbye

The arrival of the flame in Brasilia from an ancient Greek temple via Switzerland will trigger a three-month countdown to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics and Brazil's big chance to shine on the global stage.
Source: MSN

20:00 World
Security camera footage shows Aleppo hospital during deadly airstrike

The Al Quds field hospital was located in a rebel-held neighborhood in Aleppo and, at 9.38 pm -- the security camera's timer is an hour out -- there is a thump as a bomb explodes nearby.
Source: CNN

19:37 World
Kenya police arrest Nairobi collapsed building owner

Samuel Karanja Kamau would appear in court on Tuesday, police added.
Source: BBC

19:18 World
Ecstasy death: Warning over 'Mastercard' pills after teenage girl dies in Manchester

'Sadly we know it is very unlikely that the girl was the only person to have taken this drug last night'.
Source: Independent

18:39 World
Businessman Craig Wright claims to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto

The Australian entrepreneur - who has long been suspected of being involved with the creation of the digital currency - apparently showed proof to select outlets but hasn’t yet released that to the public
Source: Independent

18:16 World
Bombs in Baghdad kill 14, including some Shi'ite pilgrims

The largest blast, which Islamic State said it was behind, came from a parked car bomb in the Saydiya district of southern Baghdad that killed 11 and wounded 30, the sources said.
Source: Reuters

17:28 World
President nero roasted while Trump and world burned

In the meantime, not only did Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump burn with sweet revenge, but much of the world burned thanks to Washington’s ill-fated military campaigns and wars.
Source: WN

17:00 World
Elephants bow out at top US circus

The 11 Asian females from the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus are being retired amid changing attitudes to animals used as performance acts.

16:34 World
Concern over 'political' use of solitary confinement in European prisons

Terror threat prompts France, Belgium and the Netherlands to isolate prisoners in attempt to prevent radicalisation.
Source: Guardian

15:42 World
Bin Laden death: CIA panned for 'live-tweeting' raid on anniversary

It has shared details of the mission that led to America's most-wanted man being found five years ago in Pakistan.
Source: BBC

15:24 World
Zika virus: Risk higher than first thought, say doctors

Rates of increase in Zika infection in some parts of Brazil have slowed, thanks to better information about preventing the disease.
Source: BBC

15:00 World
Prince's last supper went untouched, says musician's personal chef

Ray Roberts, who cooked for Prince for three years, said in the months before his death he was ‘sick a lot’.
Source: Guardian

14:41 World
Mario Miranda gets 'Google tribute' on 90th birth anniversary’

Miranda who developed his own independent style of creating cartoons and characters, is remembered for his lavish works in The Times of India and The Illustrated Weekly of India, besides several other newspapers, periodicals and books.

14:24 World
Iran prepared to attract foreign investment: Rouhani

The two presidents then sat for their first meeting since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1962.

14:00 World
German far-right party calls for ban on minarets and burqa

Alternative für Deutschland conference says Islam is not compatible with Germany’s constitution.
Source: Guardian

13:37 World
Uttarakhand fires: Battle to douse deadly blaze in Indian state

The fires broke out a month ago, but intensified in recent days with more than 400 burning simultaneously.
Source: BBC

13:19 World
Iraqi protesters end Green Zone sit-in for now after issuing demands

Iraq has endured months of wrangling prompted by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's attempt to replace party-affiliated ministers with technocrats as part of an anti-corruption drive.
Source: Reuters

13:00 World
Remains of climbing legend Alex Lowe found on Tibetan mountain

The American known as ‘Lungs With Legs’ was climbing the 8,013m Shishapangma in 1999 when he was hit by an avalanchel.

12:36 World
Freediving world record set by William Trubridge with 122m dive

New Zealander beats own record with four minute and 24 second plunge in blue hole in Bahamas.
Source: Guardian

12:18 World
Aleppo: Push to include battered city in Syria truce

US Secretary of State John Kerry is seeking Russia's co-operation to stop bombing of northern province.
Source: Al Jazeera

12:00 World
Gerson Galvez: Peruvian drug lord deported from Colombia

Mr Galvez, known as Caracol or The Snail, was arrested by Colombian police on Saturday at a shopping centre in Medellin.
Source: BBC

11:19 World
1st cruise from a US port in decades leaves Miami for Cuba

The cruise comes after Cuba loosened its policy banning Cuban-born people from arriving to the country by sea, a rule that threatened to stop the cruises from happening.

11:00 World
Venezuela formally sets clocks ahead to save power

All telecommunications, IT and banking services have already made the change to facilitate the switch which will be put in place from 14:30 local time, Vice President Jorge Arreaza said on Saturday night in a television program.

10:45 World
Texas flooding kills woman, 4 grandchildren

Asberry, 64, and her grandchildren, ages 6 to 9, died early Saturday after being swept away by floodwaters in Palestine, police said.
Source: CNN

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