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13:00 World
Canada man missing for 30 years found after remembering identity

Edgar Latulip was 21 when he went missing from a home for disabled people in Ontario province.
Source: BBC

12:27 World
Gravitational waves: breakthrough discovery after two centuries of expectation

Scientists announce discovery of clear gravitational wave signal, ripples in spacetime first predicted by Albert Einstein.
Source: Guardian

12:16 World
AP Interview: IOC medical chief seeks to allay Zika fears

Brazil is the epicenter of the Zika outbreak, raising concerns about the potential risks of infection during the Aug. 5-21 Olympics.

12:00 World
Michigan state sued over toxic water disaster

Federal emergency declared in Flint after class-action lawsuit over almost two-year-long lead-poisoned water crisis.
Source: Al Jazeera

11:19 World
West coast earthquake threat heightened by new fault line discovery

Living on the West Coast of the United States has its benefits – mostly warm weather, different climates north and south as well as a more laid-back attitude.
Source: WN

11:02 World
Star Wars prosecuted over Harrison Ford injury

The actor was struck by a hydraulic metal door on the Pinewood set of the Millennium Falcon in June 2014.

10:43 World
Google developing stand-alone virtual-reality headset

More advanced version of cardboard viewer wouldn’t rely on a smartphone, PC or game console.
Source: TWSJ

10:21 World
OK og shoots new music video completely in zero gravity

The masters of meticulously choreographed music videos, OK Go, just released their latest: a three-minute clip for their new single Upside Down & Inside Out shot entirely in zero gravity.

20:30 World
N. Korea orders military takeover of inter-Korean factory

The North also said it was shutting down two crucial cross-border communication hotlines.
Source: MSN

20:11 World
Bowie told by son he would have been grandad

The rocker's son Duncan Jones says he told his father about the pregnancy at Christmas, shortly before he died from liver cancer.

20:00 World
Fire forces dozens to flee fishing boat way off Hawaii

Crew members of the 258-foot U.S.-flagged American Eagle abandoned ship that morning and went into two life rafts, three work boats and one skiff.
Source: CBS

19:27 World
Multi-storey car park collapses on digger

The whole drama was captured on video from a nearby office building.
Source: Sky

19:08 World
10 romantic destinations you should know about

But it doesn't have a trademark on the term, and it's certainly not the only destination out there rousing amorous couples into expressing their love.

18:42 World
Ripple effect: scientists await word on gravitational waves

A century ago, Albert Einstein hypothesized the existence of gravitational waves, small ripples in space and time that dash across the universe at the speed of light.
Source: Reuters

18:26 World
Female suicide bombers kill 58 in a Nigerian camp meant to be a safe haven

As horrendous as the attack was, it could have been worse. One of the bombers backed out at the last minute.
Source: CNN

18:20 World
Курды захватили стратегическую авиабазу под Алеппо

Базирующийся в Лондоне Сирийский центр мониторинга за соблюдением прав человека сообщил, что курдские отряды народной самообороны в Сирии захватили большую часть базы Менах.
Источник: BBC

17:47 World
Climate change may have helped spread Zika virus according to WHO scientists

Warmer and wetter conditions facilitate transmission of mosquito-borne diseases, which may have added to spread, says lead climate change scientist.

17:23 World
Anxiety drags down European markets

In morning trading, the FTSE 100 index fell 165.16 points to 5,507.14.
Source: BBC

16:24 World
Report on Syria conflict finds 11.5% of population killed or injured

Syrian Centre for Policy Research says 470,000 deaths is twice UN’s figure with ‘human development ruined’ after 45% of population is displaced.

16:03 Armenia
Gyumri Zoo lions’ rescue to the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge

The lions are in a good physical and mental state after the adventurous experience.

15:42 World
United Arab Emirates want to top the world in happiness, too

So the rulers of the United Arab Emirates had a novel idea. They decided to name a minister of happiness.
Source: The New York Times

15:20 World
Twitter promises to make replies and other features less confusing

The number of monthly active Twitter users, excluding those who use the service via SMS, fell from 307 million to 305 million last quarter, prompting the company to explain its path to recovery in great detail in letter to shareholders today.
Source: The Verge

15:01 World
Berlin to teach Germans how to dance with wolves

For 15 years, wolves have been spotted again in Germany, with numbers now estimated at around 80 adults nationwide.
Source: Le Local

14:00 World
Twitter share price nosedives on news it is losing users

Price of stock falls 13% in after-hours trading after hitting an all-time low earlier this week on news its number of monthly users has stopped growing entirely.

13:36 World
Liverpool scrap £77 tickets after walkout

The club's owners agree to freeze ticket prices after 10,000 supporters walked out in the 77th minute of Saturday's match.
Source: Sky

13:19 World
Mark Zuckerberg chides board member over 'deeply upsetting' India comments

Marc Andreessen, an influential investor, posted a tweet that appeared to back colonialism following India’s decision to ban Facebook’s free mobile internet.
Source: Guardian

13:00 World
Artist depicts Chinese rock stars as colossal mountain temples

Hair is painted as cascading waterfalls, verdant tree canopies and gnarled roots, while noses are Buddhist deities, and necks are elaborately detailed worship halls.

12:18 World
Human foot found at Vancouver Island

Authorities do not suspect foul play, according to Barb McLintock with the British Columbia Coroners Service.

12:00 World
US government sues Ferguson over police reform

Ferguson was required to reform its policing after investigators found widespread racial bias in the force.

11:42 World
Wild elephant tramples motorbikes as it lumbers through town in India

The animal knocked over walls of small shacks and trampled motorbikes while it lumbered through the streets of Siliguri as hundreds of residents followed.
Source: CNN

11:21 World
Reinhold Hanning to go on trial in Germany

Prosecutors say Reinhold Hanning met Jewish prisoners as they arrived at the camp in occupied Poland and may have escorted some to the gas chambers.
Source: BBC

11:00 World
Chinese scientists successfully perform fusion test at 90 million degrees fahrenheit

According to Digital Trends, the experiment took place in Hefei, China’s Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (or EAST) in a donut-shaped reactor that uses an extremely powerful magnetic field.
Source: WN

10:39 World
NASA's proposed 2017 budget would cut funding for Europa mission

Although important, the budget will be chopped and changed over the coming months before it is finalized, but it does at least give an indication of what the White House wants NASA to be doing.

10:18 World
A trip by air and kayak through Tham Khoun Xe, one of the largest active river caves on Earth

The immensity of the subterranean space is staggering, with an average ceiling of almost 200 feet and width of 250 feet  it’s hardly imaginable a space like this could exist underground.

20:30 World
Iranian youth get app to dodge morality police

Ershad's mobile checkpoints which usually consist of a van, a few bearded men and one or two women in black chadors, are deployed in towns across Iran and appear with no notice.

20:11 World
GM recalling 473,000 trucks and SUVs for brake pedal problem

The recall covers certain 2015 and 2016 Chevrolet Silverado HD, GMC Sierra HD and Chevrolet Tahoe police vehicles.
Source: ABCnews

20:00 World
Doctors' strike: 'more than 2,800' ops halted

Doctors in England walk out again in a dispute over new contracts and weekend pay.
Source: Sky

19:27 World
Banks lead Europe shares higher, oil up before Yellen

The more upbeat tone took the shine off safer assets such as the Japanese yen and low-risk government debt, though gold powered ahead for the eighth day in nine.
Source: Reuters

19:08 World
RIP Twitter? How it matches up with Facebook

The hashtag #RIPTwitter was trending worldwide last week, and results released this evening will show how dire the situation is.
Source: Sky News

18:05 World
Ex-priest John Feit arrested in Irene Garza murder case from 1960

Feit, 83, has long been the main suspect in the case, but he wasn't arrested until Tuesday in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Source: CNN

17:23 World
Parents urged to boycott VTech toys after hack

They gave the advice after it emerged that VTech's new terms and conditions state that parents must assume responsibility for future breaches.
Source: BBC

17:02 World
Scrapping carbon capture support 'threatens UK climate targets'

MPs warn that without CCS technology, it will be much more expensive to meet national and internationally agreed targets on reducing emissions.
Source: Guardian

16:46 World
Australia set to legalize cultivation of medical cannabis

The bill will see Australia create a national licensing and permit scheme to supply medical cannabis to patients with painful and chronic conditions on clinical trials.
Source: Reuters

16:03 World
White House rejects Supreme Court ruling on Obama’s climate plan

The White House has played down the Supreme Court’s decision to halt President Barack Obama's sweeping climate rules for power plants.

15:42 World
Paris unveils 2024 Olympics logo on the Arc de Triomphe

Paris' iconic Arc De Triomphe was lit up with the city's 2024 Olympic Games bid logo at precisely 20:24 local time on Tuesday.

15:21 World
Seven cavers trapped by flood waters in French Pyrenees

It is believed their exit was blocked by rising flood waters caused by the violent storms that hit the region in recent days.
Source: Le Local

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