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13:41 World
Eric Holder says Edward Snowden performed a 'public service'

Holder said Snowden jeopardized America's security interests by leaking classified information while working as a contractor for the National Security Agency in 2013.

13:23 World
Mauritania is no longer the world's slavery capital

The Walk Free Foundation's slavery index says the percentage of people living in modern slavery in Mauritania dropped from 4% in 2014 to about 1% this year.
Source: CNN

12:39 World
Boateng: German right-winger's neighbour comment 'sad'

Fans at the German national team's match against Slovakia on Sunday held up banners in support of Boateng, whose father is Ghanaian.
Source: BBC

12:18 World
Australia to sell £9m seized bitcoin haul

Ernst & Young transaction partner Adam Nikitins said the accountancy firm was running the process.

12:02 World
UAE court acquits American father and son jailed since 2014

Dubai-based businessmen Kamal and Mohamed Eldarat have been in detention since August 2014, accused of involvement in the Libyan civil war.
Source: WN

11:00 World
North Korea makes another failed attempt to launch ballistic missile

Pyongyang has never successfully launched one of the intermediate-range missiles, which are theoretically capable of hitting South Korea and Japan.
Source: The Guardian

10:38 World
Bodies of American climbers killed in Avalanche 16 years ago left on Tibetan mountain

Alex Lowe and David Bridges were swept away in 1999 by an avalanche as they attempted to scale the world's 14th highest peak, Shishapangma.
Source: WN

10:19 World
Second minister in new Brazil government quits

Last week the planning minister stepped aside after a similar recording was released.
Source: BBC

20:07 World
Spellbinding images show glow worms illuminating a pitch black New Zealand grotto in streaks of turquoisestic

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, the talented 26-year-old, who is originally from Liverpool, UK, said: 'I felt like I was on a different planet - it really is out of this world.
Source: The Daily Mail

19:44 World
Computer failure causes delays at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport

The terminal, which is operated by British Airways, is the only one at the airport affected. Qantas, Iberia, Cathay Pacific and other airlines that use the terminal have seen their flights delayed.
Source: CNN

19:22 World
Man sets foot in TWELVE different countries in 24 hours setting new world record

Adam Leyton, who used planes, trains and buses, had to run the final two-and-a-half miles to complete his challenge.
Source: The Mirror

19:00 World
EU Referendum: Conservative rifts deepen as MPs call for David Cameron to quit

Prime Minister warned that vote of no confidence is 'highly likely'.
Source: The Independent

18:37 World
Daallo Airlines blast: Somalia sentences two to life in prison

The blast, shortly after take-off from Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, killed the bomber and left a hole in the plane's fuselage.
Source: BBC

18:19 World
Iran to Saudis: Our pilgrims will not take part in Hajj

Tensions between the two Middle East rivals have been particularly strained recently after Riyadh broke off diplomatic ties with Tehran when its embassy was stormed following the execution of a Shia cleric in Saudi Arabia.
Source: CNN

17:43 World
Czech mountaineer dies skiing on Denali

Pavel Michut, 45, fell while doing a ski descent of Denali's Messner Couloir, a steep gully that connects the basin with the upper mountain of the famed Alaska peak, the National Park Service said.
Source: CNN

17:00 World
Between 700-900 migrants may have died at sea this week: NGOs

About 14,000 have been rescued since Monday amid calm seas, and there have been at least three confirmed instances of boats sinking.
Source: Reuters

16:37 World
Iceland plans Airbnb restrictions amid tourism explosion

Move to tax people who rent out properties through website as officials and residents express concerns over visitor impact.

16:19 World
Pope reveals fondness for beauty vlogs in meeting with YouTubers

Pontiff tells social media stars they create virtual circles to which followers belong, laying ‘paths of optimism and hope’.

16:01 World
Hissene Habre: Chad ex-leader's war crimes trial verdict due

The prosecutor at the court in Senegal's capital Dakar has requested a life sentence for Mr Habre, who refuses to recognise its legitimacy.

15:19 World
IS bombings in Baghdad, near Iraqi capital kill at least 24

The Iraqi military, backed by paramilitary troops and aerial support from the U.S.-led coalition, launched the operation to dislodge the militants from Fallujah about a week ago but have still to start the final push into the city center.

15:02 World
NASA probe beams best close-up images of Pluto

"This is the most detailed view of Pluto's terrain you will see for a very long time," NASA said.

14:43 World
Chinese city bans students from tearing up textbooks

The ban, issued by the Xiamen Education Bureau, comes 10 days before the National College Entrance Examination.
Source: BBC

14:21 World
Search continues for missing boy, 7, after parents confess to leaving him in Hokkaido mountains

His parents originally told police Yamato got lost while the family were out walking in the area, where there are bears, to pick wild vegetables.
Source: Japan Times

14:02 World
Chief negotiator of Syrian peace truce quits over failed talks

The regime and non-jihadist rebels agreed to a ceasefire in February but the truce has disintegrated significantly.
Source: CNN

13:38 World
FIFA president found $2 million pay 'insulting,' report shows

The former European soccer administrator unexpectedly found himself in soccer's top job in the wake of criminal indictments issued last year against some of the sport's top leaders by U.S. authorities.

13:19 World
France committed to labor reform despite mass protests

The hardline CGT union has organized street protests, train strikes and refinery blockades to pressure the government to scrap plans that would make it easier for companies to hire and fire workers.

13:00 World
Woman feared dead after crocodile attack in Australian national park

Police said the women were swimming in waist-deep water, while paramedics reported they were walking in knee-deep water when the crocodile struck.

12:37 World
Shark attack feared in Southern California woman's injury

Finnigan said the woman was conscious and breathing when she was taken the hospital but did not know any more about her condition.

12:18 World
In gorilla's death, critics blame mother, Cincinnati Zoo

The boy was in "imminent danger," leaving the zoo's Dangerous Animal Response Team with no option but to shoot the 450-pound gorilla.
Source: CNN

12:01 World
Nepalese soldier wins world's highest marathon on Everest

The marathon was organized to mark the anniversary of the first summit of the peak by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary in 1953.

11:22 World
Taxpayers' Alliance: Sugar tax will hit poorest hardest

The group, which wants the levy to be axed, tested 49 drinks and found that some coffee shop drinks had more sugar than Coca Cola, but would not be taxed.

11:00 World
Alan Pulido missing: Mexican authorities search for kidnapped soccer star

Federal and local authorities are searching for Pulido, Quintanilla said.
Source: CNN

10:37 World
Great Barrier Reef: Bleaching 'kills 35% of area's coral'

Bleaching occurs when warmer water causes coral to weaken and lose the colourful algae that provide oxygen and nutrients.
Source: BBC

18:06 World
Judge orders Johnny Depp to stay away from estranged wife

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carl H. Moor also ruled that Depp shouldn't try to contact Heard until a hearing is conducted on June 17.

17:24 World
Mexico drug boss Chapo files legal challenge against extradition: media

A judge granted him "provisional suspension", meaning that the foreign ministry has 48 hours to present a report justifying its decision, Mexican newspaper El Universal reported.

17:02 World
Yellen says Fed rate hike likely appropriate in coming months

Her comments, while balanced, suggested the powerful Fed chair is on board with several of her colleagues who in recent weeks have said the central bank is preparing to follow up on an initial policy tightening in December.

16:22 World
Tottenham to play at Wembley in Champions League next season

Spurs are having a new £400m stadium built next to their existing White Hart Lane ground.

15:41 World
A slave in Scotland: ‘I fell into a trap – and I couldn't get out’

Abul Azad left Bangladesh for a chef’s job in London – so how did he end up enslaved in a remote Scottish hotel?
Source: The Guardian

15:01 World
Donald Trump's San Diego rally draws more than 1,000 chanting protesters

The scene inside the San Diego Convention Center during Trump's speech was relatively placid, while outside demonstrators opposed to his controversy-ridden White House bid marched and chanted, carrying signs criticizing his rhetoric against illegal immigration.

14:37 World
Small WWII-era plane crashes in Hudson River; body recovered

Scuba divers recovered the body of a 56-year-old man from the submerged plane about three hours later.

14:00 World
Argentina's last military dictator jailed over role in international death squad

Reynaldo Bignone sentenced to 20 years in prison for his part in running Operation Condor in 1970s and 80s.

13:42 World
Mossack Fonseca to close offices in Jersey, Gibraltar and Isle of Man

The law firm at the heart of the Panama Papers is closing its offices in the British-dependent territories ‘with great regret’.
Source: The Guardian

13:25 World
Pro-Trump, anti-Trump groups clash in San Diego

Even as there was no room to move, police officers continued to push protesters and reporters, with some toppling over in the fray. Police pepper-sprayed several protesters.
Source: CNN

12:37 World
Operation Condor: Former Argentine junta leader jailed

Bignone and 14 other military officers were found guilty by a court in Argentina after a three-year trial.
Source: BBC

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