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20:30 World
Congo's Kabila courts regional support as opposition prepares 'red card'

Angola's jets pounded Rwandan and Ugandan positions inside Congo and its troops patrolled the streets of the capital, Kinshasa, fearing the installation of a hostile government sympathetic to its own separatists.
Source: Reuters

20:07 World
Mark Zuckerberg made $1.6 billion last week

Facebook is expected to keep posting positive earnings, due mainly to video advertising.

19:45 World
Presidential candidates are spending the most money in these states

In fact, Orlando, Florida, is where candidates are spending most of their money.
Source: Time

19:00 World
Lewis Hamilton wins F1 US Grand Prix with Nico Rosberg second

The fact it was also his first win for three months, since the German Grand Prix at the end of July, lent an extra zest to the podium champagne.

18:37 World
Murder of Brazil official marks new low in war on Amazon environmentalists

Luiz Alberto Araújo, a local government official in Pará state, was gunned down in front of his family: ‘It sends a message that no one is untouchable’.

18:04 World
Large explosion in Chinese town leaves several dead

The blast in Xinmin happened at around 14:00 local time (06:00 GMT).

17:23 World
Webcams used to attack Reddit and Twitter recalled

Chinese electronics firm Hangzhou Xiongmai issued the recall soon after its cameras were identified as aiding the massive web attacks.

17:00 World
Let's see the £350m promised by Brexit campaigners for the NHS, say MPs

Pro-EU MPs crank up pressure on the Government to come good on Brexit promises made during the EU referendum campaign.
Source: Sky News

16:19 World
CO2 levels mark 'new era' in the world's changing climate

The 400 parts per million benchmark was broken globally for the first time in recorded history in 2015.
Source: BBC

16:04 World
Haji Ali: Mumbai shrine tells court it will allow entry to women

The ban was imposed in 2012 - the trust said it was a "sin" to allow women to touch the tombs of male saints.
Source: BBC

15:45 World
In Australia: giant spider carrying a mouse is horrifying and impressive

Forget pizza rat and cigarette crab and prepare yourself for spider mouse, the super strong and very hungry Australian arachnid.
Source: Guardian

15:23 World
Galaxy Note 7 users to sue Samsung in South Korea

The South Korean tech giant was forced to recall its most advanced phone ever after reports of the handset catching fire spread in early September.

15:00 World
Brexit: Philip Hammond must honour £350m NHS pledge, MPs demand

The 41 MPs claim that 'anything else will be a betrayal of the wishes of the British people'.
Source: Independent

14:19 World
Hong Kong bourse to introduce volatility controls for derivatives market

The volatility control mechanism, which has been operating successfully on the HKEX securities market since Aug. 22, aims to "protect market integrity by preventing extreme price volatility arising from major trading errors and other unusual incidents", the bourse said in a statement.

14:01 World
EU presses Walloons over key Canada trade deal Ceta

European Council President Donald Tusk is expected to inform Canada late on Monday whether the Ceta signing can go ahead on Thursday.
Source: BBC

13:43 World
US 'consternation' over Philippines' Duterte comments

Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel said the comments were creating "a climate of uncertainty" about the Philippines' intentions.

13:00 World
Belgium given EU ultimatum to secure Canada trade deal, but Wallonia defiant

Socialist-run region says the deadline is ‘not compatible with democracy’ as federal government faces pressure to bring province into line.

12:19 World
US to examine AT&T deal to buy Time Warner

The US telecoms giant, already the country's third largest cable provider, is paying $85.4bn (£70bn) for the company, which owns CNN and HBO.

12:01 World
In Venezuela, impeachment move prompts protest at National Assembly

Tensions between the government and the opposition are sky high after a drive to hold a recall referendum on Maduro has been halted.
Source: CNN

11:43 World
Rights activists urge Thai junta to drop sedition charge against lawyer

Sirikan Charoensiri was charged with sedition and with disobeying authorities on Saturday after she refused to hand over the mobile phones of her clients, 14 student activists who were arrested following a protest against the junta last year.

11:22 World
JP Morgan Cazenove downgrades British equities, upgrades euro zone equities

He added that euro zone stocks looked better, on expectations they would benefit from the euro falling against the dollar and since European bank stocks could benefit from higher bond market yields, which could help their profits.

10:00 World
Shark attack near Byron Bay leaves surfer with minor leg injuries

Attack on beach between Suffolk Park and Broken Head in northern NSW follows a weekend protest against plan to install shark nets in the area.

19:00 World
Titanic locker key to be auctioned

A letter to be sold reveals a senior officer had a "queer feeling" about his posting to the ship.

18:19 World
Herbert Kilpin: Plaque for Nottingham-born AC Milan founder

A plaque is set to be unveiled in memory of the Englishman credited with founding Italian football giants AC Milan.

18:01 World
Coffee and beer win the Twitter food fight

And when it comes to mentioning exercise, walking outscores everything else by a huge margin.
Source: NBC News

17:43 World
Microsoft reports rising revenues thanks to Office, Surface, and cloud services

Revenue in what Microsoft describes as "intelligent cloud" rose 8 percent, with Azure revenue up 116 percent, and server revenue up 11 percent.
Source: The Verge

17:00 World
Wonder Woman made UN gender equality ambassador, sparking backlash

UN staff raise a petition against the fictional character, described as 'a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-baring body suit with an American flag motif and knee high boots', being given the honorary role.
Source: The Independent

16:38 World
Philippines' Duterte says didn't really mean 'separation' from U.S.

A day after he provoked fresh diplomatic alarm by announcing his "separation" from Washington, Duterte struck a more conciliatory tone as he arrived back in the Philippines after a four-day visit to Beijing.
Source: Reuters

16:19 World
New bicycle lock fights thieves by making them sick

The SkunkLock looks just like the regular metal U-shaped devices used by cyclists around the world – but the white stripes painted on it reveal that it conceals a secret weapon.
Source: WN

16:02 World
Mexico arrests ex-chief of police in city where 43 students disappeared

The former chief, Felipe Flores Velázquez, was in charge of the local police force on the night that the students vanished in the city of Iguala, which is in the southern state of Guerrero.

15:44 World
Canada walks out as EU trade talks founder

Fighting back tears, Canadian International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland said it had been impossible to overcome the differences with Wallonia, a French-speaking region of barely 3.5 million people.

15:00 World
Muslims pray at Colosseum, protesting against Rome mosque closures

At least 1.6 million Muslims live in Italy but there are only a handful of mosques officially registered as such with the government.

14:37 World
Nonsense paper written by iOS autocomplete accepted for conference

New Zealand professor asked to present his work at US event on nuclear physics despite it containing gibberish all through the copy.
Source: Guardian

14:19 World
Canister found after London City Airport evacuation

About 500 people were evacuated from the east London airport at 16:00 BST after some passengers felt unwell.
Source: BBC

14:03 World
Security stepped up after arrest over Tube train device

A controlled explosion was carried out on the suspicious item at North Greenwich station on Thursday morning.
Source: BBC

13:43 World
Major ceramics expo coming to Jingdezhen

The expo will also include more activities, including a Northern Europe art festival, a ceramics skill competition and an auction sale in which pieces will eventually go on display nationwide.
Source: China Daily

13:22 World
World’s largest mosaic unveiled in West Bank

The structure dates back some 1,400 years to the first era of the Umayyad Caliphate, and talks about the history of the Palestinian people.

13:00 World
Widespread cyberattack takes down sites worldwide

The massive outage drew the attention of the FBI which said Friday that it was "investigating all potential causes" of the attack.
Source: CNN

12:19 World
Dozens killed and hundreds injured in Cameroon train derailment

A packed train travelling from the capital Yaounde to the economic hub of Douala came off the rails near the city of Eseka.

12:01 World
EU-Canada trade deal in crisis as Canadian minister walks out

President of European parliament makes last-ditch bid to save talks as Chrystia Freeland announces ‘failure’ of Ceta over Wallonia objections.
Source: Guardian

11:43 World
China regulator tells banks to boost property loans risk management

Economists believe the greatest near-term risk for China is a possible correction in the roaring property market, which accounts for about 15 percent of GDP.

11:22 World
Trump gains on Clinton, poll shows 'rigged' message resonates

The polling data showed Trump's argument that the Nov. 8 election is "rigged" against him has resonated with members of his party.
Source: Reuters

11:00 World
European Parliament head tries to save EU-Canada trade talks

Mr Magnette is seeking clarity on safeguards to protect labour, environmental and consumer standards.
Source: BBC

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