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Leaders of a warming Earth, in largest gathering ever, rethink global energy in Paris

Fears of more attacks have prompted extra-high security and a crackdown on environmental protests - and threaten to eclipse longer-term concerns about rising seas and increasingly extreme weather linked to man-made global warming.

19:54 World
How will future archeologists study us?

Our civilisation is recorded largely on compact discs and hard drives, but these things decay surprisingly quickly. 

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2024 Olympics: Hamburg says 'No' to hosting Games

2024 Olympics: Hamburg says 'No' to hosting Games.
Source: BBC

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Cyber monday shoppers warned over scams

Almost £1bn is expected to be spent online today, up from £720m last year, as retailers unleash another set of internet bargains.
Source: Sky

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Erykah Badu: 'What Iggy Azalea does is definitely not rap'

The 44-year-old singer was hosting the event and opened the annual ceremony with a monologue which saw her armed with a flip phone.

15:52 World
No teacher lets them suffer: inside the German schools taking in refugees

With 325,000 refugee children expected to enter German schools, teachers face unprecedented challenges. But they are determined to support new arrivals.
Source: The Guardian

13:36 World
Kobe Bryant: LA Lakers great to retire at end of NBA season

Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant, widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players in history, will retire at the end of the season.

12:54 World
Counting under way in Burkina Faso elections

The vote was due to have been held last month but was delayed by a failed coup in September led by members of the elite presidential guard.
Source: BBC

12:37 World
Japan whaling ships to set sail for Antarctic on 1 December

Japan had stopped its whaling activity for one year, but announced last week it would soon resume.
Source: BBC

11:34 World
At least six dead in Guatemala prison riot.

Special police forces and the army were sent to take control of the prison, a spokesman for Guatemala's prisons said.
Source: Reuters

10:57 World
Civilian victims identified in Planned Parenthood shooting

The 29-year-old veteran, Ke’Arre Marcell Stewart, was a DJ, an entrepreneur and, by all accounts, a devoted father to his two young daughters.
Source: msn

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